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Study: Poor governance = project failure

IT governance initiatives are generally deployed only within the IT department, leading to a lack of coordination between the IT part of the project and the overall management of business

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> Why 64 bits matters. Article > The best managers aren't afraid of looking dumb.

The intersection of risk and compliance

The industry is at a crossroads: risk and compliance management and identity management are intersecting. The next generation of identity-driven security risk and compliance management is needed

Layered security unplugged

Organizations offering online services face an increased pressure to defend against a variety of fraud-related attacks. There are many security options that can help thwart fraud, including

Phishing identity theft grows 200% in 2007

According to a security firm, instances of online phishing have doubled during the first two months of 2007--due, in part, to less advanced but more effective methods being employed by scammers.

Managing IT risk

Many companies embrace converged risk mitigation and IT security practices, but some believe that strategy won't win the game in the long run. While some risks can be directly perceived and can be

Study: Money inhibits routine penetration testing

Companies that spend less than $100,000 on security annually are much less likely to regularly conduct quarterly penetration tests--a practice that goes a long way toward ensuring that networks

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> IT outsourcing is potentially too expensive for small enterprises. Press

Vista: Most secure OS after 90 days?

Operating systems are kind of like cars in a way: there's no way of knowing how reliable a car is until it's been on the market for a few years and taken a few lumps. Likewise, you can't tell how

Apple, NSA team for OS 10.4 security guide

Yesterday, we reported on Apple's renewed push into the enterprise, which will culminate in