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Latest Headlines

Legal firm sues IBM over server attacks

A law firm is suing IBM and alleging that the vendors' servers, and possibly an internal IBM employee, hit the firm's servers with over 40,000 attack attempts during last year. While IBM is not

Information terrorism a prime issue for Feds

Given the data breach incidents at the State Department and the Department of Veterans Affairs, it's not surprising that anti-cyber terrorism spending will hit over $6 billion by 2011. According

Google comes in handy for security research

A security firm is using a popular search engine and some homemade tools for ferreting out malicious Web sites. It seems that since Google indexes executable files and binary files on sites,

What Microsoft hopes its CRM push will achieve

Just a bit ago, Microsoft made it clear it was hungry to grab some of the security services marketshare. Now it's also gunning for a piece of the customer relationship management (CRM) pie as well

State Department investigating computer breach

While it won't provide specifics on its investigation or the actual security incident that has taken place, the State Department is trying to figure out what exactly happened during big break-ins

SPOTLIGHT: Why security outsourcing is gaining ground

As security needs and requirements continue to grow, more companies are looking to outsource the effort as it's hard to grab skill sets necessary for the job and it's getting too costly to manage

ALSO NOTED: Gates optimistic about Vista shipping expectation; Outsourcing still strong; and much more...

> Gates pretty optimistic about Vista shipping expectation. Article > Outsourcing

Spammers leave email for new messaging territory

Today's spammers, facing huge network perimeter defenses and savvier email users, are turning to other messaging venues such as instant messaging and mobile text to lure in unsuspecting victims

McAfee CEO: Microsoft competition will be beneficial

When a tech titan like Microsoft takes a big step into your industry, it's completely understandable that leading vendors would take a deep breath and start trying to figure out what, if any,

The advent of "vishing"

Everyone seems to be loving Voice over Internet Protocol, especially those with a criminal intent. Experts report that the latest approach by phishers is to use VoIP services to lure victims into