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Study: Adobe, Microsoft tops for scripting security

In a rare bit of good news involving Microsoft and security, a recent survey by Evans Data has found that Adobe and Microsoft scripting environments offer the best security to developers. The company surveyed over 400 developers and asked them to identify the most secure scripting language from a list of about 12. Adobe's Flex came out on top, with Microsoft's ASP.Net AJAX just behind it. "Developers know that strong security is the foundation of great user experiences, and an …

Ensuring a successful information security program

To ensure a successful information security program, CIOs should do what it takes to make sure that the IT department is made up of skilled personnel, key officials are on board, end-user

Microsoft developing new VPN secure tunneling protocol

Along with Vista Service Pack 1 and Longhorn Server, Microsoft plans to debut another new product this year: a new Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol or SSTP. According to the company, SSTP will resolve certain issues that exist with VPN tunneling: namely, problems that arise when attempting to use a VPN client in conjunction with a firewall, router or web proxy. As one would expect, SSTP will work with Microsoft's existing VPN software, though it's not clear if SSTP will be available for …

Compliance takes a leap forward

Still smarting from the deluge of security breaches reported worldwide last year, vendors are unveiling enterprise-ready privacy compliance systems (PCS) that aim to provide integrated protection

The next frontier for identity management

Federation, a burgeoning technology that makes identity and entitlements portable, is a major step in the progress of identity management. These advances should make extending authentication

How to: Create secure passwords

Need help coming up with secure passwords, either for yourself or for your users? LifeHacker has your back: the venerable tech blog points us to an automatic password generator that will whip up a password based on the criteria you set. What's more, it will even give you tips for memorizing the random string of characters.

SMBs: VoIP is unreliable, unsafe

As you probably know, telecommunications services don't come cheap, especially not for businesses. And if there's one end of the spectrum where budgets are the tightest, it's the small and medium-sized businesses. VoIP is a technology that promises to bring not only advanced functionality but also considerable savings to the enterprise. So why is it that mostly large businesses are deploying VoIP, while SMBs wait on the sidelines? If a new study from the Computing Technology Industry …

Network breach puts retailer data in jeopardy

The latest computing security breach has taken place at a brand name retailer, putting confidential financial data at risk. The TJX Companies reported an unauthorized intrusion into its networks

Sun pushes out Java Runtime fix

Add Sun Microsystems to the list of big tech titans busy pushing out product fixes this month. Sun has released a patch tied to issues with its Java Runtime Environment. According to the vendor

SPOTLIGHT: Printers pose network security threat

Printers pose network security threat If you had to name the greatest security vulnerability in your corporate network, what would it be? Windows? Internet Explorer? That