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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Stop playing enterprise search 'keyword bingo'

"Business intelligence and enterprise search have always been closely related; enterprise business intelligence is useless without the ability to index and search it," said Jarred McGinnis,...

X1 Distributed Discovery turns out e-discovery search results in minutes, not days

X1DD is a scalable, on-demand tool for conducting unstructured content and metadata searches across an entire organization in minutes, no matter where the data are stored.  

ABBYY brings hardcore linguistics to its new extraction and classification tools

OCR and document capture software vendor ABBYY made news today with the release of two products that give organizations an innovative way to access and use unstructured information buried inside content and document management systems.

CrashPlan 5.1 shines light on dark data to nip threats in the bud

Enterprise security and data protection firm Code 42 released the latest version of its backup and restore product, CrashPlan 5.1, on Tuesday. It includes new features that help IT get a handle on end-user data activity to shore up any weak spots.

Compliance expert: Data scientists play important role in e-discovery

Kon Leong, CEO of compliance firm ZL Technologies, said data scientists get short shrifted in the workplace. They have great job descriptions and the pay grade to go with them, but are consistently hamstrung by workflows that require data experts to spend far more time managing data than actually analyzing it.

Industry specialist likens enterprise search to 'week-old celery'

We're coming to that time of the year when IT professionals and analysts look back at the year in tech and ahead at what the new year will bring.

Coveo adds Reveal search tool to Coveo for Salesforce Community Cloud Edition

Following a lengthy beta test by customers, Coveo announced this week that Reveal is now available as part of Coveo for Salesforce Community Cloud Edition at no cost to existing customers.

Coveo raises $35 million in Series D funding for enterprise search

Enterprise search firm Coveo announced last week it secured $35 million in Series D funding, bringing the total so far to $75 million.

CA judicial committee says lawyers have ethical responsibility to eDiscovery

A new formal opinion released by California's Committee on Professional Responsibility and Conduct offers strong words to attorneys about their ethical duties surrounding the handling of electronically stored information. In short, "But, Your Honor, I don't understand how eDiscovery works" shouldn't be a valid argument in the California court system.

Coveo Cloud frees siloed content with enterprise search

Enterprise search company Coveo knows knowledge workers spend, some might say waste, a lot of time looking for information in far-flung corners of their employers' databases and content management systems. In an effort to combat the problem, the company announced this week the availability of intelligent search-as-a-service, Coveo Cloud.