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Latest Headlines

Microsoft introduces 'cloud on ramps' for SharePoint users

LAS VEGAS--The social, visually-rich features that are being teased at the SharePoint Conference 2014 in Las Vegas have IT professionals salivating--that is, IT pros whose enterprises have followed Office into the cloud. On-premise customers, however, were presented a less appealing entree.

Transportation firms adopt mobile apps to reduce cost, increase productivity

The transportation sector is increasingly using mobile apps to reduce costs and improve worker productivity, customer engagement and brand loyalty, according to a report by FeedHenry and VDC.

A checklist for negotiating government cloud service contracts

A recent report by researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill looks at contracting issues that government agencies face with adopting cloud computing services.

Microsoft changes Office Web Apps to Office Online

Microsoft renamed its free version of Office last week in an effort to eliminate some of the confusion around the old name, but somehow there are still too many online Office domains.

LinkedIn expands its publishing platform

LinkedIn announced an expansion of its publishing platform and will eventually allow any member to contribute.

SaaS investments pay off in big gains, savings

Organizations that invest in SaaS not only see significant savings, many are also gaining competitive advantages, two new studies reveal.

Bracing for change: Unexpected events require flexibility for scaling down

Enterprise data can grow faster than expected or an entire division could shut down overnight, requiring the enterprise to scale down. There are steps an enterprise can make to ensure that its cloud big data vendor is ready to handle shifts in scale. Part five our FCIO special report, Scaling up for Big Data.

Contractual matters for cloud-based analytics

Enterprises should consider a number of factors if selecting a cloud partner to scale big data, including addressing backup and offsite storage options. Service-level agreements and all other forms of contract need to incorporate these considerations. Part four in our FCIO special report, Scaling Up for Big Data

The illusion of scale

Building a big data solution on premise is not a viable option for every enterprise, typically due to costs. Part two of our FCIO special report, Scaling up for Big Data

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