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Latest Headlines

Microsoft gets the bugs out of Vista

While the beta version of Vista is still a bit buggy, one Windows developer/consultant says Microsoft is doing more than an adequate job at trying to resolve and clean up the bugs as beta testers

Data-selling falls under close scrutiny

If your company relies on data for business operations and is busy buying up data records-- or even selling customer data to other businesses as a revenue line-- you need to make sure everyone's

Busy "Patch Tuesday" for Windows

Next Tuesday will bring a new slew of Windows security patches, with some deemed critical and some not. The monthly Patch Tuesday will provide fixes for vulnerabilities reported in Windows Office

Network access tools aren't as good as you think

Network Access Control (NAC) technologies have long been considered a good security approach, but as hackers will prove at an upcoming industry conference, NAC is easy to breach--each and every

A collaborative effort to share cyber security data

A federal effort aimed at helping researchers and agencies get a better grip on external threats is grabbing more traction and involvement. The Federated Model is an information-sharing project

The need to get a grip on IM

Instant messaging technology is expected to soon overtake email as the preferred form of online communications, and enterprises that haven't gotten good policies and security strategies in place

Trojans overtake virus, worms in popularity

If you've been tracking IT security news, you likely know that Trojans are increasing by the week. According to one security report, the 'ransomware' Trojan is getting more popular with hackers

Stop laptop losses and thefts

If more than a few of your users have lost a laptop, you're among the majority of enterprises as laptop losses these days, whether due to thieves or user mistakes, are pretty common. In 2003 there

SPOTLIGHT: Security lacking big-time in UK companies

End-point security isn't a big focus in the U.K., according to a new research report that claims half the country's enterprises don't use firewall technology and that a fifth of U.K. companies

Worm boasts some nasty features

The newest worm to hit is W32.Cuebot-K, a new variation in the Cuebot family of malware, and it's got quite a range of malicious functions. Security experts say the worm, which disguises itself as