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Latest Headlines

News Scan: Many CIOs racked by transformation self-doubts; Mobile app explosion puts pressure on hiring managers; More

The top news stories for May 29, 2015.

Majority of boards believe firms are under-protected from cyberattacks

CIOs, CISOs and even CEOs are now constantly under the microscope on what they are doing to keep their organizations safe from cyberattackes. But a new study of boards of directors reveals that the efforts aren't enough in most cases.

5 things to keep in mind when looking at cyber insurance plans

In the wake of what seems like never-ending reports on data breaches and cyberattacks, there's no doubt that organizations are looking into cyber insurance. At this point, it's essentially a necessity.

News Scan: While other agencies ramp up, IRS trims IT security staff; State CIOs warned to get drones on their radar; More

The top news stories for May 28, 2015.

IRS hacked, data on 100K taxpayers stolen

The IRS announced that "criminals used taxpayer-specific data acquired from non-IRS sources to gain unauthorized access to information on approximately 100,000 tax accounts through IRS' 'Get Transcript' application." 

News Scan: Microsoft invites firms to be guinea pigs for new update process; Digital transformation has the power to save the CIO; More.

The top news stories for May 26, 2015.

News Scan: Sunset vigils nationwide tonight will protest surveillance programs; Most firms still greatly fear security in public cloud; More

The top news stories for May 21, 2015.

Employees still visit dangerous sites at work, despite awareness of risk

Social media and adult content are among dangerous sites employees are willing to visit while at work.

Spotlight: Drug dealer busted by a USPS algorithm

Look for algorithms to play an increasing role in detecting criminal activity on nearly every front and for all types of crimes. 

Tech firms petition Obama over mobile phone data privacy concerns

More than 140 technolocy companies have joined forces in urging President Obama to reject legislation that they say would create "backdoor access" to personal information stored on mobile phones.