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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Protecting PII in the cloud

Collecting personally identifiable information, or PII, presents special obligations, and when this data is stored in the cloud, the responsibility typically falls on the cloud customer, writes Steve Durbin, global vice president of the non-profit Information Security Forum.

Spotlight: Google brings QuickOffice to iPhone, Android

Google announced QuickOffice apps for Android and iOS.

Nook launches Nook Press self-publishing platform

Nook launches a new self-publishing platform that could make it easier for authors to self-publish their eBooks.

What's everyone Yammering about?

When Microsoft proposed having a hybrid solution of Yammer in the cloud and SharePoint on-premises, it probably didn't think through the complications that could result from such a solution.

Salesforce Chatter adds 'Topics and Expertise' tool to increase expert discovery

Salesforce Chatter adds a Topics and Expertise tool to help users take the chance out of discovering useful information in the Chatter social stream.

cometdocs offers more comprehensive set of document management features

cometdocs is expanding to offer a more comprehensive set of document management features--and you can use it for free without registering.

bigtincan introduces bigtincan hub for Box

bigtincan and Box have partnered for a cloud-based collaboration team.

Microsoft clarifies Yammer-SharePoint integration plan

Microsoft revealed details about its plans to integrate Yammer more deeply in its products.

Salesforce updates Chatter

Salesforce takes Chatter to the next level.

Dropbox acquires Mailbox

Dropbox adds Mailbox to expand beyond simple file sharing.