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Latest Headlines

New Gmail design a big improvement

The updated Gmail with a tabbed interface is a big improvement, but I would change a thing or two.

Adobe Predictive Publishing hopes to take guess work out of social publishing

New Adobe Predictive Publishing tools claim to take the guess work out of social content sharing.

Cloud-based MDM market to reach $1.5 billion in 2018, says Analysys Mason

Cloud-based mobile device management revenue worldwide is forecast by Analysys Mason to increase at a 27.3 percent compound annual growth rate, climbing from $754.8 million this year to $1.5 billion in 2018.

One company's journey to 100 percent cloud IT services

Andrew Oliver planned to move his company to an all-cloud setup. When a drunk driver hit the headquarters building, that plan went into overdrive.

Dell'Oro: Firms increase spending on network equipment to enable wireless device access

Enterprises are increasing their spending on equipment to enable network access for wireless devices and to optimize data center deployments, according to a new report by Dell'Oro Group.

Microsoft restructuring shifts emphasis to mobile, cloud

The major reorganization of Microsoft announced on Thursday is focused around mobile and cloud computing, areas where the PC software behemoth has lagged far behind competitors.

New Dropbox APIs could redefine file sharing

New Dropbox APIs have the potential to transform the company from a simple file service to something much more.

It's time for enterprise cloud to enable 'The Amazing'

 Not all risks pay off but new start ups are there and can quickly interrupt an enterprise business model. If smaller start ups couldn't pose a threat to enterprise businesses, large companies could just stay in their comfort zone without taking risks. Now everyone has to take risks just to stay competitive.

Spotlight: DNN releases new suite of tools--DNN Evoq

DNN Evoq is a new set of tools from the company formerly known as DotNetNuke.

Box, Salesforce form powerful cloud partnership

Box and Salesforce team up in a dance of the elephant and the startup.