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Latest Headlines

Audio: Jive goes public, says it's 2 years ahead of competitors

Jive Software is now trading on Nasdaq using the symbol JIVE, with a common stock price of $12 per share. Jive is the first enterprise social business software company to go public, Chairman and

Top SharePoint trends to watch in 2012

Guest post by Chris McNulty As we move toward 2012, I see several emerging trends that will affect organizations using SharePoint in the new year. Social networking, cloud and governance are the hot

Startups and established vendors look for common ground in collaboration space

Guest post by Isaac Garcia More than ever, companies and their teams are juggling projects across continents and time zones, and require tools that enable them to execute efficiently in the office

Are we over thinking enterprise social?

I attended a session at last week's Gilbane Conference in Boston called " From Collaboration to Business Transformation: Expanding the role of Enterprise Social Networks." As I listened to the two 3.0 embeds SharePoint content in Lotus Notes

It's been said that SharePoint is the Lotus Notes of the 21st Century. Lotus Notes was a popular way of sharing content in the 1990s, but there are still plenty of organizations using it for email. A

The case for stripped-down Enterprise 2.0 tools

Content management systems live and die by requirements, but sometimes even the longest checklist in an RFP won't deliver tools that yield real results. There's a lot to be said for simple Enterprise launches developer network

Last week, best known as a content management, collaboration and file sharing vendor, announced an ambitious venture to build a Box developer network. The new venture is called the Box

Enterprise 2.0 is people-centric IT

Making the case for enterprise social tools can be difficult. The knee-jerk reaction goes something like this: "Why give employees one more thing to interact with?" To many chief executives and

Mindjet Connect SP hopes to increase SharePoint user adoption

Mindjet announced Mindjet Connect SP this week, a tool that sits on top of SharePoint, which it claims will simplify SharePoint, making it easier to use and increase user adoption. The way Mindjet

Socialtext 5.0 has native mobile apps

This week at the Enteprise 2.0 Conference in Santa Clara, Calif. Socialtext announced Socialtext 5.0 with some significant new features including support for mobile apps and native Twitter