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Latest Headlines

Report: WordPress could add native advertising

WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg told the audience at South by Southwest that in spite of the success of the blogging platform, there could be some changes in the works.

What's the best open-source CMS for your company?

Open-source content management systems are getting fancier, and it's getting harder to know which one might best suit an enterprise's needs. To help you determine whether Drupal, WordPress or Joomla is right for your organization, Robert L. Mitchell takes an in-depth look at how companies are using the three platforms, in a series beginning with Drupal.

WordPress introduces hosted Enterprise WCM platform

WordPress has introduced WordPress.com Enterprise.

WordPress introduces Liveblog add-on

Liveblog from Automattic lets WordPress VIP customers live blog without going through the administrative back-end.

Internet Defense League to lead the cry for online freedom

A coalition of software firms, civil liberties advocates and websites have joined forces to fight any legislation that it deems a threat to the rights and freedom of Internet users.

WordPress developing simpler tool

WordPress head Matt Mullenweg told PaidContent 2012 he's working on a new simplified version of WordPress.

Brightcove introduces video as a service for content management

Brightcove announced a new video as a service cloud-based video integration in several major content management systems including SharePoint 2010, Adobe CQ5, WordPress and Drupal.

Which Open Source CMS is right for you? (Infographic)

This infographic provides an overview of three big open source content management systems: WordPress, Drupal and Joomla!.

WordPress is suddenly big business

WordPress's parent company Automattic is projected to make close to $50 million this year. Not bad for an open source product.

WordPress used across many of top 100 blogs

A new survey from Royal Pingdom confirms what you may have suspected already: WordPress dominates many of the world's most popular blogs.