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Latest Headlines

Data thieves hit universities

A university in Idaho and a college in Arizona are busy doing what they can to quell students' and staffers' fears about personal data gone missing. The University of Idaho reported that three

A DIY kit for phishers

Phishers aren't just getting smarter and sneakier, they're getting pretty business savvy as well. The first phishing 'do-it-yourself' kit is now on the market, promising would-be hackers and

ALSO NOTED: Industry group collects big on software infractions; Business networking site now boasts Q&A feature; and much

> Industry group collects big on software infractions. Article > Business networking site now boasts Q&A

A bounty for Vista bugs

If you've discovered code that creates a security vulnerability in Microsoft's newest operating system Vista, you could be rewarded with some big bucks. VeriSign iDefense Labs is launching another

ALSO NOTED: HP scandal update; Intel expands 65 nm manufacturing to China

> HP Update: Investigator expected to plead guilty to identity theft, conspiracy. Article > Intel is planning a large 65 nm manufacturing plant in China. Article > 20 things we don't yet know about the iPhone. …

U.K. terrorist alerts going the email route

Britain's security agency is initiating an email system to alert residents of changes in security levels and terrorist expectations. The U.K. Security Service has already embraced using the

What the big vendors are planning

If you've got big plans for networking projects this year, whether they be revamping the storage architecture, laying down new security measures or getting that open-source platform in place, you

Safari bug leaves Mac users open to remote attack

As the Month of Apple Bugs continues to chug along, Mac users are finding themselves plagued by yet another "highly critical" bug: a proof-of-concept that takes advantage of Safari's "open safe" feature. Developers and hackers alike have long criticized "open safe," which automatically opens files downloaded in Safari that end in certain "safe" file extensions. Maybe Apple will finally get the message this time.

Adobe releases critical bug fixes, new workarounds

You'll recall that last week, a critical flaw was discovered in Adobe Reader that could allow access to a user's local hard drive via plug-ins in Opera and Firefox. The company promised a fix by the end of the week and lo and behold, they've made good on their claim, …

WiMAX security is a serious issue

If your IT team is getting ready to deploy that much needed WiMAX network there's some bad news ahead: the built-in security isn't as good as you may think. Experts say that vendors need to step