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Latest Headlines

Recommind's latest version of Decisiv Search connects to cloud services

Recommind released the newest version of the Decisiv search tool this week with API hooks that enable organizations to include documents stored in cloud storage services in the results. As more

EMC and announce partnership at EMC World

On Monday afternoon at EMC World in Las Vegas, EMC and announced a partnership that lets users access the Documentum repository directly from the Cloud using Box. This essentially gives

Can compliance and collaboration live in harmony?

As companies increasingly look for ways to collaborate openly, they come up against compliance, security and governance issues. There is a school of thought that says, you have to step back and let a

SDL buys cloud DAM vendor Calamares

SDL went shopping yesterday and bought cloud media (or digital) asset management vendor Calamares. In a statement, SDL described Calamares as a "cloud-based platform that allows enterprises to introduces SimpleShare tool

Last week, introduced a new tool called SimpleShare that lets you capture screens and save them to your account automatically. You can also move files to your online account

A journalist's view of covering ECM

Last week, as I read Laurence Hart's post, " Preaching to the Content Management Choir " (you have to click through for the embedded video alone) on his fine Word of Pie blog, it got me thinking. Hart

Here comes mobile content management

Guest post by Joe Shepley Mobility, from a global perspective, is already one of the top two or three forces shaping technology in the twenty-first century. Given that, it's surprising that you don't

SpringCM boasts case management and shiny new iPad app

SpringCM announced last week they had come out with a new version of their cloud-based content management system, which includes case management capabilities, a new iPad app and new, simpler ways to

Microsoft launches SharePoint marketplace

Without a lot of fanfare, Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) launched the Beta of the Office 365 Marketplace last week. It's an online app store for Office 365, Microsoft's online version of Office, but more

Content management is so much more than just a database

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post called " Let's free WCM from the shackles of ECM." An anonymous comment in reaction suggested that data was data and it didn't matter much what kind of content it