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Latest Headlines

Yammer adds analytics to its tool set

Last week Yammer made a big leap in its cloud-based Enterprise 2.0 tool when it announced a new analytics dashboard, which provides insight into how users are interacting with the social network. The

Enterprise video is set to explode, but presents new challenges

This year, large enterprises will watch 11 hours of video per user, per month--a figure Gartner expects to grow to 16 hours of video per user, per month in 2016. This burgeoning content presents a

The most interesting content startups at CeBIT

This year they had something new at CeBIT, the enormous technology trade fair that takes place each March in Hanover, Germany: a building devoted entirely to startups. It was all part of an

One on One with JB Holston of NewsGator

JB Holston is CEO of NewsGator, the company helping make SharePoint and the Microsoft stack more social. He leads the social software company with more 3 million installed users. We asked him about

Newsgator and HiSoftware partnership makes social content compliant

This week, social software vendor NewsGator announced a partnership with HiSoftware to bring some compliance chops to the social software stream. NewsGator is best known for its integration with

Yammer APIs let SAP and others go social

Last week Yammer announced a new partnership with SAP that delivers SAP content updates to the Yammer activity stream. The SAP connector was built by SAP developer partner Freeborders. Yammer also

EntropySoft announces SharePoint, Exchange connectors now support Office 365

EntropySoft announced this week that its SharePoint and Exchange connector products now support Office 365 enabling customers to move content between the cloud and on-premise solutions. What's more,

SharePoint Online enhancements take aim at larger companies

Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) announced some changes to SharePoint Online this week that should make larger enterprise customers happy. For starters, Microsoft is increasing Active Directory support from

Huddle releases private beta of new Huddle Sync service

Huddle announced they were releasing a private beta of the new Huddle Sync service, which they say can predict the files that are most important to you and sync them across devices automatically. Of

MetaVis introduces Office365 backup and archiving tool

MetaVis announced a new tool this week that enables SharePoint or Office365 customers to create a local back-up of their content. This could be especially useful to Office365 users who might worry