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Latest Headlines

Why PC shipments dropped 10 percent during the quarter in which Windows 10 launched

If you're wondering why Dell and HP jumped this week to push their devices built on the latest Microsoft OS, just take a look at the numbers on PC shipments. The market has been soft in recent quarters – with shipments declining 10.8 percent worldwide in the third quarter, according to IDC – and those companies are looking to strike on the hot iron that is Windows 10.

Spotlight: Microsoft restricts new Lumia 950 phones to AT&T in US

Microsoft admitted Thursday that it is restricting sale of its Lumia 950 and 950 XL phones to AT&T customers in the U.S. market and Deutsche Telekom customers in Europe, at least for the short term.

Spotlight: Dell announces laptops built around Windows 10

Microsoft today announced a set of Dell devices built with Windows 10 in mind.

Hackers used Outlook Web Access as vector for APT attack, says report

Researchers have uncovered an attack in which hackers were able to launch a sophisticated advanced persistent threat attack via Outlook Web Access, according to a new report from Cybereason.

The genius behind Microsoft's Surface Book and Surface Pro 4

Caught off guard with the launch of the Apple iPad in 2010, Microsoft pushes on with its 2-in-1 concept in hopes of rendering the tablet irrelevant. 

Recent acquisitions see Apple bolstering digital assistant Siri

Apple continued to gird its artificial intelligence portfolio recently with the acquisition of a startup called Perceptio. Add that to another recent acquisition, natural language-focused VocalIQ, and it seems that the company is trying to make a push in the increasingly heated mobile digital assistant space.

Microsoft Edge loses grip on Windows 10

While Microsoft Edge saw a temporary boost with the launch of Windows 10 in July, its share of the browser market has slipped back down to around 12 percent, according to a new report from Quantcast.

Microsoft looks to create family of devices you'll never leave with new hardware

Microsoft Tuesday announced the new Surface Pro 4 tablet and Lumia 950 smartphone, as well as the first in-house manufactured laptop ever offered by the company, the Surface Book.

Amazon seems poised to jump into business intelligence market

As the AWS re:Invent conference kicks off in Las Vegas, Amazon Web Services is believed to be on the verge of making an announcement that will see the public cloud company join the data analytics market.

Spotlight: Outlook for El Capitan keeps crashing, says Microsoft

Microsoft's email client Outlook keeps crashing on the newest iteration of Apple's operating system.