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Latest Headlines

IBM keeps its head in the cloud, acquires Cleversafe

IBM has agreed to acquire Cleversafe, an object-based storage vendor. The move aims to boost IBM's cloud business unit and help customers cope with mounting volumes of unstructured data.

Concur hopes its cloud experience will rub off on SAP

Even though Concur is a much smaller and younger company than SAP, its leaders said it has a lot to teach its new parent. 

Box takes aim at the enterprise with new integrations, Platform

Aaron Levie, co-founder and CEO of Box, announced yesterday at BoxWorks multiple updates and two Box Platform offerings. The announcements make clear that Box realizes it needs to add features that will draw in more paying business users. 

Report: IT's faith in ability to protect data is abysmal

Data and file protection is arguably one of the most important jobs IT pros have, yet it's one of the things they feel least confident about doing properly.

Vera integrates with Box to offer increased file security and control

As with many cloud-based file storage providers, Box users have very little control over where and how files are used once they leave the service's environment. Data security vendor  Vera announced a set of tools this week that give Box users a high level of control over documents leaving Box's ecosystem.

Workday has Oracle in its sights, execs still smarting from PeopleSoft takeover

Workday demoed today its new Workday Financial Management service, a set of functions it's building into its software that provide real-time insight for organizations to optimize their internal operations.

IBM teaches Watson how to see and hear, opens APIs for businesses to use 'cognitive computing'

IBM today announced enhanced capabilities for its Watson Platform, including a feature that allows developers to glean insight from photos on social networks.

Globalscape's updated EFT Cloud Services increases file transfer security

Secure file transfer software vendor Globalscape rolled out a newly updated version of EFT Cloud Services with a slew of improvements designed to make file exchange and collaboration more secure. The scalable service comes in three levels of support services: Basic, Standard and Platinum, and works in either a hybrid cloud or virtual environment.

Spotlight: Intel invest big in Chinese companies

Intel Capital has announced a $67 million investment in eight Chinese tech companies. 

Spotlight: Synergy Research reports that public cloud generates $20 billion each quarter

Just how big is the cloud? Synergy Research Group said that public cloud is generating more than $20 billion in quarterly revenue.