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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Security firm makes three cyberattack predictions for remainder of 2015

We're used to reading bold headlines and breaking news reports of cyberattacks and data breaches. But security company PKWARE prefers to predict cyberattacks yet to come.

ZapFraud to contribute data on scams to APWG's URL Block List report

ZapFraud announced  Tuesday that it will be contributing data on scams and scammers to the APWG's URL Block List phishing report clearinghouse, which receives reports from hundreds of sources worldwide in a concerted effort to thwart cybercrime.

IBM launches new IoT community, training for developers

Wednesday, IBM launched a new Internet of Things community for developers called IBM developerWorks Recipes. It's designed to help novice and experienced developers learn how to connect devices to the cloud and how to use the data coming from those devices. 

Two enterprise security tools coming soon from Microsoft

Microsoft to make Advanced Threat Analytics platform available, and extend Azure Rights Management to Office on the iOS.

News Scan: Cisco pulls the plug on Invicta storage line support; Federal CIOs pressed by growing demands, insufficient resources; More.

The top news stories for July 27, 2015.

Bug in Chrome 44 prevents some websites from loading properly

A new bug introduced in the latest version of Google's Chrome browser could prevent some websites from loading properly. 

Size of DDoS attacks on the rise, warns new report

A new study reveals that the size of an average DDoS attacks is increasing. So in addition to the possibility of more likely cyberattack pain, you can expect it to also increase in intensity.

News Scan: Yahoo cites 22% loss in Q2 earnings statement; Mobile data usage sees 59% rise in just the past year; More

The top news stories for July 23, 2015.

Support for OS X Mountain Lion could be ending soon

The end could be near for OS X Mountain Lion, as Apple prepares to release El Capitan in fall.

Google shares data to seed new program aimed at blocking fraudulent data center traffic

 Other companies joining this project include Dstillery, Facebook, MediaMath, Quantcast, Rubicon Project, The Trade Desk, TubeMogul and Yahoo.