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Hello all and welcome to the first issue of DailyTechRag, the artist formerly known as FierceEnterprise. You'll probably notice that while familiar, the newsletter and site now sport a slightly different …

Code breaks Vista's antipiracy system

It surely hasn't taken long for hackers to start chopping away at Microsoft's latest operating system, Vista. The

A joint effort on boosting wireless security

Wireless mobile computing security could jump ahead a few steps once new research efforts by vendors and the national defense department are completed. The pilot program called the Defense

New Word zero-day attack hits the virtual streets

Just last week, we saw a new zero-day attack that affected basically every version of Microsoft Word currently in use. In case that didn't worry you, this might: a second zero-day attack for Word has been identified and some security vendors have labeled the exploit "extremely critical," as the vulnerability remains unpatched, as with the first attack. Effected versions of Word are: Word 2000, Word 2002, Word 2003 and Word Viewer 2003. For more details:- see this ZDnet article

Stolen MacBook recovered thanks to built-in iSight

When Apple debuted MacBooks with built-in iSight cameras, software hackers and developers alike saw a device that opened up all sorts of possibilities. Among the latter group was Orbicule software, which developed Undercover, a program that aims to help a user recover their laptop in the event that it is stolen. Here's how it works: if your Mac is stolen, you inform Orbicule and they add your machine to their database of stolen Macs. The next time your machine goes online, Undercover will …

December Patch Tuesday sets a new record

Microsoft will set a new record when it releases seven new patches next week, fixing numerous flaws in Windows and one in Visual Studio. While the company hasn't yet detailed what specific issues

Internet Explorer 7 not quite enterprise ready

Back in October, I downloaded IE7 within hours of its public release. Some of our in-house custom web-apps are optimized for Internet Explorer and I had grown sick of using IE6, a browser that, to a Firefox and Safari user like me, seemed stuck in the stone age. As excited as I was for the upgrade however, I can't say that it went off without a hitch. Plug-ins stopped working. Things didn't …

Mobile spyware with a new twist

Well, the first mobile spyware attack has now been identified, and not only is it sophisticated but it also offers a new twist. According to security vendor McAfee, the spyware app targets the

Now it's Office that's got security woes

Microsoft has got its hands full these days when it comes to product security issues. As recent news has noted, Vista is highly

Only users can reduce Vista malware risk

Though recent reports about Vista focused on its complexity and unnecessary layers of functionality, the issue