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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Coveo launches new cloud-based search app, updates Coveo for Sitecore

Coveo rolled out a new native search app and a new version of Coveo for Sitecore this week, both designed to help Sitecore customers serve relevant information to website visitors for a better digital experience.  

Spotlight: IT expert says identity management is next CX trend

Effective customer experience management strategies typically involve a smorgasbord of tech platforms, applications and tools to help organizations stay competitive. CIO's  David Gee  believes the next CX focus coming around the bend is identity management.

Livefyre and OpenText pair up to deliver user-generated content, improve CX

The pairing helps organizations quickly access and publish user-generated content across multiple channels to encourage customer engagement.

State of Michigan taps into tech for better CX, worker productivity

The State of Michigan is turning to modern enterprise technology to improve the the quality of life for its citizens and boost worker productivity along the way.

CitizenConnect unifies government Web services for 'retail-like' customer experience

Deloitte Digital announced the launch of CitizenConnect, a new digital platform governments can use to improve the customer experience. It's designed to make everyday interactions with government agencies less onerous for citizens.

CXM expert: Make sure your queuing system lines up with customer expectations

If your customer experience management strategy involves a queueing system for customer support, you may want to reconsider.

CXM teams challenged by enterprise tech overload

A new report written by Digital Clarity Group and sponsored by DotCMS gave new meaning to trying to do your job with one hand tied behind your back.

Sitecore integrates WCM tools into MyWebGrocer to improve customer experience

Sitecore announced a partnership this week to enhance the MyWebGrocer shopping service with Web content management features designed to improve the customer experience.

ZOOM International video tool keeps businesses compliant while improving CX

Business intelligence company ZOOM International announced this week the addition of ZOOM video and telepresence recording tool to its Workforce Optimization Solution for Cisco contact centers.

Clarizen integrates with Gainsight to help orgs make better CXM decisions

Collaborative work management software vendor Clarizen announced this week it's tied its existing  Salesforce Integration  platform into Gainsight's customer success tool to help organizations unify the teams responsible for customer experience management and gain a better understanding of what's working-- and what's not.