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Latest Headlines

The state of learning management systems

Now that school is out for the summer in the U.S, you'd think this would be the perfect time for learning content management system, or LMS, vendors to make all kinds of announcements. Admittedly, they're few and far between, but  there are some interesting nuggets if you dig around.

BBC turns to Facebook for CMS needs in Thailand

BBC World Service has been facing some troubling freedom of the press issues in Thailand since the Thai army seized power earlier this year. In a surprisingly innovative workaround, the editing team has decided to forgo a standard content management system for article management in favor of a Facebook news feed.

Zimbra moves to OSI-approved licensing for Zimbra Collaboration Open Source Edition

Unified collaboration software vendor  Zimbra  announced the release of a beta version of Zimbra Collaboration 8.5 to the open source community under the GNU Public License V2 license.

Records retention and the social media quagmire

It seems like there's a new question every week about the impact social media has on enterprise--questions that inevitably trickle down (or up?) to the government level. The governing body that oversees New South Wales' digital records has an interesting look at its evolving  strategies to manage records retention and disposal requirements in social spaces.

Canto takes run at cloud-based DAM vendors with release of Flight

Digital asset management provider  Canto  is taking a run at its cloud-based DAM vendor competition with this week's release of its own cloud-based product,  Flight. Canto isn't throwing its flagship installed app  Cumulus  into the grave, but instead is positioning Flight as simply another tool in the customer arsenal. Maybe that's what Flight's release is really all about--or maybe not.

SDL adds web component to its Customer Experience Cloud service

When was the last time you made significant purchase without consulting one or more vendor websites? Sellers know it's practically unheard of these days so they're stepping up their game to offer pre-purchase information that goes beyond pictures and price.

Spotlight: 3 ways to jumpstart your content promotion

3 ways to jumpstart your content marketing

Deutsche Bank head of social media's 7 social media project questions

Deutsche Bank's John Stepper outlined 7 questions that every social project must answer.

Sony Pictures Entertainment uses WatchDox to protect movie IP as it moves through the world

Sony Pictures Entertainment needed to empower employees to be mobile, but with the high cost associated with the leak of movie project IP, they also needed a way to control content as it moved through the world.

Bloomfire now integrates with online storage vendors

Bloomfire announced this week direct integration with several leading online file storage and sharing platforms including Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive.