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Latest Headlines

AP uses MarkLogic to generate custom archive products

The Associated Press has been around since 1845 covering events of the day from around the world. While it isn't always seen as a forward-thinking, modern news organization, this week it announced

Ford, Byrne on whether content management will eliminate the need for editors

Last week, an opinion piece on content management enjoyed several blog mentions and was the basis of an Atlantic.com article. Well, Paul Ford 's blog post, " Real Editors Ship," was actually about

Guardian content platform runs on Lucid Imagination search

The Guardian launched its new Open Platform content sharing service last week and announced that the underlying search technology used to power the service is from open source vendor, Lucid

AP needs to understand how the web works

Hey, folks. It's good to be back after a three-week hiatus. While I was gone, AP continued its quixotic attack on linking. To be honest, I find this debate tiresome, but AP insists on bringing it up

It's time for the news business to seize control

Last week I interviewed Scott Karp from Publishing 2.0, a venture that hopes to transform the news business by providing the means to aggregate and share quality journalism content on the web. Karp

Searching for new models to make content pay online

Companies that sell content are finding themselves under tremendous pressure. Old revenue models are crumbling before our eyes, their demise seems to be accelerated by the recession and we are

Could micro payments save the news business?

When you place content on the web, you are doing it for some purpose: You may want to show your expertise. You may want to drive traffic to sell ads. You may want to sell a product or service.

Time for the news business to get its head out of the 20th century

The Newspaper Association of America has been having a well publicized conference this week where it has been making Google the bad guy, the source for all of the news business' woes. The Associated

Twitter proves its worth during the Mumbai tragedy

As the horrific events of the massacre in Mumbai, India unfolded, people across the globe were searching for news in a variety of ways. Those who sought Twitter's Tweet Grid may have been most in

Newspapers can survive as portals, content service providers

The last few years have not been kind to newspapers. Everywhere you turn, there is word of layoffs and bleak financial news, but Joe Lichtman offers a survival strategy in his latest FastForward