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The march of the botnets

Botnets, networks of hundreds or even thousands of infected machines, aren't going away anytime soon. They can be used to wreak real havoc, including spamming and theft of financial and

Laptop tracking is for SMBs, too

Many enterprises use laptop tracking software or third-party tracking companies to ensure the safety of employees' laptops, which tend to get stolen more than any other type of work tool. These

ALSO NOTED: No Blu-ray for iMacs until 2008; Michael Dell running Ubuntu?;

> Michael Dell's open-source OS of choice? Ubuntu. Article > Bill Gates sees the future of the tech industry.

Thwarting attacks with host-based anti-malware tools

Host-based technologies can target a range of threats from spam to rootkits while providing network repair. Host-based anti-malware products have two components: a security agent that resides on

Mobility: Balancing functionality with security

Companies are beginning to swap traditional desktop configurations in favor of centralizing desktop applications in a secure datacenter, thanks to more reliable and robust security offerings.

New technologies increase security needs

Newer technologies like Voice over IP (VoIP) and instant messaging can raise the risk factor for enterprise systems very fast, and some question whether security can keep up. And that's not just a

Streamlining access privileges

The more people who have elevated access privileges, the less secure your company is. The fact is, not everyone needs high-level access privileges; by being more careful, your company stands to

OS X Leopard is pretty, pretty buggy

So close, yet so far. Apple announced that it was delaying OS X Leopard on Friday so, of

E-discovery and the CIO

Electronic discovery is a firm's obligation to produce all of the documents or information in its possession--including documents that exist only in electronic form--in the event of initiated or

Storm worm masquerades as patch, storms on

A new variant of the dreaded "Storm Worm" is hitting inboxes around the world, disguising itself as a fix