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Latest Headlines

VA office caught ignoring records management policies, shredding documents

A surprise inspection of the Los Angeles Veterans Affairs Regional Office revealed shoddy records management practices and at least eight instances of documents destined for the shredder that could have lead to the loss of benefits for some veterans.

Eliminating obstacles to successful government IT projects

Government IT programs have a history of being riddled with problems or hovering on the brink of spectacular fail. What's the underlying problem and, more important, can it be solved?

Researchers probe EHR unstructured data to improve healthcare

While healthcare providers are busy putting patient information into electronic health records, researchers are waiting in the wings to mine the unstructured data with an eye on improving health care for everyone.

Migrate business files to Windows 10 with Laplink

If you're migrating data from Windows XP and are up for doing it yourself, Laplink's PCmover Express is available at no charge and includes free, 24/7 transfer assistance. "Windows 10 is here, and there's no shortage of help available from Microsoft partners willing to help enterprises make the transition," IT World's  Gary Hilson noted. 

FBI collects over 100 boxes of records abandoned by Tampa-area e-recycling service

Tampa-based e-recycling service Creative Recycling Systems has had quite a storied history in the last couple of years. Between lawsuits, allegations of embezzlement, bankruptcy, and eventual liquidation, over 100 boxes of sensitive documents were left languishing in a storage facility for years. Now the FBI has stepped in.

The move from EHRs to electronic health plans

As more healthcare providers get their electronic healthcare record systems in place, the looming question is how to take EHR management to the next level. John Glaser, senior vice president of health IT services company Cerner Corp., says it's time to consider electronic health plans.

Australian records mismanagement affects asylum seekers

"A combination of poor recording keeping by the Australian Immigration department and bad data management by International Health and Medical Services (IHMS) has resulted in the IHMS being...

DOD awards EHR contract to Leidos, Accenture and Cerner

Last week I reported on the status of the Pentagon's electronic health records project, and claimed that it could be a massive and expensive flop. One point of contention from critics was that whomever was eventually awarded the contract to modernize the EHR record system would end having too much control over sensitive data. Politico reported that a handful of former Pentagon IT professionals called for a one-year delay on the announcement of a new vendor. They didn't get their wish.

Legal eagle recommends reporters push back against discretionary public records policies

Kristin Bergman, Legal Fellow on the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, says it really shouldn't be as difficult as it is for journalists to access official business emails from the government.

Pentagon EHR project could be expensive flop

For some time now, the Pentagon has been planning to announce a new records system that, among other things, would integrate nicely with the VA's recent attempts to modernize its electronic health records system for better interoperability between agencies. At the eleventh hour, healthcare providers and politicians close to the project say it will be an expensive and inefficient flop.