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Latest Headlines

Top Image Systems offers to buy back competitor licenses

ECM vendor Top Image Systems put an interesting spin on its marketing tactics with a buyback program designed to let companies switch to their product with a minimum outlay of cash. TIS will buy back its  competitor's software and replace it with its own technology at no additional licensing cost to participating businesses. Companies are, however, required to purchase a "three-year commitment of existing maintenance and support."

IT pros, execs don't see eye-to-eye on document workflow tech

If you're trying to convince the boss of the importance of integrating digital, cloud and mobile strategies, you may want to listen up. According to a small but interesting survey conducted by Canon U.S.A, IT decision-makers and their executive counterparts have pretty divergent opinions when it comes to document workflow technology.  

Raw engineering launches mobile-first CMS

There's no denying mobile enablement is important in the content management landscape but it's often simply an add-on component of web-optimized solutions already on the market.  Raw engineering, developers of the  application development platform, announced the launch a mobile-first content management system for enterprise that comes with mobile enablement built right into the product.

Drupal briefly extends support for Drupal 6

As  Drupal's developers continue to push out alpha releases of Drupal 8, support for older versions is winding down. Drupal's policy to date has been to only support the current and previous versions, but Drupal founder and lead developer Dries Buytaert says the community has decided to continue to support 6 for a while longer than anticipated.  

Hotel expert has strong words for custom CMS vendors about content ownership

News of Priceline's recent  acquisition of digital marketing software vendor Buuteeq has Evision CEO Vikram Singh calling out hotel owners who use proprietary content management systems. He says choosing an open source solution over a custom CMS is the only way to ensure your online presence won't be compromised and that you never lose the content you worked hard to create.

Spotlight: MongoDB prefers to undercharge customers

MongoDB CEO Max Schireson knows his company isn't charging all it could for its services, but it's not a purely altruistic move

NYT shows off its CMS to readers

The New York Times gives readers a peek behind the curtain with a  look  at the custom-built content management system that powers the behemoth publishing company. So, what makes Scoop so great?

Life science companies are this month's belle of the ECM ball

Life science organizations are getting extra love from ECM vendors this month as they rush to help researchers with collaboration and compliance needs. 

Study predicts the SaaS-based ECM market will boom by 2018

A new  report  from global research firm TechNavio asserts that although on-premise enterprise content management systems currently hold a 90.73 percent share of the global ECM market, that number will fall as SaaS-based systems continue to gain traction. The study shows SaaS-based systems can expect to see a 31.11 percent compound annual growth rate by 2018. But how likely are those numbers to come to fruition?

Spotlight: Getting to know you--A first-timer's look at a CMS

Do you remember your first experience with a CMS? Kaya Ismail does, and it was a doozy, but she hung in there and learned some lessons along the way. Read all about it here....