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Mobility has its price

As mobile devices become more prevalent in the corporate world, it has become critical to ensure that these devices are fully secure and compatible with the rest of the corporate infrastructure.

Security firm develops device for on-the-go hacking

When I think of Silica, I think of that innocuous gel that I used to get with children's science kits for growing slides of bacteria. Not for long. Immunity Inc., a Miami Beach, FL-based security research outfit, has developed a portable, wireless hacking device which it calls Silica. Using a PDA (a Nokia 770, in this case) running Immunity's automated, point-and-click software, a Silica user can search for and join WiFi access points, scan connections for open ports and launch code …

RSA 2007 kicks off with Microsoft security pledge

This year's RSA conference in San Francisco kicked off with an address by Microsoft's Bill Gates and Craig Mundie, wherein the two executives underlined their commitment to security in Windows--especially stronger identity theft protection and IT network security. Microsoft Charmian Gates called for increased protection in accordance with current work …

FaceTime to start offering Skype security controls

Seems like Skype just keeps building up steam for a big push into the enterprise. Just a few days ago, the consumer VoIP provider announced that it will offer security solutions for business users. As it turns out, Skype might just have a little competition in that market: security vendor FaceTime Communications has announced that the upcoming Version 3.5 of its Greynet …

Rising above the inevitable IT challenges

The top three problems that CIOs and IT managers face are: difficult data flows, where information flow fluctuates at an irregular rate; rising costs; and insufficient sensitivity concerning data

Security mistakes to avoid at all costs

Even today, companies are making avoidable and potentially deadly security mistakes that could significantly increase the likelihood of a security breach. These include insecure SNMP

Super Bowl stadium hid a Trojan horse

If you visited the official website of Dolphins Stadium last week in preparation for the big game, there's a chance that you got a bit more than you bargained for. Security firm Websense has revealed that hackers managed to load the site with malicious software in late January, which remained on the site until last Friday. The software takes advantage of Windows VML flaws, …

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Avoiding the annoying (and potentially deadly) pop-up

Most people think of pop-up windows as a mere annoyance and most companies employ technology to block them. But pop-up windows can sometimes indicate a more serious problem: malicious, invasive

Off-site backups for the SMB and home office?

If you work at a large enterprise, chances are that you've got some sort of off-site backup system implemented. In the event of a fire, earthquake or break-in, you don't want all of your valuable data in one location any more than you want all your eggs in one basket. But what about those of us working for smaller businesses or even in home offices? Is there an affordable way to back-up even small quantities of data in an off-site location? Sure, you could buy some hosted webspace and …