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Some vendors don't practice what they preach

You would think, given the high tech audience in attendance, that network security would be tight at a trade show such as the recent CeBit conference. But as some security vendors discovered, WiFi

RFID tags could prove vulnerable to attack

The newest hacking front could very well be the radio frequency identification (RFID) tag. Researchers say it's possible to plug in a software virus that could wreak havoc with both RFID

People: The biggest security threat

As a recent story about ex-hacker Kevin Mitnick outlined, social engineering is often the biggest factor in hackers gaining confidential and financial information from unsuspecting users. A test

ALSO NOTED: Microsoft security glitches termed 'unacceptable' by analysts; Survey: Security, compliance fall down on the list o

> Microsoft security glitches termed "unacceptable" by analysts. Article >

SPOTLIGHT: Security vendors don't see Microsoft as huge threat

While not exactly earth shattering, security vendors are baring their claws as Microsoft entrenches itself within the security industry with its OneCare Live security product. As one vendor leader

ALSO NOTED: Critical Microsoft patch next Tues.; Worker performance management tools getting more valuable; and much more...

> One critical Microsoft patch coming next Tuesday. Article > Why worker performance management tools are getting

Better mobile security tools coming to market

In the face of the growing number of malware and threats to the mobile device world and wireless infrastructure, vendors are pushing out new protection and security applications. One of the latest

Trojan takes aim at new Microsoft application

The first real attack on Microsoft's InfoPath, an XML document sharing application, is being reported by security vendor F-Secure. A Trojan virus named Icabdi.A. is apparently an initial try at

ALSO NOTED: Public sector CIOs face security challenges; Spike in online criminal activity; and much more...

> Survey: Public sector CIOs face security challenges. Article > "Notable" spike in

Minnesota tackles data, ID theft issues

Last year more than 3,000 Minnesota residents were victims of identity theft and the growing concern is prompting state leaders to undertake a reform of how confidential and private data is