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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Microsoft doubles online email storage

Microsoft upped the ante in online email storage, doublng the size of the email boxes to 50GB.

Spotlight: VMware says companies still need VMware, er, data centers

VMware's CEO argues that data centers aren't going away any time soon, no matter how broad cloud offerings become.

Box adds starter plan aimed at small business data storage

Cloud storage and collaboration provider Box announced a new pricing tier designed for small business customers.

Spotlight: The human costs of cloud computing

Cloud might change your infrastructure, but what's it do to your people? 

OpenText scoops up Cordys

OpenText buys BPM vendor Cordys and hopes to go after lucrative case management business in the cloud.

Hubspot update aims to humanize content management

Hubspot's latest updates are aimed towards marketers who want to customize the web experience for each visitor based on what you know about them.

Your public cloud savings might evaporate as your usage scales up

Cloud computing can save money--no question about it. But as more companies gain more experience in various cloud setups, a more nuanced understanding of the cost structure emerges.

4 critical tips for building private clouds

Saving money is very nice indeed, and private clouds can save you money, according to Jim Ditmore. But he says there are even bigger and better benefits, and tells you how to get there.

Box Android App has cool new features

Box has released a slick update to its Android app.

Please ask your cloud vendor some questions--for the children's sake

An old analogy in the security world is that you can drive a car much faster (safely anyway) if it has brakes. Here are just two simple areas where you need to see if your cloud has brakes.