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Latest Headlines

OASIS begins studying web experience management interoperability standard

OASIS, the standards organization that brought you CMIS, is working on a new Web Experience Management standard. It's still in its early stages. According to the charter defining how the standard

CMIS approved, new products on the way

After several years, the major content management vendors in the industry--big names like EMC, Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT), IBM and others--agreed last week on the Content Management Interoperability

CMIS enters the final stretch

The Content Management Interoperability Standard is due to go to public review today, according to a post from Alfresco CTO John Newton's Tuesday. CMIS as you may recall (which we've written about

CMIS Chemistry Project goes to Apache Incubator

A new project called Chemistry--the goal of which is to create an open source reference implementation for the CMIS specification--has become an official Apache Software Foundation Incubator project.

Can CMIS be approved by year's end?

It's no secret that I've written frequently about the Content Management Interoperability Services, otherwise known as CMIS (pronounced Sea-Miss) standard idea. That's why I was excited when I met

CMIS could arrive by early 2010

I was surprised to open J Boye's blog this week and find a post called "Don't Worry about CMIS." The post suggests that you shouldn't be thinking about CMIS for 18-24 months. I think Boye is being

CMIS gurus gather for first OASIS Technical Committee meeting

Last week some of the biggest names in content management gathered in the same room at Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, WA. They were there for the first OASIS CMIS Technical Committee meeting to

CMIS slowly begins to bake

As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States, perhaps it makes sense that I should use a cooking analogy to discuss the most important content management news this past year, the CMIS

One on One with David Nuscheler of Day Software

There has been a lot of coverage in this space (and elsewhere) about CMIS including an Editor's Corner when it was announced, and a subsequent interview with Alfresco CTO and chairman John Newton.

One on One with John Newton of Alfresco

John Newton, CTO and Chairman at Alfresco, has been involved in the content management industry since 1990 when he was one of the founders and the lead designer at Documentum. More recently, he