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Latest Headlines

Find your way on e-Discovery

If you haven't yet confronted e-Discovery, you will soon. Every CIO must be the guardian at their company to make sure that electronic documents can be turned over in any kind of court case. It's a

Microsoft tries again

Microsoft is at it again. The company is about to release a major update to its Windows Live OneCare security suite. The exact date is not certain, but Amazon is already taking orders for it. The

Deal with password theft

There is nothing quite as sacred as your password. And that's why it is increasingly frustrating when hackers steal it. In a recent case, it was disclosed that attackers stole passwords and accounts

Patch Tuesday: Two's company

Given the rather meaty Patch Tuesdays that we've seen so far this year, it comes as a surprise that

AFP hack allows iPhone root access

Good news for iPhone hacking enthusiasts and bad news for iPhone security enthusiasts: An iPhone hacker going by the name of "Core," has uncovered a previously unknown AppleTalk Filing Protocol

iPhone firmware v1.1.2 released, hacked

I do hope you heeded our advice, dear reader, when we told you that there is nothing to fear in Apple's 1.1.2

Microsoft CIO fired

No CIO's job is ever safe, as Microsoft CIO Stuart Scott just found out. He was fired by Microsoft after an internal investigation determined that he had violated unspecified company politics. Scott,

Mobile tech is here to stay

Handheld computers are great until you try to protect them from hackers. Then portable devices, especially personal digital assistants and laptops become a big headache. In a new survey, the

Apple readying OS 10.5.1

Given that a number struck by Phishing attack

Look alive users: it looks like a data breach of customer information has led to a series of phishing attacks, on both