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Latest Headlines

OpenText Social Communities packages social apps for the enterprise

OpenText released Social Communities 8.1 this week, a set of apps that provides a framework for companies to build social applications. While it's clear that many companies want to be social, getting

IDC's view of SharePoint's marketshare numbers

Last week, we ran a post called SharePoint by the numbers, which outlined some of the numbers bandied about at the recent SharePoint conference and put them in the context of some Gartner research.

Box announces $81M in funding; taking on SharePoint announced Oct. 11 it closed an eye-popping $81 million in funding from a mix of investors including NEA, Bessemer Venture Partners,, SAP Ventures and existing investors. You

SharePoint by the numbers

There is little doubt that Microsoft SharePoint is a tremendously successful product. But the extent of its success was put on full display by Jared Spataro, senior director of product management for

SharePoint's mobile picture remains murky for now

I spent time at the SharePoint Conference this week and after listening to the keynote on Monday morning, I noticed the conspicuous absence of any mobile discussion whatsoever. There was a lot of

The incredible persistence of email

After spending a couple of days this week at the SharePoint Conference in Anaheim, Calif. one thing struck me: the incredible persistence of email. Many people, in spite of advances in the browser,

Adobe announces creative cloud and new tablet apps

This week at Adobe Max 2011, Adobe (NASDAQ: ADBE) made a couple of significant announcements that show it is ready embrace cloud, mobile and social. First of all, it announced a new initiative called

NewsGator, SpringCM, KnowledgeLake, HP and MetaVis make SharePoint announcements

With the annual Microsoft SharePoint 2011 Conference underway in Anaheim, Calif., there's been a flood of SharePoint news as Microsoft partners roll out new offerings to compliment the platform.

QWiPS brings voice to the social web

QWiPS (formerly known as Blurts) introduced a product this week that brings a missing element to the social web: voice. Up until now, our interactions on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere involved

Socialtext 5.0 adds people discovery in latest release

This week, Socialtext announced the release of Socialtext 5.0, the latest version of its enterprise social software platform. Socialtext says the new version includes an improved interface design and