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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: ECM as shared service

Is ECM effective as a shared service?

Industry expert says enterprise search is getting its day in the sun

Joe Hughes, principal emerging/cloud applications lead at Ernst & Young LLP, s ays an enterprise search revolution is underway. Now we need to get out of our own way and let it happen.

OpenText releases eDOCS DM 10 for legal eagles

This week,  OpenText launched eDOCS DM 10, its information management system for the legal industry.

NASA migrates its CMS to Drupal, citing ease of use

NASA announced it has taken 110 websites and apps out of a commercial data center and moved them to the cloud. The organization also detailed plans to use Drupal as its new content management system. The project is designed to take advantage of more cost-effective storage options, as well as dump a proprietary CMS that was no longer supported.

Alfresco nabs $45 million for global marketing, cloud

Enterprise document management vendor Alfresco Software wants to move into global markets and managed to secure $45 million in funding to help make that happen. The company also plans to use the money for creating more cloud-based services to compete with the likes of Box and Dropbox.

Microsoft announces Matter Center for Office 365 for lawyers, early access program

Microsoft announced this week plans to roll out a document management and collaboration product specifically for lawyers. Called Matter Center for Office 365, the company is currently accepting applications for it's preview version.

US Census Bureau rolls out new EMM system on 1,300 iPhones

The U.S. Census Bureau may still be  looking for a way  to get a leg up on how to manage 1.3 million HTML pages and more than 120,000 PDF files, but that hasn't stopped the agency from deploying a new content management system on its mobile devices.  FedTech  reports the Census Bureau replaced more than 1,300 BlackBerry devices with iPhone 5s handsets preloaded with Fiberlink/IBM's  Maas360  enterprise mobile management system.

The future of BYOD, tablets and Microsoft Office

When was the last time you saw a new document management system hit the marketplace without mobile capabilities as a standard feature? For that matter, how many actively-supported DM systems can you think of on the market today that don't have at least basic mobile functionality bolted on in some form or another? Not many.

Spotlight: Avoiding CMS software vendor lock-in

Hotel industry expert Vikram Singh is passionate about steering hotels away from CMS vendor lock-in. He has some words of wisdom for hotels looking for ways to manage their digital content but,...

Why companies lack faith in auto-classification

Some major ECM solutions today feature auto-classification tools to assist users in figuring out types of documents and where they belong in the overall taxonomy of a system. On the surface it seems like an ideal way to get records under control, yet it's frequently under-utilized or ignored altogether.