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Latest Headlines

Updates to Jive-n and Jive-x enhance worker collaboration, customer experience

Jive Software amped up its internal and external community engagement platforms this week with the release of new updates to Jive-n and Jive-x. The former introduced a slew of new features to improve collaboration and communication between employees, while the latter added tools to enhance the customer experience.

Spotlight: Slack messages could be FOIA-accessible

Messages sent over the popular workplace IM platform Slack could be accessible to the public under the Freedom of Information Act. Slack must not be surprised, however. As the Atlantic reported,...

City of Houston uses datacasting to share content between first responders

In what may be one of the most innovative ways to securely share content between public safety agencies, the City of Houston rolled out a collaboration solution that allows first responders to deliver important files and data via a local television station's broadcasting signal.

American Society for Clinical Pathology turns to ECM for improved collaboration and organization

The American Society for Clinical Pathology, the go to membership organization for laboratory and clinical professionals across the U.S., aims to digitize the process by creating an online slide library for its 100,000 members. The goal is to develop a central repository for easier collaboration, data collection and analysis.

Spotlight: Enough with the workplace messaging tools already

Workplace messaging tools like Slack and Trello play a huge part in real-time collaboration. Like most enterprise tech, new inter-office IM platforms pop up often, but Eleanor Saitta says it's...

Badgeville gamifies workplace collaboration and customer interactions

Badgeville wants to bring reward systems further into the workplace with the launch of its latest Badgeville Enterprise Plus digital motivation platform.

Are learning management systems falling out of favor?

Delaware  deployed a central learning management system  across the state's entire school system in April and LMS provider Schoology just snagged  $32 million  in its newest round of funding, for a total of $57 million so far. That suggests the LMS market is stable, but EDUKWEST's Kirsten Winkler said that may not be the case.

Spotlight: Companies turn to Slack to meet CMS needs

"Some media companies are starting to use it as a full-fledged content management system – that is, a way of collecting, editing, publishing and even distributing the news," wrote...

Smarsh and Hootsuite pair up on social media compliance and archiving

Cloud-based archiving solutions firm Smarsh announced Wednesday it has paired up with popular social media management platform Hootsuite. Together, they plan to make it easier for companies to track and archive content from social media accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

LMS platform Schoology nabs $32M in financing

Cloud-based learning management system Schoology announced this week it has secured $32 million in Series D financing, bringing its grand total of investment dollars to $57 million.