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Latest Headlines

Box adds new features to Android app

Last week announced enhancements to the Box Android app. Updates include a new feature that will display updates to documents you have been working on right in the Box Android widget. In

Colligo introduces secure SharePoint iPad app

Colligo Networks, a company known for giving access to SharePoint content inside Outlook, this week introduced a new product called Colligo Briefcase Enterprise, a tool that enables users to access

Kofax brings scanning workflow to the external portal

Kofax introduced a product last week called Kofax DotImage Enterprise Edition that enables companies to build scanning functionality into externally-facing portals. The product lets companies set up

Does ECM need more Kardashian or Kevorkian?

Guest post by Chris Walker So, is enterprise content management (ECM) all puffed, primped, pimped, buffed, glossed, sprayed and splayed, like Kim Kardashian, or is it time to summon Dr. Jack (

Box beefs up security tools

During any discussion of cloud tools, one of the biggest issues is around security and authentication, and attempted to address some of these concerns with new security features announced

MetaVis introduces Google Docs migration for SharePoint

MetaVis, a company that creates Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) SharePoint migration tools, introduced a new product last week to help companies migrate Google Docs into SharePoint. Getting cloud content

Big Data and smart content: New challenges for content management applications

Guest post by Eric Barroca Content is getting bigger--way bigger--and this is scary to many technologists. At the same time, it's also getting smarter, bringing more complexity and sophistication to

Nuxeo Platform 5.5 goes social and mobile

This week Nuxeo announced the release of Nuxeo Platform 5.5, which builds on its strategy to provide a content management platform on which companies can build applications and services to serve the

SpringCM survey finds Salesforce users looking for CM

A survey by SpringCM of 109 users found that for the most part, while respondents were avid users, they lacked even the most basic content management tools (in spite of

Top SharePoint trends to watch in 2012

Guest post by Chris McNulty As we move toward 2012, I see several emerging trends that will affect organizations using SharePoint in the new year. Social networking, cloud and governance are the hot