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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Given time, EHR initiative proves successful

A recent survey has found almost 80 percent participation in the 2008 electronic heath records incentive program.

If you're looking to build OCR apps, you may want to look at the OmniPage SDK

Nuance released the latest version of the OmniPage SDK this week, a tool that lets companies incorporate scanning and workflow functionality into custom apps and applications without doing the heavy lifting.

Lexmark buys PACSGEAR for healthcare document management

Lexmark purchased PACSGEAR last week to help continue to build their Perceptive Software division's healthcare content management play.

JD Salinger, Facebook and the future of the personal record

The upcoming movie about the life of JD Salinger was based on research culled from photos, personal papers and letters; items that will likely not exist for researchers in 100 years. What will we do then?

Spotlight: Nuance teams up with Hyland to scan medical docs directly into OnBase

Nuance has a new scanning tool for Hyland OnBase.

Metalogix acquires Axceler's Sharepoint business

Metalogix filled in a hole in its product line with the purchase of the Axceler SharePoint business last week.

An Information Management hierarchy of needs

Information is part of the foundational Infrastructure layer, and this creates both opportunity and challenges. Most companies take data and information for granted. Its value is more often recognized at the top of the pyramid where business intelligence and big data applications are evident.   

Real-world document management, documented

Users cite benefits from knowledge management to fighting hostile takeovers.

Spotlight: Canon updates Android mobile print and scan app

Cannon updated its mobile print and scan tool for Android this week.

HP-Autonomy wants to help you clean up obsolete legacy files

HP introduces Autonomy Control Point 4.0 with the promise of helping organizations get a grip on old, often hidden content.