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Latest Headlines

Study: Mobile collaboration tools increase worker creativity, loyalty

Researchers for new study by The Economist Intelligence Unit said they have established a "measureable link" between mobile-first work environments and positive employee engagement.

Seismic's Workspace collaboration platform puts sales and marketing on the same page

Workspace unifies content storage, shared access and annotation tools into a single forum so teams can focus on getting work done instead of cobbling together scattershot workflows over email and chat.

Interact brings intranet, collaboration to nonprofits

Intranet software firm Interact designed and launched a communication and collaboration platform specifically tailored to nonprofit groups.

Smartsheet Sights organizes collaboration data into actionable insights

Sights allows users to better visualize how work gets done inside the Smartsheet environment for improved real-time decision-making and planning.

Jive updates collaboration products, rolls out new corporate communications bundle

Jive Software released a batch of updates to some of its existing products this week and also launched a new turn-key employee engagement solution focused on corporate communications.

White paper: Orgs not doing enough to manage social media content

Organizations today are under pressure to archive social media content as stringently as any other data that flows in and out of the company. In fact, for government agencies and highly regulated sectors it's not simply an e-discovery and compliance suggestion – it's the law.

Alfresco unifies ECM and BPM with updates to Alfresco One and Activiti

Alfresco Tuesday announced concurrent updates to Alfresco One and Alfresco Activi that integrate ECM and BPM, effectively firing a shot across the bow at competitors still struggling with how to bring the two technologies together for customers.

Updates to Jive-n and Jive-x enhance worker collaboration, customer experience

Jive Software amped up its internal and external community engagement platforms this week with the release of new updates to Jive-n and Jive-x. The former introduced a slew of new features to improve collaboration and communication between employees, while the latter added tools to enhance the customer experience.

Spotlight: Slack messages could be FOIA-accessible

Messages sent over the popular workplace IM platform Slack could be accessible to the public under the Freedom of Information Act. Slack must not be surprised, however. As the Atlantic reported,...

City of Houston uses datacasting to share content between first responders

In what may be one of the most innovative ways to securely share content between public safety agencies, the City of Houston rolled out a collaboration solution that allows first responders to deliver important files and data via a local television station's broadcasting signal.