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Latest Headlines

Notarize launches 24-hour online notary service valid in all 50 states

Virginia-based startup Notarize announced the launch today of its new online notary service of the same name to provide 24-hour notary services across all 50 states. It almost makes you wonder why someone didn't think of this sooner.

Law firms' relationships with digitized records: It's complicated

A new study conducted by ALM Media and underwritten by document capture software vendor Omtool reveals the complicated relationship law firms have with digitized records.

CA councilmember's records mismanagement may trigger local policy change

By the time Los Angeles City Councilmember Tom LaBonge left office last June, he had amassed over 100 boxes of documents and files during his 14-year term. Where are they now?

Dropbox enables real-time Office document collaboration

Hot on the heels of last week's Dropbox app for Windows 10 launch, Dropbox is back with the release of new collaboration features that once again ratchet up its integration with Microsoft Office.

When does going paperless makes sense?

Does it make sense to truly become an entirely paperless office? It does have obvious advantages, such as the potential for reducing costs from both a monetary and human capital perspective. However, unilaterally going paperless can also alienate some customers, and legislative authorities may not even allow it.

Google Apps update raises admin control over Google Drive files

Google rolled out an update to Google Apps this week that gives admins greater control over file-sharing in Google Drive. It's called Access Checker and it offers an additional layer of protection to keep employees from sharing sensitive documents without explicit permission. 

Dropbox announces new Windows 10 app optimized for tablets

There's some good news today for Dropbox customers who use Microsoft products. The new Dropbox Windows 10 app will be available for the tablet in the next few days and Dropbox said the Windows 10 Mobile app is coming "soon."

Spotlight: Tech expert calls for removal of the Paperwork Reduction Act

Technologist Clay A. Johnson said the Paperwork Reduction Act is a "terrible law" that impedes the government's ability to connect with American citizens.

Florida city attempts to charge local newspaper $4,973 for FOIA request

Treasure Coast Newspapers, or TCN, recently completed a six-month investigation into how the city of Port St. Lucie, Fla., handles public records requests. It discovered that, "The local government is more opaque than transparent," and that it can take months to receive something as simple as a single report from Animal Control Services.

Former PG&E RM manager says the company ordered her to destroy records after deadly blast

For years, prosecutors have been looking for links that Pacific Gas and Electric Company's sub-standard record keeping processes caused the deadly California gas line explosion in 2010. The blast killed eight people and leveled 38 homes.