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Vista exploits for sale

Like it or not, spam is big business. So it should come as no surprise that some folks out there are making big money selling exploits that can be used to infect PCs with malware, creating networks of spam drones. But just how much do you think spammers would pay for, say, a Vista exploit? $5000? $10,000? If security researchers at Trend Micro are to be believed, some zero-day exploits go for as much as $50,000. "I think the malware industry is making more money than the anti-malware …

Trojan bolsters botnet powers

The battle against spam is getting tougher thanks to more advanced technology like sophisticated botnets that can detect when a compromised server has been taken down, which then target the next

HP gives away new security features to UNIX users

With all of the excitement about Linux in the enterprise lately, it's easy to forget about Linux's less flashy, open-source cousin, Unix. HP, for one, hopes that its enterprise customers don't completely ignore Unix: starting today, the company will bundle new security features, including encryption and hardening capabilities for its Integrity servers, into its HP-UX 11i v2 OS for free. The move …

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> Ever wanted to see the Linux family tree? Timeline > Ten companies that deployed a SOA in 2006. Blog > Amazon counter-sues IBM in response to a patent lawsuit. Article > IE7's phishing shield gets a speed boost. …

Flaw found in McAfee Linux antivirus software

If you're running McAfee's VirusScan Command Line Scanner Antivirus software, be aware that there's a vulnerability that could let hackers inside of your system. The vulnerability, which impacts

How to: Enable PCs for Vista ASLR

There is certainly no shortage of products and services on the market that can help you protect your network from attack. But here's one that's free (provided you're running Vista): Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR), which moves around function entry points in your system's memory to make them harder to exploit. While ASLR might not be able to prevent a targeted attack, it can help defend against automated attacks. The only caveat is that for ASLR to function correctly, your …

Issues to ponder in security outsourcing

If you've been hemming and hawing over a decision to outsource security to a partner, don't make the decision without checking out every potential nightmare scenario--and what your partner must

Financial services going mobile in a big way

Today's mobile computing devices can do just about everything and that includes financial transactions, as users want to be able to talk, email, surf the Web, listen to music and watch video on

SPOTLIGHT: Counties toiling to boost Web data security

The private sector may want to take a lesson from the public sector when it comes to online data security. It seems counties across the country are reviewing online documents and removing any

Editor's Corner

Word a liability all year long: a self-fulfilling prophecy? Just when it seemed like Microsoft had somehow gone a whole week without irony rearing its ugly head, we get word (pun intended) of yet another Word …