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Latest Headlines

Trucker accidentally drops 'unknown number' of medical records on Florida roadway

More than 480,000 people just received word they may be affected by a medical records data breach that occurred in December, 2015.

Hollywood hospital resorts to paper during cyberattack

Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center has been in the headlines this week because hackers have locked users out of the hospital's IT system. In the meantime, the hospital has resorted to old-school paper to conduct business.

Spotlight: IRS ready to digitize agency records

The Internal Revenue Service is re-dedicating efforts to digitize agency records. Among the plans getting underway, "the email messages of senior IRS executives are being archived in...

Globalscape adds automation modules to MFT platform for SMBs

Small- to medium-sized businesses take note. Software vendor Globalscape announced today the availability of three new automation modules for its managed file transfer platform, Enhanced File Transfer SMB.

Spotlight: UK health system could be paperless by 2020

The U.K. government is giving 4.2 billion pounds in government funds to the National Health Service to help create a paperless system by 2020.

How one company responded when file sharing methods 'got out of hand'

One of the toughest challenges facing enterprise tech vendors is nudging potential customers away from the legacy systems they've been entrenched in for years. Companies are understandably reluctant to move away from systems in which they've invested a significant amount of time and money to start all over again.

Notarize launches 24-hour online notary service valid in all 50 states

Virginia-based startup Notarize announced the launch today of its new online notary service of the same name to provide 24-hour notary services across all 50 states. It almost makes you wonder why someone didn't think of this sooner.

Law firms' relationships with digitized records: It's complicated

A new study conducted by ALM Media and underwritten by document capture software vendor Omtool reveals the complicated relationship law firms have with digitized records.

CA councilmember's records mismanagement may trigger local policy change

By the time Los Angeles City Councilmember Tom LaBonge left office last June, he had amassed over 100 boxes of documents and files during his 14-year term. Where are they now?

Dropbox enables real-time Office document collaboration

Hot on the heels of last week's Dropbox app for Windows 10 launch, Dropbox is back with the release of new collaboration features that once again ratchet up its integration with Microsoft Office.