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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Report shows most hospitals meet EHR incentive requirements

A new  report from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services reveals that more than 96 percent of large hospitals throughout the United States meet the requirements for the meaningful use of certified health IT systems. 

Spotlight: Clinton's 'single device' claim doesn't hold up

Now the Associated Press is reporting that Clinton used an iPad to check her mail.

John Kerry asks State Department to probe records management practices

Secretary of State John Kerry is asking the State Department to review its records management process and look for ways to improve and streamline its methods.

ONC slams EHR vendors for lack of pricing transparency

The electronic health care incentive program may see changes following a set of regulations proposed last week by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT. 

Pennsylvania's third-largest police dept record system is entirely paper-based

The Allegheny County Police Department is the third largest local department in Pennsylvania, yet its entire records management system is paper-based. They've been trying to migrate to an electronic reporting system for more than two years but when they eventually do, they'll still have to search old documents by hand.  

Adobe Document Cloud aims to fix 'last mile' problem

Adobe announced this week the upcoming launch of a new subscription service called Document Cloud. It's built around its new desktop, mobile and web version of Acrobat that includes e-signing and document management tools

Clinton email snafu highlights danger of 'print-to-file' archiving

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is still trying to dig herself out from under allegations she  mishandled email messages  during her tenure at the State Department. No matter how it all eventually shakes out, the situation highlights a records management problem you don't have to be a federal agency to encounter: the challenges of print-to-file archiving.

Workshare CTO says email is here to stay

Despite all the reports of  email mismanagement making the news with alarming regularity recently, email is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

Danish firm Templafy expands to US, tackles 'document anarchy'

Denmark-based template management company  Templafy  opened its doors in January 2014 to solve the problem of what founder and CEO Christian Lund calls "document anarchy."

Hillary Clinton bungles email management while Secretary of State

In the latest in a string of governmental email fiascos, the  New York Times  reports former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton used her personal email address to conduct federal business. In fact, not only did she allegedly use it exclusively, she didn't even have a government-issued email address at all. The State Department is looking into the situation and combing through 55,000 pages of email they received from Clinton's office.