SharePoint 2013

Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Where is SharePoint heading? 10 predictions

SharePoint 2013 represents a dramatic shift in Microsoft's SharePoint strategy. An industry expert gives 10 predictions about how it could change the way you use it. 

What's everyone Yammering about?

When Microsoft proposed having a hybrid solution of Yammer in the cloud and SharePoint on-premises, it probably didn't think through the complications that could result from such a solution.

SharePoint goes cloud first, but will customers follow?

Microsoft's going full on to the cloud, but are its customers ready to go with it?

SharePoint 2013 boasts new eDiscovery tools

Microsoft has introduced new eDiscovery tools in SharePoint 2013 they claim is a magnitude better in terms of ease of use, but it's not without limitations.

Thoughts on my way to the SharePoint Conference

I thought about skipping this year's SharePoint conference, but given what's at stake as it transitions to a cloud-mobile strategy, I didn't want to miss it.

Axceler updates SharePoint migration, governance products

Axceler updates its product line for SharePoint 2013.

SharePoint's social partners could be in lurch after Yammer purchase

When Microsoft purchased Yammer in June, it put its SharePoint social partners in a precarious position, but its up to the partners to figure out what to do next.

Microsoft's SharePoint 2013 Beta is here

Microsoft released SharePoint 2013 last week and it promises to be more social, thanks to the recent Yammer purchase, and more cloud focused.