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Industry Voices

Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

5 ways to avoid big bang web presence changes

David Hobbs explains how to avoid getting tripped up when you have to make major changes to your website.

Which WCM architecture--coupled or decoupled--is right for you?

Which Web CMS architecure is right for you--Coupled or Decoupled? Our guest post explores the pros and cons of each approach.

3 tips for monetizing video content

You made the video. Now how do you make it more shareable, findable and usable?

How to prepare your SharePoint installation for the future of content

With the growing proliferation of content, you need to find intelligent ways to store and discover it. One possible solution is SharePoint.

Juniper: Ticking off the demand for mobile ticketing

There is an increasing public expectation that the mobile device, having moved on in recent years from the good old  Gran Vals  ringtone to a number of rather more sophisticated applications, can be used as an interface for pretty much all activities in everyday life. This expectation becomes stronger as more and more activities fall within its remit; so much so that when our expectation is not fulfilled, we feel aggrieved: if it can't do that, then it should; why can't it? And so on.

Delivering the right content throughout the sales cycle matters

What's one of the key's to building momentum in the sales cycle? This guest post explains.

Where is SharePoint heading? 10 predictions

SharePoint 2013 represents a dramatic shift in Microsoft's SharePoint strategy. An industry expert gives 10 predictions about how it could change the way you use it. 

Analysys Mason: Facebook launches 'Home' in bid to control the smartphone communication experience

Facebook announced its Home software for Android phones on April 4. Home became available for free through the Google Play store in the U.S. from April 12, and would come to other countries shortly after. The software comes pre-installed on the HTC First handset and will initially be available for download on the following Android smartphones: HTC One X, HTC One X+, Samsung Galaxy SIII and Samsung Galaxy Note II.

What's everyone Yammering about?

When Microsoft proposed having a hybrid solution of Yammer in the cloud and SharePoint on-premises, it probably didn't think through the complications that could result from such a solution.

Analysys Mason: Sprint, Telefónica aim to increase their presence in the worldwide advertising value chain

Sprint and Telefónica Digital announced Feb. 20 that they will collaborate to establish an advertising alliance, which reportedly will reach the two operators' 370 million customers in Brazil, Germany, the U.K. and the U.S. Both operators have stated that the collaboration will span across messaging, display and location-based advertising.