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Latest Headlines

Google's bad case of the flu

Mixing data from social media with harder numbers for analytics can be useful, but it has its limits. Case in point: Google's flu-tracking system dramatically overestimated the number of people in the United States with influenza at the peak of this year's season, reports Declan Butler at Nature. The most likely reason: news coverage that warped the usual social-media patterns that Google Flu Trends depends on.

UX will drive the next wave of enterprise IT

The next wave of IT innovation will be combine real-time analytics and improved user experience (UX). That will improve decision making in areas that range from managing large-scale infrastructure and collaborating on trading desks to prioritizing personal email inboxes, according to Robert Fabricant of frog and Greg Petroff of General Electric.

Cloud lessons learned the hard way

It makes good theoretical sense for users to drive their own IT, and cloud applications and services make this easier every day. Too often, however, users lack the training, skills and discipline to roll out an organized technology strategy, cautions consultant David Taber in a post at CIO magazine. He spells out three cloud services lessons that have been learned the hard way.

Dropbox takes aim at enterprise with new administrative controls

Dropbox added a new administrative console that should make it friendlier for business.

Cloud security issues may require doing it yourself

When the cloud can't meet your security requirements, do it yourself. That's the lesson learned by a relatively small nanotech company called Novati Technologies that wanted to shift to Google Gmail, according to Patrick Meyer, the company's IT director.

For LinkedIn, content is at the center of its success strategy

LinkedIn is flying high and one of the big reasons is a firm focus on content.

Spotlight: Salesforce buys Entropysoft

Last week, bought the French enterprise repository connector company, Entropysoft.

ERP unlikely to be over-shadowed by cloud

Software as a service and other cloud-based offerings are replacing in-house IT at a steady clip, but that doesn't mean enterprises should be thinking about giving up their ERP systems.

Unlock data's value by sharing it

Information becomes more valuable when someone can make a good decision based on it. By sharing some of their information, companies can create rich external ecosystems that unlock that information's hidden value--which can also benefit the source of the information.

Study: Cloud isn't as cheap, easy as expected

A new study by KPMG International confirms what many IT departments have learned the hard way: cloud computing isn't as cheap and easy as it's often made out to be. Vendor puffery suggesting that moving to the cloud eliminates complexity has only added to the difficulties.