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Latest Headlines

EMC scoops up Syncplicity cloud file sharing and syncing service

EMC announced the purchase of cloud syncing and file sharing service Syncplicity at EMC World, instantly giving EMC the ability to share files across devices via the cloud.

WordPress plug-in lets you access Amazon EC2 storage

A new WordPress plug-in gives you access Amazon EC2 storage giving site administrators access to as much storage as the site requires.

A callous disregard for compliance

When the economy melted down in 2008, it was clear that Wall Street played fast and loose with other people's money, but new documents recently released reveal a callous disregard for compliance and regulation.

Amazon introduces dynamic content to CloudFront

Amazon announced a new dynamic content product this week, and while it will likely provide a cost-effective alternative to CDNs, it requires that your applications are AWS-enabled and not many are at this point.

Duh! Of course you need a social media strategy

When Gartner released a report that concluded without a strategy enterprise social initiatives would fail, my first reaction was: well, duh!

Laserfiche releases iPad app

Laserfiche has a shiny new iPad app.

It's not your imagination; iPads are content magnets

The iPad remains the preeminent media consumption device and as such, your company needs to include it in your content delivery strategy.

SpringCM announces enhanced file sharing

Cloud content management SpringCM announced some enhancements this week including new workflow tools and better file sharing.

Oracle positions new WebCenter release in Customer Experience Management

With the latest release of WebCenter, Oracle has not surprisingly focused on Web Experience Management.

Nuxeo growth shows increasing demand for open source solutions

Open source content management vendor Nuxeo reported impressive growth for last year spanning revenue, customers and community.