Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Newspapers relax paywalls for Hurricane Sandy

Some major newspapers relaxed their paywalls this week as Sandy bore down on the East Coast of the U.S. 

Yammer wants to embed social computing

Yammer wants to incorporate the social experience into the work experience, but the trick will be in how well it does this.

Axceler updates SharePoint migration, governance products

Axceler updates its product line for SharePoint 2013.

SDL tries to simplify XML content management

SDL is the latest company to try to simplify XML content management at every stage of creation, management and publishing.

Spotlight: Army KM efforts disparate

Knowledge management efforts have been embedded within the Army for years, but there is very little uniformity or interaction across the service, said Army officials Oct. 17 while speaking on a panel at KMWorld in Washington, D.C.

ECM could be more a name than a real solution

In an age of increasing amounts of content, when software needs to be tailored more to the needs of business units, perhaps it's time to look at content management beyond the notion of ECM.

Microsoft gets ready to roll out new version of Office web apps

Microsoft is conducting an automatic Office 365 update as part of a SharePoint update later this month, and you should know what it means.

One on one with Daniel Kraft of NewsGator

Daniel Kraft, CEO of NewsGator, talks with us one on one and explains the joys, and complexties, of being part of the Microsoft ecosystem.

Mobile disruption blows up content management

Mobile devices are causing disruption of IT as they scramble to accomodate the requirements of a mobile workforce, and nowhere is this more pronounced than content management.

Aaron Levie answers the critics

Box's Aaron Levie talks about the future of content management and where he believes his company fits.