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Latest Headlines

Microsoft makes Windows 10 November update available again

Microsoft has made the November update of Windows 10 available for directly download again, and finally explains why it pulled the download.

Cisco executives: Where are they now?

It has been four months since Chuck Robbins stepped into the role of Cisco CEO. The passing of the torch from former CEO John Chambers to Robbins came at the expense of several lost executives, reducing the old school Cisco brain share and replacing it with up-and-comers.

Most Skype for Business deployments fail, but you can improve the odds

There's plenty of interest in Microsoft's Skype for Business communications service, but according to Tom Tuttle, vice president of Microsoft practice at Nectar Services, most deployments of the product fail.

Apache Incubator accepts IBM's SystemML for open source development

IBM announced Tuesday that SystemML, a machine learning tool the company created, has been accepted into the Apache Incubator to further develop the tech for open-source uses.

Microsoft regresses in its efforts to bolster women in its workforce

Layoffs over the past year hit female employees disproportionately harder at Microsoft, causing the percentage of women on staff to drop noticeably. Women made up 29 percent of Microsoft's workforce in 2014, a number that dropped to 26.8 this year.

Surge in enterprise Windows 10 pilot rollouts expected in 2016, says Gartner

A rise in the number of Windows 10 pilot rollouts is expected in 2016, and at least half of all enterprises will have started Windows 10 deployments by the beginning of 2017, predicted market research firm Gartner.

Azure PowerShell 1.0 is now available

The preview for Azure PowerShell 1.0 is over, and the Microsoft task automation and configuration framework is ready for use with mission-critical applications.

Spotlight: Microsoft releases updates to Skype apps for iPhone, iPad

Microsoft released on Monday updates to its Skype apps for iPhone and iPad, with new shortcuts to detected data and improved multitasking capabilities, reported AppleInsider.

Microsoft still building Windows 10 Mobile OS, but Lumia 950s go on sale anyway

Just days after Microsoft released its latest Windows 10 Mobile build, the company began selling its new Lumia 950 running the OS. Hopefully, the kinks in the OS have been worked out.

Microsoft pulls latest Windows 10 release from direct download

Perhaps you were late to the party, but are now looking forward to tap into the free offer to upgrade your Windows 7 or Windows 8 devices to Windows 10? The bad news is that Microsoft has decided over the weekend that the latest "November" update (Build 1511) of Windows 10 will no longer be available for direct download, but will be distributed through Windows Update.