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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

ERP unlikely to be over-shadowed by cloud

Software as a service and other cloud-based offerings are replacing in-house IT at a steady clip, but that doesn't mean enterprises should be thinking about giving up their ERP systems.

Unlock data's value by sharing it

Information becomes more valuable when someone can make a good decision based on it. By sharing some of their information, companies can create rich external ecosystems that unlock that information's hidden value--which can also benefit the source of the information.

Study: Cloud isn't as cheap, easy as expected

A new study by KPMG International confirms what many IT departments have learned the hard way: cloud computing isn't as cheap and easy as it's often made out to be. Vendor puffery suggesting that moving to the cloud eliminates complexity has only added to the difficulties.

HyperOffice tries to bridge social email gap

HyperOffice tries to bridge the gap between email and social by providing an interface that gives it all.

Bitcasa comes out of Beta with unlimited storage for $99 a year

Bitcasa came out of Beta this week offering unlimited, encrypted storage for just $99 a year.

Box grows the channel

Box announced a new partnership program this week that combines several initiatives under one partnership umbrella.

New Dropbox features focus on content

Dropbox announced some new features this week that won't exactly dazzle you, but which will begin to help you manage your content stored on the service.

How one IT department turned Google Apps enemies into advocates

The key to one company's successful shift from Lotus Notes to Google Apps was recruiting a group of power users--many of whom initially opposed the change--to become advocates for Google Apps among their co-workers

How IT spending may shift if CMOs take more control

If it's true--as some analysts predict--that CMOs and business unit managers are gradually taking control of IT spending, what will it mean for the type of spending that results? The shift in control of the IT budget will likely mean a redirection from capital expenditures to operating expenditures when it comes to cloud computing, resulting in a lot less spending predictability.

Convercent launches cloud compliance solution

A new startup, Convercent is attempting to disrupt compliance software with a mobile, social and cloud solution.