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Latest Headlines

Create consistent customer experience on mobile apps with Liferay Screens

Liferay, the company behind the content management product Liferay Portal, announced this week the launch of a new tool to help companies create native apps for iOS and Android.

Alfresco updates Activiti, rolls out new modules for Alfresco One

Alfresco this week announced an update to its Activiti 1.2 business process management tool that blends enterprise content management with BPM, all in a single location. The company also rolled out two new modules for Alfresco One aimed at improving analytics and media management tasks.

Kodak Alaris rolls out new version of Web-based document-capture tool, Info Input

Most IT professionals can agree that the document-capture tools organizations are most likely to adopt are ones that are the easiest to use. Kodak Alaris rolled out a new version of it's web-based document-capture tool, Info Input, that aims to eliminate most of the hassles users and admins face to deliver a capture tool that "just works."

Spotlight: Is this the end of the road for ECM tech?

AIIM president John Mancini says "the ECM industry is in need of a new label."

News and notes from Microsoft Ignite

Can't make it to Microsoft Ignite this year? The event is just underway, and here are some news and notes we've collected so far.

Millennials are shaping future of content management

Many of us can agree that technology is changing the way we work but the case can also be made that technology is changing because of the way we work. Information Age's Ben Rossi says worker expectations are shaping the ways in which traditional content management systems are developing and, specifically, millennials have a lot to do with it.

Spotlight: Forbes flies high with custom CMS, Falcon

Tech Target takes an inside look at  Falcon,  Forbes ' custom-built CMS that manages both editorial and advertising content.

SkyKick adds hands-free option to Office 365 migration toolset

To make things even easier, SkyKick now offers a "Hands-Free" migration feature that completely automates the process.

Bloomfire automates video transcription for easier search, retrieval

Digital content management has its own unique issues when it comes to efficient search and retrieval.

Is UX important when choosing a DAM system?

For most companies, a digital asset management system needs to "just work." User interface doesn't usually factor into purchasing decisions and users themselves have more on their minds than the design factor of their DAM of choice.