Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Google self-driving car accident results in first injury

It had to happen. For the first time, a Google self-driving car was involved in an accident that caused an injury.

Adobe works with Google to harden Flash Player against hackers

The latest version of the Flash Player released last week contains more than just the usual band-aid patch.

With OpenStack move, Google extends hand to enterprises

Google is now a sponsor of the OpenStack Foundation, a move designed to encourage more use of Google's own public cloud.

Spotlight: Google unveils tools for Bluetooth low-energy beacons

Google launched Tuesday Eddystone, an open format for Bluetooth low-energy beacons that provides cross-platform support and improved security, as well as other tools to utilize beacons.

Rumored enterprise Google Glass would be step toward future of mobile computing, says Appian CEO

With rumors heating up that the next iteration of Google's dormant Glass product line will be professionally focused, leaders in the app development space are envisioning the many enterprise use cases for the smartglasses. Appian CEO Matt Calkins sees this reported step by Google as important in the natural evolution of Glass from a sideshow to a fully interactive business workflow facilitator.

Are Google's Chromebooks a good fit for the enterprise?

Google's Chromebook is seeing increasing use across enterprises as workers employ its versatility and simplicity for a wide range of tasks.

Lantronix enables simple wireless printing in the enterprise

Wireless-enabled printers are nothing new, but connections can (at times) be a little tricky – and there's little more frustrating than not being able to print when you're in a rush. Lantronix is hoping to make it simpler for enterprise end users to connect with xPrintServer Office, a device that connects directly to a router or switch.

Survey: Dropbox leads the way at smaller businesses but it's not alone

While Box may have started out targeting business users, Dropbox, Google and Microsoft are doing much better at attracting small and medium size business users, at least according to a survey that Spiceworks did recently.

Microsoft raises Azure prices... but not in the U.S.

A recent update to Microsoft Azure pricing that actually increases the price for customers not billed in U.S. greenbacks may signal that the race to the bottom may finally be at least slowing.

Tempered Glass: Google's revamped smartglasses project will reportedly focus on the enterprise

It seems that the latest push for Google Glass – which the company never truly gave up on – will focus on the workplace and professionals who would benefit from a hands-free, eye-activated computer system. Reports of unnamed sources "familiar" with the next iteration of Google Glass said the company has started referring to the project as "Enterprise Edition" or "Google Glass EE."