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Latest Headlines

News Scan: Facebook at Work debuts as pilot; Videoconferencing gets personal; more

Check out the hottest mobile IT stories for Wednesday, Jan. 14, including Facebook at Work's pilot debut today, videoconferencing shift toward software-based systems and personal devices, decline of mobile broadband modem shipments, Internet of Things transformative power and the $9 billion revenue value in mobile entertainment.

News Scan: Google looks in rear-view mirror; Crafty cybercriminals favor social media now; more

Quick takes on mobile IT news for Wednesday, 12/18 including: Google's very own year-end review and general back patting, ReadWriteWeb's interview with Flurry CEO Simon Khalaf declaring mobile to be the ultimate, predictions for cybercriminal activity on social networks in 2014 and the new collaboration between Sprint and Dish concerning LTE offerings.

One company sifts through the social media noise to send help where it's needed most

One company is looking to build a system to help disaster relief workers identify the areas most hard hit using a combination of social media, big data, mapping technology and human filters.

FierceMobileIT moves to daily frequency

FierceMobileIT subscribers, get ready! To keep up with the fast pace of mobile IT news, we are publishing daily starting Monday, Oct. 7.

Spotlight: Proofpoint introduces social archiving product

Social archiving as a service? You bettcha.

Infographic: Utilities traffic makes up close to 18 percent of mobile data usage in North America

Did you know that utilities traffic makes up around 18 percent of the total mobile data usage in North America?

Facebook Graph search goes public

Facebook makes Graph Search available to everyone. Does it matter?

For LinkedIn, content is at the center of its success strategy

LinkedIn is flying high and one of the big reasons is a firm focus on content.

Facebook Graph Search could prove more useful to marketers than average users

Facebook introduced a new search tool called Graph Search on Tuesday, but I'm not sure it will have a huge impact on most average users after the novelty wears off.

Spotlight: Twitter spiffs up profile page

Twitter has added a new header graphic to the site's profile page.