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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Measuring the impact of a social business project

It seems simple enough, but offering pie-in-the-sky benefits of enterprise social isn't enough. It requires metrics and ways to measure success like any other business project.

Microsoft finally brings Office to iPhone, but did it go far enough?

Sure, Microsoft finally brought Office to the iPhone, but was it just lip service or something substantial?

You may want to start paying attention to SnapChat

If you're not paying attention to SnapChat, perhaps you should be.

Minbox works well in tests for photos, videos

In tests, Minbox performs fairly well.

Box buys Folders as its mini shopping spree continues

Box bought Folders last week and plans to incorporate the design and much of its functionality into Box for iOS later this year.

File sync and share vendors at crossroads

Online storage vendors need to move beyond pure sync and share, or risk being commoditized into oblivion.

Avanade survey finds business, IT leaders turning to consumer tools for social collaboration

Consulting firm Avanade spearheaded a survey to see what kinds of social technologies both business leaders and end users were adopting in the enterprise. And their results were surprising. 

Spotlight: Workshare opens its API

Workshare opens its API

Novell joins file sync and share hit parade

Novell is the latest company to join the file sync and share hit parade with their new product, Filr. Their twist on this old chestnut is that they live behind the firewall, but they let the content live in its native place.

Spotlight: Google makes it easier to share docs in Google Drive

Google makes it easier to share documents stored in Google Drive from your PC or Mac.