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Latest Headlines

IDC: Economic uncertainty, Windows 8, tablets blamed for PC chip drop

Economic uncertainty, delays in PC purchases caused by the Windows 8 launch and the tablet's displacement of low-end PCs all contributed to a 2.4 percent drop in PC microprocessor revenues last year, according to the latest figures from research firm IDC.

Gartner: Qualcomm stands out in sluggish semiconductor market

Fueled by smartphone demand and 3G and 4G network deployment, Qualcomm saw its semiconductor revenues soared 29.6 percent in 2012, pushing it from sixth place in 2011 to third place this year, according to the latest stats from market research firm Gartner.

Could departure of Intel CEO signal faster shift toward mobile?

Chip maker Intel announced Tuesday that Paul Otellini, its long-serving chief executive officer, is retiring in May.

Infonetics: Cisco tops data center security market

Cisco is the leading supplier in the data center security market, followed by Juniper Networks, Intel's McAfee, Fortinet and Check Point, according to the latest research by Infonetics Research.

HP refreshes Integrity servers with supercharged Intel processor

Hewlett Packard is refreshing its current line of Integrity servers--from blades to its large Superdome servers--with Intel's new Itanium 9500 processor.

Intel working on 48-core chip that could revolutionize mobile data

Intel Labs is working on a 48-core chip for smartphones and tablets that could revolutionize mobile data.

Enterprise IT managers worry about cloud security

Whether it is regulators threatening fines or CEOs fuming about data breaches, IT managers are well aware of the security risks from the adoption of cloud computing. The latest warning from a UK regulator only reinforced that message.

Intel targets mobile chip market with 'Intel Inside' campaign

Intel is taking a page from its own playbook and marketing its microchips for mobile devices through an "Intel Inside" branding campaign.

Digital bathroom etiquette: Thou shalt not make video calls

According to a recent survey about video calling, 13 percent of American adults said they see nothing wrong with holding a work-related video call from the bathroom. Really? From the bathroom?

Jolla's MeeGo smartphones will run Android apps

Jolla revealed that its forthcoming smartphones based on Nokia's abandoned MeeGo smartphone platform will run applications optimized for Google's Android operating system.