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Latest Headlines

Infragistics releases SharePoint mobile tool update

Infragistics released version 3.0 of its SharePlus mobile SharePoint apps for iOS.

ownCloud releases new business and enterprise editions

ownCloud, the open source, cloud-based file management and syncing platform, announced new commercial versions this week with features for business and enterprise users.

Zoho expands mobile apps products

Zoho announced this week at the Zoholics user conference several new mobile products that expands upon their existing offerings announced last year. The new mobile versions include Zoho Projects for

EPiServer add-on enables communication across social networks

EPiServer announced a new add-on this week called Social Reach that lets marketers create messages and deliver them across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This solution gives users a single point of

Jive announces gamification module and intranet solution

Today, Jive announced the introduction of a new gamification module for its Jive enterprise social software solution. The module is part of a partnership with Bunchball. One of the issues some...

BPM and ECM are a perfect match

Just like the old song about love and marriage, Business Process Management and Enterprise Content Management go together--well--like a horse and carriage. But getting these two technologies to work

Yammer adds analytics to its tool set

Last week Yammer made a big leap in its cloud-based Enterprise 2.0 tool when it announced a new analytics dashboard, which provides insight into how users are interacting with the social network. The

Enterprise video is set to explode, but presents new challenges

This year, large enterprises will watch 11 hours of video per user, per month--a figure Gartner expects to grow to 16 hours of video per user, per month in 2016. This burgeoning content presents a

The most interesting content startups at CeBIT

This year they had something new at CeBIT, the enormous technology trade fair that takes place each March in Hanover, Germany: a building devoted entirely to startups. It was all part of an

One on One with JB Holston of NewsGator

JB Holston is CEO of NewsGator, the company helping make SharePoint and the Microsoft stack more social. He leads the social software company with more 3 million installed users. We asked him about