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Latest Headlines

Box joins the dark side

Box, which for years has made a living making fun of Microsoft, changed direction somewhat this week when it announced it was releasing Box for Windows Phone 7, a pragmatic move on its part.

Microsoft's SharePoint 2013 Beta is here

Microsoft released SharePoint 2013 last week and it promises to be more social, thanks to the recent Yammer purchase, and more cloud focused. 

From stone tablets to iPads: Preserving our digital history

As I traveled in Italy the past several weeks, looking at ancient ruins, it got me thinking about how we can preserve our increasingly digital lives for future generations--the ultimate content management problem.

Dropbox and Box find new enterprise-grade competition

WatchDox is designed to compete with consumer-focused Dropbox and enterprise-focused Box, with a heavy emphasis on security and compliance features.

Tiki releases 9.0 packing new features and updated template engine

The latest version of Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware touts an updated template engine, improved batch actions, new plugins and models, and extensive improvements to the Tiki Calendar and File Gallery.

Flipboard wins some and loses some

Flipboard had a mixed bag of news last week, but overall it looks like it's continuing to grow.

Adobe releases enhanced Captivate

Adobe updates its Captivate training tool.

One on One with John Mancini of AIIM

The number of disruptive technologies in the enterprise today are mind-boggling. We asked AIIM's John Mancini about this disruption and the impact it was having on IT.

After collaborating like a farm team, MLB steps up its game

Managing massive amounts of video data, Major League Baseball Advanced Media outgrew its stop-gap enterprise collaboration techniques and upgraded to a complete SaaS solution.

The Yammer-Microsoft rumor won't go away

Rumors of a $1.2 billion deal for Microsoft to buy Yammer have persisted for almost a week, yet neither side had confirmed the deal as we went to press.