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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Cisco buys

This week, Cisco bought, a tool that provides a central place to collaborate around a variety of cloud services.

Box's new admin tools designed to attract larger businesses

Box announced a slew of new services this week aimed at solving issues larger companies face when using the Box system.

Huddle's new notes tool lets users create, share notes in cloud

Huddle announced a new Note tool this week that lets customers create, edit and share notes without leaving the Huddle ecosystem.

Box buys security vendor dLoop

Box bought security startup dLoop last week.

Every content marketing plan needs a governance component

With the freedom of content marketing comes the responsiblity of governance to make sure that your company isn't exposed.

Spotlight: Creative Commons updates alternative copyright licence

Creative Commons announced the latest update to its alternative copyright license.

Salesforce abandons social strategy

Marc Benioff has decided to abandon the notion of the social enterprise like last year's fashions. It's on to the shiny, new thing.

Spotlight: Box rolls out new preview feature

Box announced a new preview feature this week.

Alfresco's John Newton looks to future of information management

John Newton has been thinking about the future and he sat down with me at the Alfresco Summit to talk about what might happen the next 10 years.

Spotlight: Google linking Drive directly to more products

Google announced this week on the Google Developer's blog that the Google Drive SDK lets developers build deep integration with Google Drive (not unlike the way Dropbox has allowed embedding in other products, as we wrote this week with Onehub).