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Latest Headlines

Tips for records managers stuck in a corner

Information governance consultant  Steve Weissman has a message for records managers everywhere: "No one puts baby in the corner."

ARMA asks Congress for more authority, additional resources

ARMA International, the non-profit professional association for records and information managers, has asked Congress to give federal records managers more resources to meet recent legal and regulatory mandates for electronic records.

Nitro announces release of Nitro Pro 10 and Pro+ 10

Document productivity vendor Nitro has announced the launch of a pair of products designed to make document management and accessibility easier for businesses.

MA senator wants to reform state public records laws

Massachusetts State Senator Jamie Eldridge is busy stirring up public sentiment for lawmakers to make public records more, well, public.

Partners HealthCare builds $1.2 billion patient record system

If the costs associated with your records management system have you down, be glad you're not writing the checks for Massachusetts-based Partners HealthCare. They're shelling out $1.2 billion for a new, state-of-the-art patient records systems.

Spotlight: How new SEC ruling affects the private sector

A new SEC ruling requires certain types of businesses to follow specific IT procedures to ensure regulatory and legal compliance. TechTarget's Jeffrey Ritter says the ruling is, "changing...

Spotlight: New York governor Cuomo changes state worker email retention policy

New York's governor put an end to a hotly debated policy that allowed state workers to delete their email after 90 days.

GAO reports most federal agencies are working to improve records management

A new  report  from the Government Accountability Office reveals that most of the 24 federal agencies it reviewed are taking steps to meet the requirements necessary to improve the state of their records management. Only five were found lacking, due to missed deadlines rather than willful non-compliance.

UK Hospital plans to digitize 71 million pages of medical records

The Royal Free Hospital in North London wants to be paper-free and that means digitizing over 71 million pages of records. While not all companies that implement paper-reduction strategies face such a daunting task, there are still some valuable takeaway messages from how Royal Free is managing the process.

Smarsh Personal Archive helps workers manage their own email storage

Many e-discovery and compliance policies place the burden of their management on the IT department. Cloud-based archiving vendor Smarsh announced the release of a new product that helps workers manage their own email archives without leaning on IT more than they need to.