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Three times the charm

FierceMobileIT subscribers, get ready! To keep up with the fast pace of mobile IT news, we are publishing three times a week starting Monday, Sept. 17.

One on One with Nitin Mangtani of Google Search Appliance

Nitin Mangtani is the lead product manager for the Google Search Appliance (GSA). In this role, Nitin focuses on defining enterprise search strategy, establishing the product road map and defining

One on One with Jim Howard of CrownPeak

Jim Howard is CEO at CrownPeak Technologies, a web content management company, which delivers its product as software as a service (SaaS). Howard has been running his company since it launched back

One on One with David Nuscheler of Day Software

There has been a lot of coverage in this space (and elsewhere) about CMIS including an Editor's Corner when it was announced, and a subsequent interview with Alfresco CTO and chairman John Newton.

One on One with John Newton of Alfresco

John Newton, CTO and Chairman at Alfresco, has been involved in the content management industry since 1990 when he was one of the founders and the lead designer at Documentum. More recently, he

FierceVoIP Leaders: Jonathan Christensen, GM of audio and video for Skype

Jonathan Christensen will be speaking at ITEXPO next week. FierceVoIP: Jonathan, tell us a little about Skype's current offerings. Christensen: Well, we are using Skype technology right now to place

One on One with Google about Chrome

After the surprise release of Google's new Chrome browser last week, I sent Google some questions about the reasoning behind releasing its own browser, and what they hoped to achieve. While Google