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Latest Headlines

News Scan: Tablets and mobile devices topple PCs; Employees not into ESNs; more

The top news stories for July 9, 2014.

Access your data anywhere with IBM's new cloud service

IBM says today's businesses are buried under too much content and social media. Fortunately, the business giant wants to help you access your company's data anywhere, anytime, across any device through its new big data service, IBM Navigator on Cloud.

LoudCloud launches new, competency-based LMS

Competency-based learning--measuring a student's knowledge of a subject rather than simply how many hours they've applied themselves to learning it--is gaining traction in the classroom, but most LMS's aren't geared towared that type of learning environment.  LoudCloud announced the launch this week of what it calls the world's first competency-based learning platform, LoudCloud CBL.  

News Scan: BYOD fear and loathing; Cyber threats more worrisome than ever; more

The top news stories for July 8, 2014.

State and local governments beginning to allow BYOD

While reluctant to embrace BYOD at first due to support and security concerns, a number of state and local governments have begun to allow employees to bring personal devices to work.

News Scan: BYOD not government's best option; Freelancers in high demand for IT; more

The top news stories for June 24, 2014.

News Scan: Data breaches most costly in cloud; Fewer companies support BYOD; more

The top news stories for June 20, 2014.

IT's Hottest Jobs: Cloud Computing Architect

The cloud architect fills a critical role in the design and implementation of cloud-based computing solutions. Randy Gross discusses the background and skills these professionals need to have, and what the career opportunities are for them.

News Scan: Some CEOs still resist the cloud; Public Wi-Fi now a must for small businesses; more

The top news stories for June 19, 2014.

Recruiters struggle to get cloud hiring right

The growing adoption of cloud computing is placing greater demand on IT pros with cloud-based experience, but many organizations complain that it's too hard to fiind IT talent with the right skills.