Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Microsoft reconsiders releasing patch details for enterprises

Following criticism from the enterprise community, Microsoft is re-considering the possibility of providing Windows 10 patch notes, at least for business users. However, Microsoft hasn't yet offered a firm commitment or details about a new process. 

Apple may be looking to enter augmented-reality market

Piper Jaffray's Gene Munster made note of multiple acquisions made my Apple that hints at Apple's looking into augmented-reality technology. 

Spotlight: Egnyte and Microsoft 365 add integrations for file sharing

Egnyte announced today that users will be able to open files stored in its systems using any of the Microsoft Office 365 tools.

Spotlight: The key differences between Skype and Skype for Business

Microsoft created a little bit of confusion when it announced Skype for Business, seeing as the consumer version has existed for years. 

Microsoft dominates in cloud apps among enterprises, but Google hangs on to smaller businesses

After a giant surge this year, Microsoft is the leader in cloud productivity apps in the enterprise. The company took the title from the only king the space has ever known, Google Apps, in a seemingly surprising development, though the numbers begin to make sense when looking at the market on the whole.

Microsoft's Snip lets you annotate screen shots with voice or digital ink comments

Microsoft is beta testing a new tool called Snip. The app allows for screenshots as well as more compelling functions like voice and e-ink annotation. 

Sales of PCs plummet, partly thanks to free Windows 10 offer

IDC attributes a dip in sales of consumer PCs in part to the free Windows 10 upgrade offer, with no recovery in sight even by 2019.

Google Container Engine now generally available

Google Container Engine went into beta in June, and after a two-month preview period, the cloud provider's container management and orchestration tool is now generally available to Google Cloud Platform customers.

Microsoft releases IT Preview of SharePoint 2016

Microsoft on Monday released the "IT Preview" version of SharePoint Server 2016, which offers a first look at the various improvements in the upcoming version of SharePoint and gives enterprises a closer look at the product's administrative and infrastructure requirements.

Microsoft Office 2016 may launch Sept. 22, according to reported leaked internal websites

The popular Microsoft Office 2016 will launch late next month, at least according to screenshots of reportedly leaked internal websites.