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Latest Headlines

Un-integrated security can be dangerous

Perhaps the only thing that enterprises find more threatening than security vulnerabilities are the potential penalties for falling out of compliance. There is a consensus emerging that these two

OS X worm hacker's site hacked?

Yesterday, we reported a security researcher had developed a worm for OS X and successfully

Researcher claims to have developed OS X worm

Apple users sure do love to crow about how secure their platform of choice is but if recent

iPhone: Almost unlocked by hackers

With the iPhone having been out for a few weeks now, it's just about time for a major announcement from the hacking community. The mysterious folks behind the iPhone Dev Wiki have briefly emerged

iPhone/Safari dialer could pose security risks

Another day, another security concern regarding the iPhone. It almost seems that iPhone hype has given

Google faces security hurdles in the enterprise

Google seems to be everywhere these days, but as the search giant moves into the enterprise, they're facing much of the same security scrutiny as those who have gone before them. Researchers at

List of 68 iPhone bugs released

For a while there, the iPhone was really impressing us on the security tip. Sure, a number of vulnerabilities

Microsoft anti-piracy coming to 3rd party apps

Haters of Microsoft's oft-maligned "Genuine Advantage" security initiative might find the level of security provided by the technology laughable--but that isn't stopping the company from rolling

Oracle readies 46 patches for server, DB software

Often characterized as one of the worst--if not the worst--software vendors when it comes to

Mass targets: evil email with a twist

Meanwhile, CNET is reporting that personalized email attacks are on the rise. The most recent trend involves an illicit campaign that focused on some 500 executives in what is believed