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Latest Headlines

Panel of digital experts say 'accept imperfection' in your CMS

Choosing a content management system is a big commitment. Perhaps the key to a CMS purchasing decision is to lower your expectations.

Spotlight: Wordpress dominates the content management space

A new survey from W3Techs showed WordPress dominating the content management space accounts with 58.7 percent of market share. Joomla and Drupal come in a distant second and third with 6.6 and 5...

Extensis Portfolio 2016 aims to help SMBs embrace digital asset management

Enterprise software vendor Extensis rolled out a new pricing structure for Portfolio 2016 this week, bringing DAM within reach of small- to medium-sized businesses and throwing in some new features with appeal to organizations of any size.

Unpatched CMS vulnerability costs Midwest city $760,000

An unpatched vulnerability in the content management system of Naperville, IL, city offices allowed hackers to access the network and steal the login information of 59 employees. The resulting investigation and updated security defenses cost the city $760,000.

Egnyte's Smart Reporting and Auditing service pulls analytics from stored content

Egnyte's new Smart Reporting and Auditing service tackles the heavy lifting of pulling analytics from all sorts of stored content, allowing companies to identify trends and base future business decisions on facts rather than educated guesses.

Acquia Content Hub makes quick work of content aggregation, distribution and updates

Digital experience company Acquia rolled out Content Hub this week, a new cloud-based service that takes the headache out of aggregating content and makes distributing content easier both inside and outside the organization.

GRC tools: To integrate or not to integrate?

A new white paper from risk consulting firm Protiviti outlined several reasons why it's a good idea to bring an assortment of compliance functions together under one umbrella instead of letting them languish across teams and work processes.

Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages a boon for content managers and publishers

Content marketers who want to cater to the consumer desire for instant gratification (read: all of them) got a boost from Google this week with the announcement of its Accelerated Mobile Pages Project. It's an open-source project that aims to deliver leaner webpages specifically optimized for faster load times on mobile devices.

OpenText exec: ECM is here to stay, so get on board or miss out

The idea that Enterprise Content Management is on life support has been around a while. Critics of ECM solutions say they are little more than  expensive content silos, that traditional use cases are outdated, or big data will drive its disruption. Not so fast, says OpenText exec Stephen Ludlow. ECM is "not doomed to fail."

Webtreepro wants to be the CMS darling of franchises

Web CMS vendor Primero Systems announced this week the launch of Webtreepro, a content management system designed to address the unique needs of franchises and other multi-site companies who need reliable tools to keep their branding consistent, no matter where, when or how corporate content is used.