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Latest Headlines

Tools for fighting rootkits

Remember that whole Sony rootkit scandal? The company was selling CDs with hidden rootkit software. Well,

SPOTLIGHT: Mobile security issues will bring about new tool use

Given the recent reports that smartphones will only grow in popularity--and the advancing security issues that comes with such mobile devices--it's not hard to believe a new security report that

Windows exec makes a unique Vista security claim

Whether it's just a marketing ploy or not, the fact that Windows co-President Jim Allchin lets his son work on a PC free of any anti-virus software is a statement that you can't ignore. As Allchin

Data incidents impact nearly 50M citizens

Anyone tracking tech and business news the past year is well versed in the increasing volume of data thefts and losses. But many will be surprised to learn the actual victim impact: Over 49

Microsoft patches XML flaw, still no Visual Studio fix

Another month, another Patch Tuesday. This month's iteration will find Microsoft patching the zero-day flaw in XML Core Services, in addition to other flaws in Windows XP and Internet Explorer, some of which have been deemed "critical". The company has not yet announced a fix for another …

New worm boasts two-pronged attack

The latest worm assault to hit the enterprise comes with a surprise: a secondary attack that hits the network about six hours after the initial installation, say security vendors. According to

Chile nabs hacker team

Four alleged hackers, supposedly responsible for breaking into thousands of websites including the NASA homepage, have been arrested in Chile. Police say that the four suspects, called the "Byond"

Mozilla patches critical flaws in Firefox, Thunderbird

The patch, released today by the Mozilla foundation, addresses critical security flaws in Firefox version 1.5x as well as Thunderbird, which uses the Firefox browser engine. The reported vulnerabilities could open up users to security bypass, cross-site scripting, system access and denial-of-service attacks. "We presume that at least some of these could be exploited to run arbitrary code with enough effort," the Mozilla group stated. Users of Mozilla's new browser, Firefox 2.0, will not …

Starbucks laptops go missing

Well, it's been at least a few weeks since the last laptop security incident, so it's about

Layoff email is latest spam strategy

It seems that even spammers keep up with IT news. Taking a page from a recent incident where a big name retailer