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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Australia Commonwealth Agencies will be 95% digital by 2015

The National Archives of Australia is reporting that the records and information management of its Commonwealth agencies will be 95 percent digital by 2015. That's an impressive figure, especially when you contrast it with the U.S. government that's still more or less in the planning stages of a  digital strategy.

Nitro Pro adds Microsoft RMS integration

Document productivity and collaboration vendor  Nitro  lets users lock down documents with greater ease thanks to a new integration with Microsoft Rights Management service. Nitro Pro now includes SharePoint compatibility, RMS ecosystem support, PDF file encryption and enables sharing of all file types across all devices.

Spotlight: Document management in a nutshell

We talk a lot around here about the intricacies of document management. What's the best process? Where is the technology headed? Why does it matter so much?

Boeing acquires records management company AerData Group

If ever there's a place you want to see an impeccable records management system in use, it's the aviation industry.  Boeing  announced this week it is acquiring Netherlands-based  AerData Group  for an undisclosed sum.  AerData provides integrated software for managing airplane leasing, maintenance and other fleet records.

Canon's Therefore information management system gets a big update

Taking cues from user feedback,  Canon  released a new version of its information management system,  Therefore, that includes a new case management feature and updates to several existing features.

SkyKick's Enterprise Migration Suite shifts big businesses to Office 365

Show of hands, who actually enjoys the process of migrating to the cloud? At best, it's a long and tedious undertaking. At worst, it's a nerve wracking affair full of peril and pitfalls. If you're about to tackle a move to Microsoft Office 360,  SkyKick's  new Enterprise Migration Suite may make the job a little easier.

Will Google's new product spell the end of the 3-ring binder?

Google is giving its new education product,  Classroom, a test drive, and teachers and professors can apply for a preview. Classroom brings easy document management tools to teachers and students alike, as well as the expected set of communication and messaging tools.

Cloud-based SimpleECM aims to fill the CMS needs of small businesses

No matter how much companies rely on digital technology, paperwork is still a fact of life. Everything from human resources to accounting, OSHA and HIPPA requirements, or Sarbanes-Oxley compliance; they all generate paper trails.

Hospital admins struggle to meet EHR management requirements

According to a new study, hospital administrators consider "meeting regulatory requirements" for electronic records management their top priority. Unfortunately, it comes at the expense of nearly every other initiative they would like to undertake.

County clerk drives down records management costs with mobile document services

When the Tompkins County, NY clerk's office found itself confronted with how to manage almost 200 years worth of court and land transaction paperwork, its initial plan was to barcode over 9,000 boxes of documents and build or remodel a storage facility to house them. In the end, the clerk's office chose to invest about $500,000 in a Laserfiche document processing system, realizing it could save nearly $5.5 million on document management in the long run.