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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

SpringCM announces new release this week

SpringCM's new release makes it easier to compare versions of documents and share content outside of its cloud platform securely.

Onehub offers more sophisticated security for Dropbox in business

Onehub introduced a new product that takes advantage of Dropbox APIs to embed Dropbox folders inside the Onehub repository.

Flipboard goes for catalog market

Flipboard introduced a way for users to build online catalogs this week.

Spotlight: Feedly updates iOS app

Feedly announced an update to its iOS app this week.

News Scan: BYOS trend won't make tech support happy, UK cloud players to get cloud tutorials, more

Top news for Nov. 6, 2013. 

Cloud could be key to untold riches... or not

CIOs have the potential to double revenues at their companies if they embrace cloud computing, says a new IBM study.

News scan: Signs of a troubled cloud company; Fear holding CIOs back; More

Top news for Nov. 5, 2013. 

As iGoogle dies, maybe it's time to bury the web portal

iGoogle was put to rest this week and maybe it's for the best.

MegaCloud service apparently goes dark

A month after Nirvanix pulled the plug on its cloud computing service, it appears that another cloud company may have closed up shop.

Does your industry measure up to the cloud?

There is growing interest in cloud-based computing, but embracing the cloud isn't right for every company, and it may be less desirable in certain industries, says industry expert.