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Latest Headlines

Coveo Cloud frees siloed content with enterprise search

Enterprise search company Coveo knows knowledge workers spend, some might say waste, a lot of time looking for information in far-flung corners of their employers' databases and content management systems. In an effort to combat the problem, the company announced this week the availability of intelligent search-as-a-service, Coveo Cloud.

Spotlight: Tourism Australia's new CMS amps up business

You wouldn't think that Tourism Australia's entire customer experience could be affected so broadly by its choice of content management systems, but that's what happened when its CIO upgraded to a new platform.

Putting unstructured data to work for you

Managing big data can mean big headaches, especially when it's inherently unstructured and unweildy. Getting data under control before you need it seems daunting but it's really the best defense against future problems and potential litigation issues.

Study: 40 percent of knowledge workers in the dark

A recent study by enterprise search company Coveo takes a look at how much time is lost by knowledge workers and knowledge management practitioners due to inadequate or ineffective search tools. Hint: A lot.

Can enterprise search lead to better customer experiences?

As many as  94 percent  of marketers say  personalization  is the Holy Grail of a good user experience. The trouble is, it's tricky to pull off. Customer entry points occur across multiple devices and various social channels, yet consumers expect a seamless experience no matter how they engage a company. Is enterprise seach the answer?

Text analysis firm Equivio eyed by Microsoft, partners with Nuix

Text analysis tech company Equivio announced a partnership this week with Nuix, a company that helps workers make "fact-based decisions from unstructured data." The pairing appears to be aimed at gaining a greater foothold in law firms and government agencies like the U.S. Department of Justice, already an Equivio customer.

AIIM report delves into state of enterprise search

According to a new report from AIIM, there's a huge disconnect between how much organizations need or want good search tools and how many actually have them. The study revealed that 71 percent of businesses say search is vital or essential but only 18 percent have cross-repository search capabilities.

Industry expert says enterprise search is getting its day in the sun

Joe Hughes, principal emerging/cloud applications lead at Ernst & Young LLP, s ays an enterprise search revolution is underway. Now we need to get out of our own way and let it happen.

IT pros still can't get behind enterprise search

Enterprise search capabilities are a useful employee productivity tool but a new report by data management vendor  Varonis  reveals only 38 percent of the IT pros they surveyed plan to invest in it anytime soon. They cite security and accuracy risks as primary concerns, followed by end user resistance and scalability issues.

OpenText's new suite designed with 'Big Content' in mind

ECM vendor OpenText has announced a new Discovery suite with a focus on 'Big Content' and information governance.