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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

CXM teams challenged by enterprise tech overload

A new report written by Digital Clarity Group and sponsored by DotCMS gave new meaning to trying to do your job with one hand tied behind your back.

Sitecore integrates WCM tools into MyWebGrocer to improve customer experience

Sitecore announced a partnership this week to enhance the MyWebGrocer shopping service with Web content management features designed to improve the customer experience.

ZOOM International video tool keeps businesses compliant while improving CX

Business intelligence company ZOOM International announced this week the addition of ZOOM video and telepresence recording tool to its Workforce Optimization Solution for Cisco contact centers.

Clarizen integrates with Gainsight to help orgs make better CXM decisions

Collaborative work management software vendor Clarizen announced this week it's tied its existing  Salesforce Integration  platform into Gainsight's customer success tool to help organizations unify the teams responsible for customer experience management and gain a better understanding of what's working-- and what's not.

Retailers take note: Smart content management strategies reel in online shoppers

A new U.S. retail benchmarking study released by digital experience firm Episerver revealed that a smart product content management strategy is what it takes to attract customers in the digital space.

How AI informs the customer service experience

Delivering an excellent customer service experience involves a lot of moving parts. From technical tools to carefully crafted content, a great deal goes into hitting a constantly moving target. One of the biggest components lies in correctly interpreting and using the data your company passively and actively collects during customer engagements. Blend that data with artificial intelligence technology, and you just may have a recipe for success.

CXM advice: Just because you can doesn't mean you should

It's hard to argue with customer experience strategies that help engage customers where they are and provide information right when they need it.  But there's such a thing as taking a good idea too far.

Report: Poor product content undermining consumer trust

You can spend all the time in the world managing the customer experience, but if your product content isn't up to snuff, you could lose the customers you worked so hard to get.

From mailroom to boardroom, CXM is everybody's job... or is it?

It's possible to take a good idea too far.

Telerik Sitefinity's latest CMS update adds improves digital marketing toolset

A recent update to content management platform Telerik Sitefinity boosted its digital marketing toolset to offer better personalized content options and improved customer engagement options. It also includes extended support for Amazon Cloud and Microsoft Azure Web App.