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> Security vendors lagging on Vista support? Article > Microsoft

Using mobile technology for secure application delivery

The mobile phone might seem like an excellent way to deliver productivity applications but CIOs have traditionally been skeptical, citing security concerns. New technology in the form of biometric

Windows privilege escalation flaw affects Vista too

The folks over at eEye Security are on a roll. Just a few days ago, they discovered what could be

ALSO NOTED: IT spending improves productivity; the thankless job of the CIO;

> IT spending improves productivity. Article > The thankless job of the CIO.

Beware of data erasure tools, hackers on the inside

A host of tools can go a long way toward making sure that confidential data stays confidential, but organizations must do more to ensure themselves against insider data breaches. One example is

Sybase iAnywhere adds IM to mobility suite

Sybase iAnywhere announced today that it will add mobile instant messaging and mobile presence capabilities to its Information Anywhere suite of applications. In addition to the mobile email,

Oracle exploits coming at Black Hat DC 2007

Looks like Oracle is going to be taken to task for security yet

ALSO NOTED: Job cuts at Lenovo; Is the iPhone doomed?;

> Is the iPhone doomed to become the next Newton? Article > Lenovo may cut 1000 jobs, most of them in the U.S. Article > Looks like the Apple TV will be delayed until mid March. Article > Microsoft is investigating …

Avoiding insider attacks

Many CIOs have done as much as humanly possible to keep hackers from penetrating their networks from the outside, but what about the trusted insider? Insiders don't have to bypass the physical and

Managed security services a top priority

Security tops virtually all corporate agendas these days, and many businesses are considering turning to a managed services model. That means that many companies plan to outsource the management,