Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

WP Engine releases a page performance booster for WordPress sites

Yesterday WP Engine released a new performance tool designed for WordPress sites. Called  Page Performance, the tool monitors how long it takes for your webpages and their associated content to load.

With Rowe, Microsoft wades into the news bot pool

Microsoft has released the debut version of its  news-finding bot. Named "Rowe," this news bot is housed inside  News Pro, Microsoft's personalized news reading application powered by Bing.

Philips' van Dun faces a number of content management challenges, especially governance and processes

Philips' Joost van Dun faces a number of challenges when it comes to content management, especially having the right governance and processes in place.

Nuxeo image management plug-in taps into Google Cloud Vision API

Nuxeo released a plugin this week that integrates Nuxeo Platform with the Google Cloud Vision API to help companies improve and automate digital image management tasks.

MediaValet adds support for 4K video up to 200 GB each in size

Cloud-based DAM software vendor MediaValet announced today that its flagship platform now supports 4K video. It's the latest update to a system that gives customers an easy way to access and interact with large volumes of digital assets.

Livefyre pairs with Salesforce and Adobe to deliver branded content

Livefyre  is having a busy week with news of two new and distinct partnerships with Salesforce and Adobe. Each pairing brings benefits to brands interested in upping their content marketing and social engagement game.

Adlib's 'Deep Insight' project helps businesses peer into unstructured content

Document and data solutions provider Adlib Software unveiled details this week about its new project, Deep Insight. Though the product is still in beta, Adlib executives say the technology will "revolutionize" the way companies work with unstructured content.

Unused content proves costly for companies

Do you have a lot of forgotten or unused content kicking around in the dark corners of your content management system? Find it and free it, because letting it languish can cost your company thousands of dollars.

Content delivery network Fastly raises $75M for global expansion

Content delivery network Fastly raised a lot of money this month to help fund its global expansion, sales and marketing efforts. The company snagged a total of $75 million in Series D funding from Iconiq Capital and a handful of other existing investors. They're also bringing former Netsuite exec Dan Miller on board as Fastly's new CFO.

Smarsh offers enhanced archiving for Microsoft Office 365

Cloud-based archiving solutions firm Smarsh announced this week it now offers enhanced archiving  support for Microsoft Office 365. On its own, Office 365 already archives email but the tools Smarsh added to The Archiving Platform provide organizations a better way to manage a wide range of electronic communication for compliance or other legal purposes.