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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

From the ashes of Axceler rises ViewDo Labs

ViewDo Labs is the new company that was formed when most of the Axceler assets were sold to Metalogix recently.

Box has always been about looking forward, not back

Box made some big announcements last week, but Box was never about pleasing the conventional content management crowd.

Spotlight: Google QuickOffice now free

Google makes QuickOffice free.

Box finally gets workflow tool and metadata's coming

Box finally adds light-weight workflow and announces metadata, two long-sought features.

Spotlight: Joota introduces content-driven social network

Joota is a content driven social network.

Box unveils Box Notes for project brainstorming and collaboration

Box introduced Box Notes this week, and with it they move from document storage and sharing to document creation.

bigtincan updates flagship hub with nifty new features

bigtincan update gives mobile users easy access to documents on a mobile device.

Microsoft tweaks SharePoint Online experience

Microsoft announced some tweaks to the SharePoint Online experience.

Google brings embedded posts to Google +

Google announced this week that you can embed Google + posts in your blog or website.

New Facebook search tool designed to help journalists, marketers

Facebook introduced new tools to help journalists and marketers surface what people are talking about on Facebook.