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Latest Headlines

Salesforce rolls out Health cloud, pairing EHRs with customer experience management

Pairing EHRs and other health data with customer experience management platform somehow seemed inevitable and Salesforce has stepped up to the plate with this week's release of Salesforce Health Cloud.

Recall rolls out wearable RFID at Atlanta document storage facility

Document storage and protection company Recall Holdings Limited announced the implementation of a wearable RFID scanner program at its Information Center in Atlanta, GA.

Info gov expert: Records managers set themselves up for failure

Information governance expert Jeffrey Ritter has an interesting take on the state of e-discovery and how records managers could have reduced the costs and headaches associated with information governance if they'd simply exercised a little foresight.

Lawyers (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ over emojis during e-discovery

Emojis and emoticons used to be exclusive BFFs with teens. Now adults are peppering texts and tweets with the expressive little images and it's having a surprising effect on e-discovery.

Alfresco's ECM and BPM tools help docs provide continuity of care

ECM firm Alfresco today announced a partnership with software vendor Kainos Group, the company behind the Evolve Mobile-Enabled Healthcare platform. The goal is to enhance patient care by improving content and process management for healthcare providers.

Trucker accidentally drops 'unknown number' of medical records on Florida roadway

More than 480,000 people just received word they may be affected by a medical records data breach that occurred in December, 2015.

Hollywood hospital resorts to paper during cyberattack

Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center has been in the headlines this week because hackers have locked users out of the hospital's IT system. In the meantime, the hospital has resorted to old-school paper to conduct business.

Spotlight: IRS ready to digitize agency records

The Internal Revenue Service is re-dedicating efforts to digitize agency records. Among the plans getting underway, "the email messages of senior IRS executives are being archived in...

Globalscape adds automation modules to MFT platform for SMBs

Small- to medium-sized businesses take note. Software vendor Globalscape announced today the availability of three new automation modules for its managed file transfer platform, Enhanced File Transfer SMB.

Spotlight: UK health system could be paperless by 2020

The U.K. government is giving 4.2 billion pounds in government funds to the National Health Service to help create a paperless system by 2020.