A web content management system allows for website administration by non-technical users, by making use of templates and forms in the software interface. A WCM system lets users create content, manage documents, and maintain and moderate visitor-generated content.

Some popular WCM platforms and vendors include: OpenText, Joomla, DotNetNuke, CrownPeak, Drupal, Alfresco and Documentum.


Web Content Management

Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

DotNetNuke co-founder joins Micorsoft's CodePlex project

DotNetNuke, the open source web content management project built on the.Net platform, announced this week that its co-founder and chief architect Shaun Walker will be joining the interim board of

New SDL Tridion product monitors your website

SDL Tridion announced a new product last week, Safeguard, which they bill as a website quality and compliance-monitoring tool. It watches your website and exposes any issues related to search engine

DotNetNuke releases three commercial products

DotNetNuke, a popular open source web content management system built on Microsoft's.NET platform, announced this week they were releasing three new commercial products, which build on the free core

What type of web CMS project is yours?

Jeff Cram with CMS Myth has broken down web CMS projects into three major types. For each of these types you will have different needs and concerns. Article

One on One with David Aponovich of CMS Myth

David Aponovich is a CMS Strategist at ISITE Design, a national CMS and web strategy consultancy, and blogger at the CMS Myth. He has also worked as a marketing director for a web content management

Stephen Powers' 10 WCM lessons

Stephen Powers from Forrester recently ran a webinar (sponsored by Siteworx, Inc.) that looked at "10 Lessons Learned from Management at the Nexus of Your Marketing and Customer Experience Strategy."

OpenText releases version 10 of web content management software

OpenText released a new version of its web content management suite this week, but the recent purchase of Vignette (which itself announced a new version of the Vignette content management suite just

The free content conundrum

With the release of Chris Anderson's new book this week on the free content model called " Free," experts have weighed in on the subject. Everyone from Seth Godin, to Malcolm Gladwell, to Chris Brogan

Vignette marches forward with release of VCM-V8

Vignette announced this week, a soft release of the latest version of their web content management product dubbed VCM-V8 or Vignette Content Management-Version 8. The product will be released

Fatwire releases two new products for marketers

This week, FatWire announced the release of two new analytics products: FatWire Engage 7.5 for personalization and FatWire Analytics 2.5 for web content optimization. The two products work in