Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

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Latest Headlines

No matter the system, governance is paramount

Content in the enterprise and on corporate websites continues to explode, but it's also more decentralized and interconnected than ever. An organization's ability to set a strong governance

BPM and ECM are a perfect match

Just like the old song about love and marriage, Business Process Management and Enterprise Content Management go together--well--like a horse and carriage. But getting these two technologies to work

EMC releases Documentum iOS app

This week, the EMC Information Intelligence Group (IIG) announced a new iOS app called EMC Documentum Mobile that gives enterprise users access to the Documentum repository from an iPhone, iPad or

Nuxeo teams with Liferay, uses CMIS integration

Today, Nuxeo announced an alliance with Liferay. Both are open source products taking advantage of the CMIS standard to integrate the two systems. Nuxeo is an enterprise content management platform,

One on One with JB Holston of NewsGator

JB Holston is CEO of NewsGator, the company helping make SharePoint and the Microsoft stack more social. He leads the social software company with more 3 million installed users. We asked him about

Newsgator and HiSoftware partnership makes social content compliant

This week, social software vendor NewsGator announced a partnership with HiSoftware to bring some compliance chops to the social software stream. NewsGator is best known for its integration with

EntropySoft announces SharePoint, Exchange connectors now support Office 365

EntropySoft announced this week that its SharePoint and Exchange connector products now support Office 365 enabling customers to move content between the cloud and on-premise solutions. What's more,

Box adds security enhancements and announces new partners

This week announced some new security enhancement tools and partnerships that could help convince cloud naysayers, especially IT pros, about using a cloud content management solution. The

SharePoint Online enhancements take aim at larger companies

Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) announced some changes to SharePoint Online this week that should make larger enterprise customers happy. For starters, Microsoft is increasing Active Directory support from

MetaVis introduces Office365 backup and archiving tool

MetaVis announced a new tool this week that enables SharePoint or Office365 customers to create a local back-up of their content. This could be especially useful to Office365 users who might worry