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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Reaction to UK email deletion policies remarkably similar to US

Few things make better headlines than the suggestion that a politician has done something shady.

NARA releases guidelines on when federal records become part of the nation's archives

NARA issued a bulletin this month outlining exactly when federal agencies are required to transfer permanent records to the National Archives for safekeeping. NARA also devised a checklist to help agencies determine if certain records need to be shipped over sooner.

Federal records hack underscores overconfidence in records management policies

In light of the recent  federal records data breach, a recent survey of 150 federal workers involved with records management takes on a whole new meaning.

Spotlight: VA modernizing its EHR system for better interoperability

Fed up with interoperability issues between the EHR systems of active and retired military personnel, the VA is testing a new interface it hopes will makes records access easier for healthcare...

Fujitsu adds capture software to fi Series document imaging scanners

In an effort to unburden themselves of mountains of paper files, many companies are turning to high powered document imaging scanners to corral, store and protect data. Fujitsu announced this week it has expanded its entire line of fi Series scanners to include capture software to streamline the process even further.

Spotlight: Text messages of Omaha city workers to become public record

After much back-and-forthing, Mayor Jean Stothert begrudgingly agreed the personal text messages of Omaha city workers should be part of the public record.

Tips for records managers stuck in a corner

Information governance consultant  Steve Weissman has a message for records managers everywhere: "No one puts baby in the corner."

ARMA asks Congress for more authority, additional resources

ARMA International, the non-profit professional association for records and information managers, has asked Congress to give federal records managers more resources to meet recent legal and regulatory mandates for electronic records.

Nitro announces release of Nitro Pro 10 and Pro+ 10

Document productivity vendor Nitro has announced the launch of a pair of products designed to make document management and accessibility easier for businesses.

MA senator wants to reform state public records laws

Massachusetts State Senator Jamie Eldridge is busy stirring up public sentiment for lawmakers to make public records more, well, public.