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Latest Headlines

There could be more to Box's deal with Crocodoc than meets the eye

When Box bought Crocodoc last week, it would have been easy to dismiss it as a minor announcement, but there could be a lot more to this than meet's the eye.

Spotlight: AT&T, Wipro, Axeda team on M2M

AT&T, Axeda and Indian IT firm Wipro are teaming to provide machine-to-machine development services and systems integration to enterprises across industries.

Networks are not ready for BYOD

During his Interop keynote address on Wednesday, Rob Soderbery, Cisco's senior vice president and general manager for the Enterprise Networking Group, unveiled the results a survey of 1,300 IT professionals. It found that 41 percent of respondents said their networks were not ready to support BYOD, despite deploying more applications than a year ago.

Nuance OmniPage Ultimate converts text to speech

Nuance's OmniPage Ultimate provides lightweight scanning, document conversion and mobile and cloud features.

Spotlight: London's Gatwick Airport turns to BYOD, cloud

Gatwick Airport, London's second largest airport next to Heathrow, has enabled BYOD and the cloud, and is saving money on servers in the process.

Novell joins file sync and share hit parade

Novell is the latest company to join the file sync and share hit parade with their new product, Filr. Their twist on this old chestnut is that they live behind the firewall, but they let the content live in its native place.

Marissa Mayer focuses Yahoo on mobile, content-centric strategy

Since Marissa Mayer took over at Yahoo, she appears to be firmly focused on a mobile and content-centric strategy.

KnowledgeTree iOS app aims to help sales people find the right content

KnowledgeTree released an iOS app that could help sales people get at the content they need more quickly to help the customer when they need it.

Adobe Creative Cloud could be misnamed

Adobe Creative Cloud could be a misnomer given the main applications live on the desktop. 

Spotlight: Google makes it easier to share docs in Google Drive

Google makes it easier to share documents stored in Google Drive from your PC or Mac.