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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Microsoft gets ready to roll out new version of Office web apps

Microsoft is conducting an automatic Office 365 update as part of a SharePoint update later this month, and you should know what it means.

One on one with Daniel Kraft of NewsGator

Daniel Kraft, CEO of NewsGator, talks with us one on one and explains the joys, and complexties, of being part of the Microsoft ecosystem.

Mobile disruption blows up content management

Mobile devices are causing disruption of IT as they scramble to accomodate the requirements of a mobile workforce, and nowhere is this more pronounced than content management.

Aaron Levie answers the critics

Box's Aaron Levie talks about the future of content management and where he believes his company fits.

3 to get ready--SharePoint 2013 apps, servers and systems

There's plenty to consider while awaiting the final release of Microsoft's industry-leading web platform, SharePoint 2013, expected in late 2012 or early 2013.

enCase 5.0 strengthens its eDiscovery argument

enCase 5.0 attempts to merge its recent acquisition of CaseCentral into its platform to bring cloud review into the eDiscovery proces.

Spotlight: KnowledgeTree introduces business templates

KnowledgeTree has announced new templates for their target markets to help these groups get going more quickly.

Iron Mountain, partner build SharePoint records management solution

Iron Mountain, along with a partner, has developed a solution to mantain and track paper and digital records, regardless of location, using Microsoft SharePoint.

Box accelerates content uploading

Box Accelerator aims to provide dramatically increased upload speeds for Box customers wherever they are in the world.

Kodak builds scanning, workflow app on SharePoint 2010

A new scanning solution from Kodak is built on top of SharePoint 2010 and aims to simplify scanning from paper to digital workflows.