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Latest Headlines

SharePoint 2013 boasts new eDiscovery tools

Microsoft has introduced new eDiscovery tools in SharePoint 2013 they claim is a magnitude better in terms of ease of use, but it's not without limitations.

The 'simplicity' of website governance

Guest post by by Arjen van den Akker, Product Marketing Director at SDL Website governance is really siple... smple... simpal... simple. According to Wikipedia, website governance is defined as...

OpenText brings social collaboration tools to the cloud

OpenText has introduced two new social collaboration offerings this week at its Enterprise World 2012 conference in Orlando, Florida.

Webtrends SharePoint partnership brings analytics to SharePoint social experience

Webtrends has partnered with SharePoint to provide analytical insight into SharePoint social usage.

Big update from EMC

EMC updates its IIG product line, but can it modernize and maintain a monolithic ECM approach at the same time?

Never mind 'big data'

Sure there's a ton of hype around 'big data' but Cheryl McKinnon wonders, what about all the data companies already have locked away in spreadsheets?

Analyst SoundOff: What the cloud means for content management

We asked several industry experts: How has cloud computing altered content management and what customers are looking for in solutions? From licensing, to governance, to coupled services--the answers we received may surprise you.

Spotlight: Newspapers relax paywalls for Hurricane Sandy

Some major newspapers relaxed their paywalls this week as Sandy bore down on the East Coast of the U.S. 

Yammer wants to embed social computing

Yammer wants to incorporate the social experience into the work experience, but the trick will be in how well it does this.

Axceler updates SharePoint migration, governance products

Axceler updates its product line for SharePoint 2013.