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Latest Headlines

Let's free WCM from the shackles of ECM

This is an exciting week for us, here at FierceContentManagement, as we release a brand new eBook on web content management called " Making WCM Work for Marketing and IT Services." I thought the eBook

Nuxeo releases EP 5.4.1 maintenance release

Nuxeo, the open source content management platform, released a maintenance update for developers last week. The new version incorporates all of the previously released hot fixes along with some minor

A user-centric approach to content management

Last Friday was April Fool's Day and the Real Story Group put out a classic joke press release with the headline: "Content Management is No Longer Necessary: Enterprises should not even bother to

Mobility brings content flexibility

At a session on mobile content, at AIIM/info360 last week, consultant Larry Hawes from Dow Brook Advisory Services and Dan Levin COO at discussed the changing face of content in a mobile

Alfresco and Jive partnership puts E20 content management front and center

One of the promises of Enterprise 2.0 software is the ability to capture knowledge inside an organization organically, but the challenge is how you get at the nuggets of valuable information. That's

Change is in the air at AIIM/info360 2011

AIIM/info360 2011 felt odd to me this year. Maybe it was the one-year detour to the Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. Maybe it was because the cloud seemed to have more genuine

While managing records, manage risk

Enterprises are creating and collecting more data than ever, and government agencies are no exception. But when that organization is part of the intelligence community, each record is also a risk

Eccentex brings case management to cloud

For much of last year, case management was the new approach to ECM and this week at AIIM/info360, Eccentex Corporation will announce a new approach to case management--in the cloud. Called the

Box takes it to the next level with Cloud Connect

At AIIM/info360 today, made a major announcement regarding connecting traditional ECM systems behind the firewall to the Box cloud. The new system lets enterprise customers link their

Time to emphasize content presentation

It's no secret; There's a ton of content out there and it's growing ever-larger before our eyes. As we head to AIIM/info360 next week, it's a matter worth discussing. Just how are we supposed to