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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Dropbox enhances desktop application menu

Dropbox announced new updates this week.

Protecting content in motion--The new content management imperative

As we grow more mobile, protecting content in motion becomes a crucial requirement for content management--and it's not just ECM vendors thinking about it.

Shine some light on shadow IT

There may be no stopping the business units from signing up for their own on-demand software or services, but there are ways to keep the wayward behavior from spiraling out of control. CIOs can impose some order by moving into the role of honest broker, reports Toby Wolpe at TechRepublic.

Consumerization can come with high price

When deciding on new technologies, companies historically have placed heavy emphasis on features, quality, performance, manageability, scalability, the vendor's reliability, terms and conditions. Price often was considered last in selecting legacy systems, leading Bob Lewis at InfoWorld to ask why economics looms so large in discussions about cloud-based technologies.

How to get the most out of your SaaS provider

Getting off on the right foot is critical to maximizing your relationship with your SaaS provider. It's important to negotiate your contract carefully and make sure that everyone understands the expectations, advises Mary Shacklett at TechRepublic. She offers six negotiation tips.

MetaVis offers simplified content migration to Office 365

MetaVis wants to help you migrate from an older version of SharePoint to Office 365.

Significant update to Office 365 live

Experts have reacted to the latest release of Office 365.

IT will continue to generate need for IT pros

There's no shortage of pundits predicting an imminent demise for IT, what with the growing popularity of cloud-computing. But pay no attention to them, advises Bob Lewis at InfoWorld, because technology is far more complicated than they imagine it to be.

SaaS management requires more than good tools

Software as a service has taken root in the enterprise, but it isn't as easy to manage as the on-premise software that was corralled within well-defined boundaries.

Chances are 'private cloud' is no cloud at all

Cloud computing is shrouded in a big haze of ill-defined terms, but "private cloud" may be one of the most misused. To be a cloud, a computing platform must be a lot more than a data center with a highly efficient virtualized environment, a web portal and the ability to scale up and down dynamically, reports Brandon Butler at Network World.