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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

What's old is new: Salesforce Chatter gets instant messaging and presence awareness introduced old chestnut instant messaging to its Salesforce Chatter social product this week and also announced screensharing.

EMC scoops up Syncplicity cloud file sharing and syncing service

EMC announced the purchase of cloud syncing and file sharing service Syncplicity at EMC World, instantly giving EMC the ability to share files across devices via the cloud.

Duh! Of course you need a social media strategy

When Gartner released a report that concluded without a strategy enterprise social initiatives would fail, my first reaction was: well, duh!

Jive earnings soar in first quarter

Jive had an impressive earnings call this week with big gains from the first quarter last year.

Jive Anywhere puts social in any website or web app

Jive released Jive Anywhere today, a tool that embeds social functionality directly into the browser experience using a simple browser plug-in.

Andrew McAfee on the state of Enterprise 2.0

When Andrew McAfee talks about Enterprise 2.0, it's worth listening. He is after all the man credited with coining the term back in 2006.

Dropbox introduces linking to files

This week Dropbox announced a new feature that lets you send a link to content instead of simply sharing the folder. If it's a video, you can watch the video directly from the link. If they are...

Google finally takes plunge into online storage

Google finally made Google Drive official today, offering 5GB of free online storage with upgrades from 25GB to 16TB. Should competitors be afraid?

Yammer gets file syncing with oneDrum buy

Yammer's purchase of oneDrum gives it MS Office file syncing, but is it enough to compete with others in the enterprise social space?

Infragistics releases SharePoint mobile tool update

Infragistics released version 3.0 of its SharePlus mobile SharePoint apps for iOS.