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Latest Headlines

A few things to try before giving up on SharePoint

Despite a recent survey suggesting that  SharePoint may be falling out of favo r in the workplace, many businesses still use it--and love it. It's grown and changed during its 14-year life span, but it still has plenty to offer as an enterprise platform.

Your CMS vendor was acquired. What now?

CMS vendor acquisitions are rising steadily and don't show signs of slowing anytime soon. Though the deals themselves take place in offices and boardrooms, the impact often ripples through the acquired company's entire customer base.

2 critical security flaws affect several thousand WordPress websites

WordPress users should be aware of two critical issues affecting several thousand websites across the Internet.

Spotlight: AU's govCMS platform officially goes live

The Australian government has been migrating its entire content management system to a new Drupal-based environment over the last couple of years and now it's officially gone live.

Nonprofit news site's new CMS a 'racecar' not a 'kitchen sink'

When the staff of nonprofit news site The Marshal Project realized they needed a new CMS, they tasked their director of technology, Ivar Vong, with creating something flexible that could grow with the organization. Rather than cobble together something from pieces of existing platforms, Vong did what many media sites are doing these days. He built a CMS from the ground up.

Spotlight: Weebly targets enterprise with new website creation platform

Website creation company Weebly is targeting hospitals, educational facilities and large organizations with its recent launch of Weebly for Enterprise. 

Spotlight: AU government's switch to Drupal moves forward

The Australian government has been  moving its entire content management system little by little to Drupal over the past several months.

Media outlets fail to deliver content the way consumers want it

Publishers and their audiences are at a crossroads. If online news agencies continue to cling to traditional distribution channels instead of delivering content the way consumers want, the publishing industry will suffer in the long run.

In midst of learning management progress, expert advises ditching LMS

There's been a lot of interesting things going on in the learning management system space in the last few weeks. Here are three stories worth checking out in particular.  

Spotlight: Your CMS provider was just acquired, now what?

Even though customers shouldn't notice when their CMS providers are acquired or change--at least not in a negative way--there are some questions you should consider asking just in case.