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Latest Headlines

KPMG report: enterprises slow to use analytics to stop fraud

KPMG, an audit, tax and advisory firm, released a  report  profiling fraudsters and measuring the success in using data and analytics in detecting fraud. While proactive analytics are often a good way to detect fraud, KPMG found they were not the primary detection means in any North American frauds, and used to detect only 3 percent of fraudsters worldwide.

Advera Health Analytics launches MS drugs analyses, real world evidence

Advera Health Analytics added coverage of multiple sclerosis drugs in its Evidex drug data and analytics platform. The new coverage of MS drugs renders on-demand, pooled analyses of MS drugs' clinical outcome measures, predictive identification of serious unknown risks, direct downstream medical cost calculations, and drug safety scorecards.

Patients file HIPAA complaint against genetics firm for withholding data

New perils in health data reporting crop up regularly, but a recent HIPAA compliant against Myriad Genetics for withholding variant data from patients is an unexpected development. The company did not include in its data report to patients any data deemed to be benign or clinically insignificant – but, as it turns out, the patients wanted that data too. Heads up: this could signify a major change in companies' claims of data ownership.

Spotlight: Google is fighting a $112,000 'right to be forgotten' fine from France

According to Computerworld, the French National Commission on Computing and Liberty slapped the tech giant with a €100,000 ($112,000) fine for failure to comply with at 2015 order. 

Survey: 90% of telco service providers believe Hadoop is best platform to combat fraud

A recently released survey by Cloudera and Argyle Data found that 90% of telcos believe Hadoop is the most effective platform to combat revenue fraud scams, losses from which are now estimated at U.S. $38bn.

Apple releases a bundle of security patches for OS X, Safari and iTunes

Apple released on Monday updates to a number of its software offerings, including OS X, iTunes and Safari. The updates included security patches for all and other feature and design updates for some.

Spotlight: Only 10 sites on Chrome will run Adobe's Flash Player, according to Google's new plan

According to CIO, Google is setting its sights on making HTML5 the standard on Chrome by the end of the year, excepting 10 sites that will run Adobe's Flash Player.

MIRACL, NTT i3, NTT Labs contribute to open-­source security initiative in Apache Incubator

MIRACL, NTT Innovation Institute, Inc. and NTT Labs jointly contributed a security and authentication code to a new open­source project within the Apache Incubator called Apache Milagro. It aims to aid in securing internet platforms, and IoT devices and the mobile application ecosystems to which they are connected by providing an alternative to the problematic single authority certificate used today.

Compliance and risk drive information management, according to AIIM report

Compliance and risk are the main motivator for instituting an information management system, according to a recent report by AIIM.

Spotlight: Microsoft removes Wi-Fi Sense from Windows 10

Microsoft has confirmed it is removing its Wi-Fi network sharing feature, Wi-Fi Sense, from Windows 10 via an upcoming update.