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Latest Headlines

Intel has already exceeded its diversity goals for entire year

After setting ambitious goals for hiring a more diverse workforce, Intel released a mid-year report that shows it has exceeded its goals for the entire year.

To incent employees to refer minority candidates, Intel dangles dollars

Intel is using a tried and true incentive in hopes of boosting the number of women, minorities and veterans on its payroll: money. The company is giving $4,000 to employees who recommend candidates who will improve diversity in its ranks, according to a Wall Street Journal article.

CERN opts for OpenFlow for SDN capabilities

Software-defined networking – and OpenFlow, in particular – got a boost last week when CERN signed a deal to have Brocade to help create a long-term SDN strategy. So in some ways, SDN...

Intel announcements confirm earnings slump, slowing of Moore's Law

Intel found itself in the news for two unrelated, but equally disappointing, reasons yesterday as the firm announced significant profit declines for the last quarter and also a delay in releasing 10nm processors until 2017.

Intel the latest tech giant to announce leadership changes

Intel President Renee James will leave the firm at the end of this year, and the company will see a number of other executive changes.

Intel provides free Android app to remotely control PC with smartphone or tablet

Android users can now use their mobile devices to control their PCs with a free application from Intel.

Docker, CoreOS, plus everyone else in cloud come together for Open Container Project

The idea of a standard container runtime and image format may not be far off. Docker and CoreOS, as well as practically everyone who's anyone in cloud, have teamed up to form a new Linux Foundation initiative.

News Scan: Intel commits $125M to fund diversity-led tech startups; Tech industry could lose $35B to angry foreign customers; More

The top news stories for June 12, 2015.

What to expect with Intel's new Skylake microprocessor

Intel's upcoming Skylake microprocessor promises to change the shape of new computing devices with new technologies on several fronts. We take a closer look at them.

HP beefs up collaboration portfolio around Intel Unite, Skype and Chromebox

HP is rolling out new low-cost collaboration products based on Intel Unite software. The new products, which include collaboration-centric PCs and a videoconferencing monitor, aim to provide cost-effective ways to collaborate and hold real-time meetings.