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Latest Headlines

Come January, it looks like loads of people will be running unsupported Internet Explorer versions

Data shows a significant proportion of users are still running older versions of Internet Explorer that will be retired in just four months.

Beware emails bearing 'Windows 10' – You could get ransomware instead

Beware emails bearing a free Windows 10 upgrade. They hide malware, rather than the latest operating system from Microsoft, according to the latest warning from Cisco's Talos Group.

What Microsoft's reported Uber investment could mean for businesses

Last week reports began surfacing that Microsoft, and others, had invested a substantial amount in Uber. Uber is already widely used by business travelers but if rumors of a Microsoft investment in the company prove true, using Uber might grow even more legitimate for workers.

Microsoft continues CRM 'shopping spree'

Microsoft is beefing up its Dynamics CRM service, this time with an acquisition of Incent Games. The deal follows two other CRM-related acquisitions this year at Microsoft.

With Windows 10, a new salvo in the browser wars

Windows 10 shipped this week and with it a bevy of new apps from Microsoft. Chief among them is a replacement for the long derided Internet Explorer in the form of Edge. While the update to the baked-in browser is widely seen as an upgrade, users have found that an upgrade to Windows 10 will disregard the previous version's default browser and automatically institute Edge as Web surfing go-to.

Microsoft unveils Office Mobile apps for its just released Windows 10 OS

Microsoft announced the availability of Office Mobile apps for its just released Windows 10 operating system. Office Mobile, which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, is optimized for touch-based tablets and small screen devices running Windows 10.

Microsoft releases fully functional trial of Windows 10 enterprise

Microsoft has released a trial edition of Windows 10 enterprise for corporate customers that will stay fully functional for 90 days.

Microsoft teams with Jasper to integrate IoT platforms

Microsoft is partnering with Jasper, an Internet of Things platform provider, to integrate Microsoft Azure IoT Suite, due out later this year, with Jasper's IoT services platform.

Four things that CIOs can look forward to in Windows 10

Still debating whether to make the switch to Windows 10? We highlight four things that CIOs can look forward to in Microsoft's newest version of Windows.

Your quick reference guide to Windows 10 for the enterprise

The quick reference guide to the most pertinent Windows 10 coverage you may have missed.