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Latest Headlines

Is cloud storage the right solution for federal documents?

According a  presidential directive  issued in 2012, all federal agencies must manage permanent and temporary email in an electronically accessible format by 2016. Tod Newcombe, Senior Editor of Governing,  says  the mandate is great in theory but until the government steps out of the Stone Age, the policy is next to meaningless.  

Zen and the art of CMS, and RMS, deployment

As I was preparing for this week's newsletter and column, I kept running across article after article with the same theme: deploying a new content or records management system can take an Ice Age. It doesn't matter how big a business you are or how deep your pockets are, when you make the decision to implement or upgrade your system, you'd best settle in for the long haul.

ECRM Industry expert shares insight on the future of DoD ERM standards

ECRM industry expert  Don Lueders  took a lot of heat last year when he  went on record  to say he no longer supported the  DoD 5015.2 Electronics Records Management Standard. He called it an "obsolete relic" and "a failed attempt to provide effective functional requirements for managing electronic content through the final stages of the information lifecycle." It turns out Lueders may have been right.

PassTheNotes new partnerships bring collaborative learning tools to 45 million students

Cloud-based education platform  PassTheNotes announced five new partnerships designed to bring more teaching tools into the classroom. Combined, the partners will reach 85 percent of U.S. public school districts and more than 45 million students.  

Portland city archivists seize decades of personnel records

When Portland, Oregon city archivists toured the records storage facility of the Portland Police Museum last year, nothing seemed amiss. But the archivists suddenly returned earlier this year to seize 90 percent of the personnel records dating back to around 1910,  and  the museum's director was so miffed, he resigned.

Public sector data security issues not just a US problem

A British  study  of more than 140 senior management and staff in the public sector revealed that 83 percent say the biggest threat to data are employees themselves. If they're having half the issues the US public sector is then they're right to be concerned, but it does beg a question. Is it faulty employees or faulty processes?

IRS loses important documents, exposes its soft underbelly

The U.S. Government has egg on its face thanks to over two years' worth of missing documents critical to a federal investigation of former IRS official Lois Lerner. The IRS says a hard drive failure wiped out a large swath of emails important to the case, and backup tapes containing the data were accidentally recycled. Some politicians watching the case say that's ridiculous.  

New RMS frustrates Dallas cops, frees inmates

Software glitches and poor training are being blamed for foul-ups at the Dallas County jail this month following the deployment of a new records management system. More than 20 inmates are walking the streets after they were accidentally released without bail and officers say that's just the tip of a very nasty iceberg.

Going the 'second mile' with document conversion

Most companies don't falter when it comes to scanning and storing documents-- that's the easy part. Standardizing, tagging, sorting, and recalling documents? Well, that's when things start to get hairy.

EPA shoring up FOIA eDiscovery service agency-wide

The Environmental Protection Agency  reports  it receives about 10,000 discovery requests every year under the Freedom of Information Act. The EPA is wrapping up a pilot program designed to capture, manage and deliver records in an effort to make the process more efficient.