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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Badgeville brings gamification to SharePoint

Badgeville, the gaming platform company, announced a new plug-in this week for SharePoint 2010.

QuarkXpress update lets you publish direct to Kindle

The latest upgrade of QuarkXpress lets you export directly to Amazon Kindle.

Without good content, you'll have no audience

One author thinks we should forget about content management and concentrate on audience, but today's content management tools can deal with both.

info360 returns to New York City

info360 moves to the Javitz Center in New York City this year, and it offers something for just about everybody with an interest in content management.

Finding the right track at info360

The session tracks at info360 are divided into 14 categories, and offer something for everyone.

Cloudy thoughts could dominate info360

There is little doubt that the cloud is having a big influence on content management, and you may want to do your cloud research while visiting info360.

info360: What's in a name?

The info360 Conference used to be known as the AIIM Conference and Expo because it was originally launched by the AIIM organization, but AIIM hasn't run it for some time, and this year, it has its own brand identity.

Box enhances its enterprise chops

Box announced new enhancements to its enterprise administrative back end this week that could make it more attractive to IT pros looking for a cloud content management solution.

Documentum sees a future in the cloud

In the future, Documentum, the venerable enterprise content management, could be a Platform as a Service offering on top of which third parties will build new applications for enterprise and SMB customers.

Introducing Linked Data as a Service

When you can pull data from a variety of sources inside and outside the enteprise, with the proper tools, you could make discoveries you would never have seen otherwise.