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Latest Headlines

Network breach puts retailer data in jeopardy

The latest computing security breach has taken place at a brand name retailer, putting confidential financial data at risk. The TJX Companies reported an unauthorized intrusion into its networks

Sun pushes out Java Runtime fix

Add Sun Microsystems to the list of big tech titans busy pushing out product fixes this month. Sun has released a patch tied to issues with its Java Runtime Environment. According to the vendor

SPOTLIGHT: Printers pose network security threat

Printers pose network security threat If you had to name the greatest security vulnerability in your corporate network, what would it be? Windows? Internet Explorer? That

Printers pose network security threat, need ink refill

If you had to name the greatest security vulnerability in your corporate network, what would it be? Windows? Internet Explorer? That network security guy whose always cruising the World of Warcraft forums? How about printers? Think about it: they're networked, they're everywhere and unless they're patched, they're totally vulnerable. Network viruses have propagated via printer before--the Blaster worm in 2003, for example--yet many IT departments remain complacent when it comes …

Oracle's Patch Tuesday is a doozy

Oracle's first-ever Patch Tuesday event included 51 security fixes for vulnerabilities in both the vendor's application server and database product lines. Of the total, just about two dozen are

Powerful computing can light a fire

The growing concern over the increased heat produced by heftier computing devices has landed one vendor in court and has sparked an industry-wide discussion on the safety factor involved with the

VML flaw demands quick fix

It's time to patch a vulnerability in Windows related to Vector Markup Language (VML) before released code lets malcontents do a great deal of harm. According to a security vendor, there's now

Mobile security tool for SMBs

In the wake of recent news reports about increasing mobile device security concerns comes an announcement of a new security tool from NetMax Communications. The DataTurf system features an

Attack code targets critical Windows/IE flaw

Although Microsoft released a patch (security bulletin MS07-004) last week for a flaw in Windows's VML support, attack code has recently been discovered that takes advantage of the vulnerability. If you haven't already patched for some reason, now would be the time to do it. Report

Vista security feature is a turn-off

The security aspect of Microsoft's Vista has been under scrutiny since long before the OS actually hit the market, and the news of flaws and issues just keeps coming. Symantec claims that the