Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Spotlight: WordPress overhauls administrative interface with version 3.8

WordPress delivered its latest update this week.

Security holes in WordPress continue to be exploited

Vulnerabilities in WordPress continue, with the latest example being the website hacking of Canadian internet services company Storm, reports Chris Larsen, a security researcher at BlueCoat.

Spotlight: WordPress 3.7 is available

WordPress 3.7 is here.

Spotlight: WordPress buys file-sharing site Cloudup

Automattic bought startup Cloudup last week.  

Content management has come a long way, but not nearly far enough

Today's content management systems are a marked improvement over website production tools of the 90s, but that's probably little consolation to today's users struggling to make their CMSes work.

Hackers using Dropbox, Wordpress to distribute malware

State-sponsored hackers are making use of web services, such as Dropbox and Wordpress, as part of their attacks.

Spotlight: Happy Birthday WordPress

WordPress turned 10 this week and that deserves some recognition.

The benefits of a remote workforce

Automattic Inc. runs a lot of busy websites--including WordPress.com--and it does it with a workforce that toils entirely from home, writes author Scott Berkun.  In a post at Harvard Business Review, Berkun outlines the business advantages he uncovered while working at Automattic for a year.

Report: WordPress could add native advertising

WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg told the audience at South by Southwest that in spite of the success of the blogging platform, there could be some changes in the works.

What's the best open-source CMS for your company?

Open-source content management systems are getting fancier, and it's getting harder to know which one might best suit an enterprise's needs. To help you determine whether Drupal, WordPress or Joomla is right for your organization, Robert L. Mitchell takes an in-depth look at how companies are using the three platforms, in a series beginning with Drupal.