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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

enCase 5.0 strengthens its eDiscovery argument

enCase 5.0 attempts to merge its recent acquisition of CaseCentral into its platform to bring cloud review into the eDiscovery proces.

Spotlight: KnowledgeTree introduces business templates

KnowledgeTree has announced new templates for their target markets to help these groups get going more quickly.

Iron Mountain, partner build SharePoint records management solution

Iron Mountain, along with a partner, has developed a solution to mantain and track paper and digital records, regardless of location, using Microsoft SharePoint.

Kodak builds scanning, workflow app on SharePoint 2010

A new scanning solution from Kodak is built on top of SharePoint 2010 and aims to simplify scanning from paper to digital workflows.

Amazon launches Glacier Archival Storage service

Amazon's new Glacier service is designed for long-term archival of electronic files.

Smoking gun documents could hurt Samsung at Apple patent trial

Apple is accusing Samsung of knowingly copying its designs, and documents that have surfaced in the case suggest that that could be the case. Just another argument for a smart document retention policy.

EMC Cloud Toolkit bringing scanning to the cloud

EMC's Captiva Cloud Toolkit is proving a popular way to build Captiva web-based scanning functionality into third-party scanning products.

From stone tablets to iPads: Preserving our digital history

As I traveled in Italy the past several weeks, looking at ancient ruins, it got me thinking about how we can preserve our increasingly digital lives for future generations--the ultimate content management problem.

Weighing BPM, CRM and EHR for health care compliance

No matter which side of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act issue you personally favor, the Supreme Court has declared the law constitutional and the work to comply must now go full-speed ahead. While most health care providers have at least started to address the many requirements in that law, few are anywhere near true compliance. This means many are still scrambling to find the right technology mix to do the job.

Going paperless: State offers first online legal notarization

For years, the movement to ditch paper documents entirely has been stymied by the lack of an easy and legal way to notarize documents. But that obstacle may be lifted now, albeit in a rather odd way--via changes to notary laws in the state of Virginia that went into effect on July 1.