Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

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Latest Headlines

SkyKick adds hands-free option to Office 365 migration toolset

To make things even easier, SkyKick now offers a "Hands-Free" migration feature that completely automates the process.

Bloomfire automates video transcription for easier search, retrieval

Digital content management has its own unique issues when it comes to efficient search and retrieval.

Is UX important when choosing a DAM system?

For most companies, a digital asset management system needs to "just work." User interface doesn't usually factor into purchasing decisions and users themselves have more on their minds than the design factor of their DAM of choice.

The cold truth about enterprise content management

There's a lot of great advice all over the Internet on how to use enterprise content management systems.

Hyland releases OnBase 15 with over 2,000 improvements

ECM vendor Hyland announced the release of  OnBase 15  that includes more than 2,000 enhancements and new functionality for digitizing work processes. The new release also features a new clinical content framework to help healthcare providers manage medical images and clinical files.

Higher ed finds increasing value in open source CMS options

Open source software was once the darling of educational institutions simply because it could be had for the low, low cost of free. Now even some universities with budgets that allow for commercial options still choose open source projects instead.

A few things to try before giving up on SharePoint

Despite a recent survey suggesting that  SharePoint may be falling out of favo r in the workplace, many businesses still use it--and love it. It's grown and changed during its 14-year life span, but it still has plenty to offer as an enterprise platform.

Your CMS vendor was acquired. What now?

CMS vendor acquisitions are rising steadily and don't show signs of slowing anytime soon. Though the deals themselves take place in offices and boardrooms, the impact often ripples through the acquired company's entire customer base.

2 critical security flaws affect several thousand WordPress websites

WordPress users should be aware of two critical issues affecting several thousand websites across the Internet.

Spotlight: AU's govCMS platform officially goes live

The Australian government has been migrating its entire content management system to a new Drupal-based environment over the last couple of years and now it's officially gone live.