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Latest Headlines

Microsoft's third-party patching hits hurdles

Microsoft is taking on a brand-new security strategy as it begins offering patches for third-party applications such as Flash, Adobe and Macromedia. To very few users and IT professionals'

SPOTLIGHT: India group initiates IT security watchdog effort

TODAY'S SPOTLIGHT... India group initiates IT security watchdog effort Concerned about the impact of continuing security issues within its technology sector, the India National Association

Hacker's court case to set Web security precedent

A legal proceeding against a hacker who claims his intentions were only good could end up setting a Web security precedent in the arena of online criminal rulings. Experts say that the court

Wells Fargo suffers another data loss

You almost have to start feeling sorry for Wells Fargo. After experiencing several embarrassing data security breaches, it's once again notifying customers that a PC housing customer information

Bugs could halt Linux kernel development

While recent statistics clearly show that open source technology is gaining respectability and adoption in enterprises, it seems to be getting buggier of late, according to the Linux kernel

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Every CIO's nightmare happened to the Idaho Power Company last week when it discovered that old disk drives hadn't been thoroughly cleaned before being tossed. With nearly 500,000 customers, and

Malware now targeting the Mac OS

If your organization is Mac friendly, it's clearly time to boost security and put some decent resources on ensuring the fleet is safe from increasing threats. A recent study by security vendor

ALSO NOTED: Analysts: The Internet is running out of room; Patch issues for MySQL vulnerabilities; and much more...

> Analysts: The Internet is running out of room. Article > Patch issues for MySQL

Battling those nasty SSL Trojans

When it comes to securing systems, the best defense can be knowledge. With SSL-evading Trojans, for example, it's important to understand the various types, how they work and what vulnerabilities

Privacy chief: Breach rules pose big challenge

As one industry executive explains, protecting data is quickly moving to the top of tech leaders' to-do lists. IBM's chief privacy officer, Harriet Pearson, says the biggest challenge facing