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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Google loses marketshare in latest comScore stats, but Microsoft unchanged

Google lost marketshare this month, but it wasn't Microsoft that made the gains.

Spotlight: Coveo brings advanced search to Sitecore

Coveo teams up with Sitecore

Bing hits 18 percent on comScore search engine marketshare numbers

Google continues to control consumer search, even while Microsoft makes slow progress, but for now, not much changes when it comes to search engine marketshare numbers.

Bing, Klout extend partnership with social persona

Bing and Klout have teamed up to create social snapshots in the search engine based on information in your Klout profile.

HP Exstream joins Autonomy Division

HP made a smart move for once by combining HP Extreme and Autonomy into a single business division.

Ballmer says authorities need to rein in Google search monopoly

Without a hint of irony, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer accused Google of having a monopoly in search and suggested U.S. authorites should investigate.

Google's attempting to solve the online translation riddle

Google is working on a universal machine translation tool, but it's safe to say that while they've made progress, they still have a long way to go to achieve that goal.

DuckDuckGo continues making huge audience gains

DuckDuckGo continues to make huge gains, but it hasn't made the comScore search engine rankings yet.

New Facebook search tool designed to help journalists, marketers

Facebook introduced new tools to help journalists and marketers surface what people are talking about on Facebook.

Lies, damned lies and web stats

Yahoo, which has been something of a media darling since hiring Marissa Meyer as CEO, made a big splash mid-month by topping ComScore's chart as grabbing the most web traffic in the United States across its broad array of sites. Now,  The Verge  notes that the report was all wet.