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Latest Headlines

Avoiding insider attacks

Many CIOs have done as much as humanly possible to keep hackers from penetrating their networks from the outside, but what about the trusted insider? Insiders don't have to bypass the physical and

Managed security services a top priority

Security tops virtually all corporate agendas these days, and many businesses are considering turning to a managed services model. That means that many companies plan to outsource the management,

Real-time data monitoring takes off

Network security is hot and one of the hottest solutions in that space is real-time data monitoring, which monitors content, users and devices. Real-time data monitoring is gaining steam because

First Office 2007 bug awaits confirmation

Let the floodgates open wide: researchers at eEye Digital Security have discovered the first remotely-executable exploit for Microsoft Office 2007. According to eEye, the bug affects Publisher 2007 and can allow arbitrary code execution via a logged in user. Microsoft has yet to confirm the vulnerability but if the company does does, it will mark the first bug found in the Office 2007 suite. The company is not offering any workarounds or fixes at this time. Report

Integrated WiFi/VPN routers take care of business

Network hardware vendor Multi-Tech Systems is taking aim at branch offices with two new integrated WiFi/VPN routers, in an attempt to increase both security and connectivity. The company's new RouteFinder SOHO Security Appliance comes in single and dual WAN port models and supports both computer-to-office and office-to-office connections, as well as 15 simultaneous VPN tunnels. Multi-Tech tops it all off with a built-in firewall and the now standard four-port 10/100Mbps switch. While …

ALSO NOTED: Supreme Court doubtful on Microsoft ruling; Mac users "lax on security";

> Meet the photographer behind the Windows backgrounds. Article > The U.S. Supreme Court expresses doubts about a Microsoft patent ruling. Article > Is the Apple TV going to be a "DVD killer"? Article > More on the TJX data theft debacle. …

Firefox bookmarking vulnerability emerges

A Polish hacker who discovered a Firefox phishing flaw earlier this week has uncovered a second flaw, which could allow hackers to steal user credentials used for common startup pages. The flaw allegedly lies in the way that the open-source browser handles bookmarks--and can be exploited to steal authentication cookies. Though there are no patches available yet, Mozilla has pledged to incorporate a fix into the next build of Firefox.

ALSO NOTED: Mobile search advances; Microsoft's Virtual PC 2007 debuts;

> Mobile search advances. Article > Microsoft's Virtual PC 2007 debuts.

The convergence of IT and physical security

You might have excellent identity management solutions and comprehensive physical security to control who enters your buildings, but if you don't manage the two as one entity, you're leaving a lot

Getting the most out of penetration testing

To make sure you're getting qualified penetration testing--an important step in ensuring technical compliance and excellent security practices--be certain that you know what you want from the