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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Obama Administration plans on-demand streams for his State of the Union addresses

The Obama Administration is targeting a new audience for the president's final State of the Union address Tuesday: cord cutters.

Google, Amazon revive cloud pricing war

The cloud price wars have been quieter in recent months but Google has set off a new battle by arguing that recent Amazon Web Services price cuts may not be as good as they seem.

With new Annapurna chip release, Amazon spurs questions about its plans

Amazon opened the door to a host of questions about its plans in the chip world with the introduction this week of a new product from Annapurna Labs, the chip company Amazon bought last year.

New Dropbox patent hints at possible P2P future

Dropbox won a patent for a method of secure peer-to-peer data synchronization, raising the possibility that the company might add peer-to-peer capabilities into the popular cloud storage service. If it does, it'll compete with BitTorrent, which has been offering a peer-to-peer services for businesses. 

Compuware pushes new integrations, acquires code management company to make the mainframe agile

Mainframe software company Compuware Tuesday announced a set of new integrations as well as an acquisition to position its mainframe tech for agile and DevOps processes.  

These were the most important stories of 2015 and here's why you should care about them

The most important stories from 2015 – a hint at a rebound at Microsoft, Apple's impact on the enterprise, setbacks for women in tech and the continuing struggle of traditional enterprise IT vendors – promise to influence IT in 2016. 

Evaluating the need for speed: When does IoT data analysis require a supercomputer?

Internet of Things devices and sensors generate a lot of data, and analyzing all of it to gain actionable insights can be an imposing prospect. While many businesses might be content to use small investments in data analysis to gain insights at a leisurely pace, businesses that need rapid and/or complex analysis are in a position to benefit from significant growth and advancement in the supercomputing industry.

IESG approves creation of 451 status code to flag censorship

The Internet Engineering Steering Group has added one more status code, 451, that browsers can receive and interpret, adding to existing ones such as 403 Forbidden or 404 Not Found. Status code 451 will be used to convey the message that the content that is being sought is unavailable for "legal reasons."

Microsoft executive reveals more about OneDrive

A new report sheds more light on Microsoft's strategy with its OneDrive online storage service.

Google announces $1M grant for security research into new features and products

Google said it's serious about security and is setting aside $1 million to fund more grants for security research, according to a Google Drive blog post.