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Latest Headlines

Microsoft to introduce flagship Lumia phone running Windows 10

Microsoft is betting that a unified platform for PCs, laptops, smartphones and tablets will make its smartphones more attractive to the enterprise. As part of that effort, Microsoft announced Monday that it will be introducing a flagship Lumia smartphone running Windows 10 later this year.

Microsoft opens up revamped API for OneDrive storage to developers

Microsoft has released the updated API for its OneDrive cloud storage service to external developers.

Wearables in the enterprise: Think Microsoft's HoloLens, not Apple Watch

While many IT departments are dreading the flood of personal wearables into the workplace, it's a worry they probably won't need to address for many years. More immediately, wearables will come into the enterprise as devices specifically built for that environment. Think Microsoft's HoloLens, not Apple Watch.

Critical remote vulnerability found in Samba

A serious vulnerability has been discovered in the widely-used Samba software component.

Microsoft Garage tunes up mobile conferencing

Microsoft Garage has released a slate of new apps that includes one to improve the mobile conference experience for corporate users, Microsoft announced on Wednesday.

Chef integrates automation platform with Microsoft Azure

A partnership formed between Microsoft and Chef will see Chef's automation platform and DevOps platforms appearing on the Azure public cloud offering. According to the two companies, they have been working together for the last year trying to integrate Chef's IT automation capabilities with Microsoft's cloud.

Microsoft sets email retention to forever in Office 365

Microsoft has updated its data retention policy for Exchange Online to retain deleted email messages forever.

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Open sourcing of network software was long overdue

As you can see from our headlines over the last week, as well as in today's issue of  FierceEnterpriseCommunications, open source in the networking world is currently top-of-mind. Not only has HP thrown down the gauntlet by getting behind the open networking trend, but Facebook also rounded out its Open Compute Project line of switches.

Microsoft adds handwriting, OCR to OneNote for iPad app

Microsoft has updated its OneNote for iPad app, adding handwriting and optical character recognition.