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Latest Headlines

The cheaper clouds get, the more we buy

What? You didn't start your morning reading the works of William Stanley Jevons and Ronald Coase?

Spotlight: Hootsuite adds RSS feeds

Google Reader may be gone, but Hootsuite steps in with a new RSS feature aimed at marketers.

Zoho adds survey tool to suite

Zoho has a new survey tool.

Dropbox launches reseller network

Dropbox has started a reseller program. Here's why.

Jared Spataro outlines what's ahead for Yammer-SharePoint partnership at one year

Microsoft and Yammer have been married for a year now. Here's a report on how the relationship is going.

IT startups: Watch 'em, or watch 'em nosedive?

Part of the job is snooping out new functionality or new systems to help your business operate better. To that end, "companies to watch" is a popular meme in conferences and trade...

20th Century Fox cutting data center space

Entertainment behemoth 20 th  Century Fox is in the process of reducing 9,000 square feet of data center sprawl to approximately 2,700 square feet.

Adobe Echosign iOS update simplifies electronic signature process

Adobe updated its iOS EchoSign app and is adding data center capacity to support the growing platform.

New SDL translation service provides quick machine translations for free

SDL launches free translation website.

Spotlight: Google reorganizes Gmail

Gmail updates how it sorts mail.