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Latest Headlines

Acronis Access Advanced update boosts secure file sync and share

File management firm Acronis rolled out a new update this week for Acronis Access Advanced, the company's flagship file sync and share product.

Yet another survey reveals federal workers lack confidence in US info gov strategies

As the U.S. government force-feeds information governance and document management regulations to its agencies, federal workers aren't at all confident the measures are working.

New version of National Action Plan calls for better email record keeping

The Obama administration released the third version of its  Open Government National Action Plan recently that turns the screws on federal agencies slacking on records management and email record keeping.

Spotlight: VA expected to fall short of 2016 EHR interoperability deadline

Remember when the VA's multi-million dollar electronic health records system was expected to be the key to interoperability with Pentagon records? While it's helped a bit, the agency expects...

Box CEO: Lack of CSM strategy is an 'aberration of IT evolution'

Box CEO Aaron Levie has some strong words for companies that don't apply the same critical thinking to corporate content management as they do other important enterprise technology.

Document management systems gain foothold in niche markets

Document management systems of one kind or another are a virtual staple of offices across the planet. As more companies eschew filing cabinets and hand-processed document manipulation, DM systems are finding their way into new and interesting workflow processes.

Nitro acquires marketing technology vendor DoxIQ

Document-productivity vendor Nitro scooped up enterprise software company DoxIQ this month to keep its momentum going to become a cloud-based smart document services vendor.

Spotlight: The many layers of the info governance problem

IT Pro Portal's Lubor Ptacek noted that a high percentage of global companies have increased spending on information governance, but "many organizations are still struggling to achieve...

Tossing old resumes from non-hires? Not so fast

Destroying the resumes of unhired job applicants could open up companies to a lawsuit, said Casey Sullivan, attorney and senior writer at Find Law. It's not just job seekers who can chase after an organization, though. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission won't be too happy about it either.

New Senate bill calls for national EHR rating system

A new bill that United States Senators Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) and Bill Cassidy (R-LA) introduced could go a long way toward helping healthcare providers get the best EHR system for their buck.