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Latest Headlines

New PC devices, tablets to be unveiled at Computex next week

Expect new Windows tablets and PC devices to be announced or unveiled next week at the annual Computex trade show in Taipei, Taiwan. This includes Windows tablets with smaller screens, new styles of hybrid laptops, as well as faster and more powerful PC desktops and laptops.

Intel: Expect 50 percent more battery life with Haswell laptops

Intel's next-generation "Haswell" microprocessors will offer 50 percent more battery life than current "Ivy Bridge" processors, according to the company.This improvement in power life will not have an impact on performance, according to Rani Borkar, Intel's corporate vice president and general manager, at a media briefing held on Thursday.

One-quarter of notebook computers to ship with touchscreens by 2016, says IHS

One-quarter of notebook computers are forecast to ship with touchscreens by 2016, according to research firm IHS.

Intel rolls out one development tool for all Android platforms

Intel is rolling out a new development environment that it hopes will help developers build apps for Android devices on both ARM and Intel microprocessors. Called Beacon Mountain 0.5, the tool is said to facilitate and accelerate the design, coding, and debugging of applications.

Intel eyes tablet comeback with Galaxy Tab 3

Samsung could soon be releasing its first Android tablet that comes with an Intel processor, according to a report on  Computerworld.

Intel, Qualcomm 'missed the tablet boat,' says Strategy Analytics analyst

Major chip vendors Intel and Qualcomm "missed the tablet boat" in 2012, and their future success hinges on Microsoft's Windows tablet operating system, judged Stuart Robinson, director of the handset component technologies service at Strategy Analytics.

Intel releases more info on Silvermont Atom chips

The Atom processors based on the new Silvermont microarchitecture will break the "myth" of ARM processors being more power efficient, claims Intel. The chip manufacturer revealed key details of Silvermont at a press briefing on Monday, and said it is expected to form the basis for the company's next-gen Bay Trail and Merrifield Atom processors.

Intel's McAfee ponies up $389M in cash for next-generation firewall firm

Intel's McAfee has agreed to acquire Stonesoft, a Finnish network firewall firm, for $389 million in cash, the security firm announced Monday.

Intel's Haswell to offer major graphics upgrade

We reported last week that Intel looks set to launch its next-generation Haswell microprocessor at the Computex show on June 4. Additional information released by Intel on Wednesday confirmed the above information, and offers additional details about Haswell and its capabilities on the graphics front.

Intel set to unveil Silvermont Atom architecture

Intel is expected to outline plans for a redesign of its Atom microprocessor on May 6, in the first such move since it was introduced in 2008 to power netbooks.