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Latest Headlines

Does big data science require Software Defined Networking?

Researchers are already calling for the technology in order to continue research in high volume data fields such as genomics.

Intel sees 5 million hours in productivity gains through BYOD program

While struggling to expand its position in the mobile chip market, Intel has had success on the mobile front within its own organization through its BYOD program, according to the chip maker's "2012-2013 IT Performance Report."

Hadoop gets workout at Strata

Hadoop has been getting a workout over the last year and both large and small companies revealed their progress this week at the Strata Conference in Santa Clara, Calif., in leveraging the open source system to unleash the power of big data.

Intel scoops up appMobi's HTML5 developer tools, staff

Intel has acquired appMobi's HTML5 developer tools division and related technical staff in an effort to strengthen its presence in the mobile software market. Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Spotlight: Intel continues mobile push with appMobi buy

Intel is boosting its presence in the mobile application developers market with the purchase of appMobi's HTML5 developer tools and hired away from appMobi, according to a report by TechCrunch.

Facebook driving standards for big data hardware

It was inevitable that a leading producer of the world's immense data bloom would try to assert its influence on hardware vendors and developers to create standards around the systems that store and process its massive data stores.

Gartner: Qualcomm stands out in sluggish semiconductor market

Fueled by smartphone demand and 3G and 4G network deployment, Qualcomm saw its semiconductor revenues soared 29.6 percent in 2012, pushing it from sixth place in 2011 to third place this year, according to the latest stats from market research firm Gartner.

Could departure of Intel CEO signal faster shift toward mobile?

Chip maker Intel announced Tuesday that Paul Otellini, its long-serving chief executive officer, is retiring in May.

Intel working on 48-core chip that could revolutionize mobile data

Intel Labs is working on a 48-core chip for smartphones and tablets that could revolutionize mobile data.

Intel targets mobile chip market with 'Intel Inside' campaign

Intel is taking a page from its own playbook and marketing its microchips for mobile devices through an "Intel Inside" branding campaign.