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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Adobe Creative Cloud could be misnamed

Adobe Creative Cloud could be a misnomer given the main applications live on the desktop. 

Spotlight: Google makes it easier to share docs in Google Drive

Google makes it easier to share documents stored in Google Drive from your PC or Mac.

5 myths about mobile content management

There are a lot of misconceptions around mobile and it's time to refute the myths.

Where is SharePoint heading? 10 predictions

SharePoint 2013 represents a dramatic shift in Microsoft's SharePoint strategy. An industry expert gives 10 predictions about how it could change the way you use it. 

Indian CIOs to focus on enterprise mobility, Ernst & Young survey finds

Indian chief information officers will focus on enterprise mobility in the coming year, according to an annual survey of more than 180 CIOs conducted by Ernst & Young and India's CIO Klub.

Adobe turns its attention to webinars

Adobe announced a new webinar creation and management tool this week at the Adobe Summit in London.

Mobile device proliferation top tech trend impacting corporate competitiveness, says IBM

The proliferation of mobile devices in the enterprise was identified as the top technology trend that will have an impact on corporate competitiveness, according to a recent survey of 400 business and IT executives by IBM.

FirstRain lets users turn data into Salesforce tasks

FirstRain sales analytics are now integrated into

Jive, Box partner up in the cloud

Jive and Box joined forces this week to offer a one-two cloud punch with Jive providing enterprise social and Box offering online storage and content sharing. launches new social ad introduced this week, an online social advertising platform that lets you pull information from other products to build more customized ads.