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Latest Headlines

IBM launches new SMB security product

In its ongoing effort to court the SMB market, IBM has announced a new security product for small business. Tivoli Federated Identity Manager Business Gateway, a scaled-down version of Tivoli Federated Identity Manager, will allow SMB devices to connect to each other as nodes in a larger security network, where they can share information using a single sign-on. "The hubs want to sell to …

Users prompting email changes

These days, more and more companies are debating dumping corporate email systems for free Web-based messaging solutions from players like Yahoo, Google and yes, even Microsoft. The reason? Users

Worm code presents real threat

Hackers published code online yesterday that would allow malcontents to unleash a worm attack on Windows 2000 via a vulnerability in the Windows Workstation service. According to security firm

Hackers become less discriminating

The SANS Institute, which tracks security trends and risk vulnerabilities, says hackers are using more zero-day attack methods and are being less discriminating on what they're aiming at in terms

Users pose biggest security threat

Move over Windows and IE--there's a new security issue that could pose a greater threat than any software flaw. According to SANS, a security research organization, the human element now tops the

XML flaw a risk in new IE version

Yesterday's Patch Tuesday brought fixes for Windows, including

More details on Microsoft's Forefront emerge

Yesterday, we reported that Microsoft's desktop security solution, Forefront, had gone Beta. Since then, more details on the security suite have emerged. As expected, Forefront offers application-specific antispyware and antivirus shields, a spam filter and a web filter. In addition to the existing Beta, Microsoft will launch two new versions of Forefront: Forefront Security for …

Data security is improving

Apparently, all of the news about data theft is finally sinking in with companies. A new study from Ernst & Young reports that businesses are getting a better grip on data security and some

Human error tops list of IT security worries

What's your number one IT security nightmare? Malware? A Virus outbreak? A stolen laptop? A …

New WiFi risk identified

Millions of systems are potentially at risk due to a security vulnerability in a wireless driver. The risk comes via a computer code that can be used to create a long service set identifier (SSID)