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Latest Headlines

Box announces improvements to its popular sharing feature

File sharing and cloud storage service Box keeps rolling out improvements and features. This time around, the company announced a redesign of the sharing experience for easier collaboration.

Cloud wars, CIOs and dollar signs: What the Amazon quarterly report means for your cloud budget

The cloud wars are heating up, especially now that Amazon has lost some of its market hold to competitors Microsoft, Google and a host of startup companies.

Reading the tea leaves of Amazon's Zocalo cloud storage service

Amazon Web Services is attempting to again court the enterprise crowd with a new document storage and sharing service called  Zocalo. Primary tools include security and permission management, authentication, any-device access, versioning and annotation.

Box removes storage limits for business customers

Citing decreased storage costs on its end, Box announced July 15 it has dropped storage limits for all its business customers. No doubt they also saw Amazon Zocalo and Google Drive creeping up in the rearview mirror.

Microsoft readies 3 Office 365 plans for small and mid-sized businesses

Microsoft is set to launch three new Office 365 plans on October 1 which it says are specifically designed for small and mid-sized businesses.

Python surpasses Java as language of choice for learning

Python has now surpassed Java as the number one programming language used to introduce students in the United States to programming and computer science.

Cloud skills now a must for every CIO

Cloud computing is becoming a game changer for many organizations, and that means the IT manager of the future needs to be well-versed in all things cloud.

News Scan: Tablets and mobile devices topple PCs; Employees not into ESNs; more

The top news stories for July 9, 2014.

Access your data anywhere with IBM's new cloud service

IBM says today's businesses are buried under too much content and social media. Fortunately, the business giant wants to help you access your company's data anywhere, anytime, across any device through its new big data service, IBM Navigator on Cloud.

LoudCloud launches new, competency-based LMS

Competency-based learning--measuring a student's knowledge of a subject rather than simply how many hours they've applied themselves to learning it--is gaining traction in the classroom, but most LMS's aren't geared towared that type of learning environment.  LoudCloud announced the launch this week of what it calls the world's first competency-based learning platform, LoudCloud CBL.