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Latest Headlines

Where DOS attacks are really coming from

A new study reports that the traditional thinking about denial of service attacks could be a bit skewed. And that means trying to fight DOS attacks could be a futile effort given that the assumed

IT leaders: We're prepared, Feds aren't

With today marking the fifth anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, there's tons of news related to how companies have been preparing for similar events as well as more than a few surveys

Current trends in disaster recovery

In the five years since the terrorist attacks, companies have shored up disaster recovery and planning, however, experts say there is still alot more work to be done. While a survey indicates a

Telecom site hacked for malware distribution

Imagine finding that your company Web site has been hacked in order to distribute malware to any customers visiting your site. That's exactly what happened recently to Samsung Telecom whose server

Blog: Honesty best policy in HP drama

The ongoing saga at HP over the alleged use of improper investigative efforts to find out who was leaking information from board meetings won't be over anytime soon. While California investigators

Vista looks better than ever

Whether or not Microsoft's long-awaited Vista system ships by year's end is still debatable at this point, but a recent review of the first beta shows that Microsoft has made some impressive

Customer data gets dumped in dump

First it was a rash of laptop thefts, in which thieves got their hands on customer data and information. Then a company actually

Only 3 patches from Microsoft this month

Compared to last month, when it issued nearly 20 fixes, Microsoft's "Patch Tuesday" in

Red Hat, NIST plan security database

Red Hat and the National Institute of Standards and Technology are working on a new security information service that will integrate with the existing National Vulnerability Database. NIST will be the gatekeeper and there will be an automated XML feed every two hours, officials explained. Some experts say that the database could easily become too crowded with repetitive details, or too bogged down with vendor spin, but they're nonetheless optimistic about its chances to be …

"Quad-play" worth the risk, says Cisco chief

While describing the inherent security risks involved with "quad-play" (delivering mobile, voice and video over the same network) as one of the largest security issues looming over enterprises,