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Latest Headlines

Info governance committees could be strategic mistake

You know the drill; you've seen it a thousand times. Whenever a company-wide initiative hits the planning stages, committees are formed, meetings are held and every component of the new strategy is discussed to death. Information governance committees are no different but IG attorney Linda Sharp says its time to turn that approach on its head.

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The top news stories for April 1, 2015.

Study: Majority of password strength meters found wanting

The quality of password strength meters vary greatly, with many found to be simplistic and poorly designed

Here's how Adidas caught a $200k employee theft while testing a new data mining program

With a worldwide operation, complicated supply chains and retail outfits on top of manufacturing responsibilities, getting product to the buyer is not as easy as Adidas makes it seem. But using a data mining and loss prevention program powered by Oracle MICROS XBRi, the company has harnessed its point-of-sale data to cut down on preventable losses and build a leaner business.

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The top news stories for March 26, 2015.

ARS acquires, analyzes entire LPR dataset owned by Oakland Police

Oakland has 33 LPRs spread throughout the city and the data set  Ars Technica  obtained contains more than 4.6 million reads of over 1.1 million unique plates between December 23, 2010 and May 31, 2014--the largest set publically obtained in the U.S.

IT decision makers think the cloud is risky, but many still use it for sensitive data

Despite raging security concerns--rightly or wrongly--with keeping sensitive data in the cloud, the 2015 Vormetric Insider Threat Report (ITR) finds 60 percent of U.S. IT decision makers store it there anyway. 46 percent say that behavior is a top risk for data breaches. 

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The top news stories for March 24, 2015.

Change in Windows 10 Secure Boot requirement could make it harder to install Linux

A minor change to the Secure Boot portion of UEFI in Windows 10 could make it harder for enthusiasts to install Linux or alternative operating systems.

Cisco CSO admits to thwarting NSA spying attempts

Cisco has shipped equipment to addresses that are unrelated to customers as part of the company's efforts to make it difficult for the NSA to intercept shipments of its computer equipment.