Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Marissa Mayer is looking for tech journalists

Yahoo keeps trying new things and the latest is a tech journalism venture that appears to be part of an overall content-driven strategy.

New Facebook search tool designed to help journalists, marketers

Facebook introduced new tools to help journalists and marketers surface what people are talking about on Facebook.

Spotlight: Startup creates tool to give publications automated context

Startup aims to provide publications with automated related links to keep readers engaged.

Murdoch's iPad digital daily could appear this month

Rumors have been flying since last fall about a possible iPad daily newspaper from News Corp head, Rupert Murdoch, who always seems to have a love/hate relationship with technology and the Internet.

ScribbleLive makes it easier for media to break stories online

ScribbleLive, an online service for media companies, announced the newest version of its live CMS last week. It provides a platform for launching news stories quickly, with the content living on the

Ford, Byrne on whether content management will eliminate the need for editors

Last week, an opinion piece on content management enjoyed several blog mentions and was the basis of an Atlantic.com article. Well, Paul Ford 's blog post, " Real Editors Ship," was actually about

Publish2 goes after AP with online news sharing service

This week Publish2 announced a new product they hope will change the way publications distribute content on the web. The announcement came at the TechCrunch Disrupt Conference in New York City and

Guardian content platform runs on Lucid Imagination search

The Guardian launched its new Open Platform content sharing service last week and announced that the underlying search technology used to power the service is from open source vendor, Lucid

Why local newspapers still matter (a lot)

Last week in Northampton, Mass., a town close to mine, there was a horrible crime. Close to a dozen fires were set in a two hour period. Two people died. Several houses were completely destroyed.

Micropayments certainly won't hurt

Last week, I wrote a post called Could micropayments save the news business? I was being a bit provocative of course. I don't believe any one idea is going to save the news business or provide