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Latest Headlines

Watch out Samsung and Pebble, here comes Android Wear and iWatch

While Samsung and Pebble make up 96 percent of the $96 million U.S. smartwatch market, according the latest stats from NPD Group, Google and Apple are getting ready to launch their offerings.

Driverless vehicles have potential to change the way we drive and work

Driverless vehicles have the potential to revolutionize the way we drive as well as the way we conduct business, as demonstrated by a number of recent developments.

Mobility 'ended Microsoft's dominance, saved Apple, made Facebook and could upend Google,' judges analyst

Mobility has radically changed the IT landscape over the last decade--it "ended Microsoft's dominance, saved Apple, made Facebook and could upend Google," writes Ben Bajarin, principal at market intelligence firm Creative Strategies, in a Time column.

Chrome officially more popular than Internet Explorer

Google's Chrome has overtaken Microsoft's Internet Explorer, or IE, as a Web browser platform in the United States, according to the latest Adobe Digital Index for the month of April. According to Adobe, Chrome accounted for 31.8 percent of all Web browser usage during the month, while IE's browser share was slightly lower at 30.9 percent for that month.

Report: Safari, Chrome could mask URLs in future

Both the Safari and Chrome Web browsers could soon implement a new feature that results in the URL of a website being obscured, reports  Computerworld.

News Scan: Google warning could hit mobile search; Wi-Fi standard raises access point prices; more

Check out the hottest mobile IT stories for June 9, including the decrease in click-throughs expected from Google's new mobile warning label, how the change is Wi-Fi standards has affected pricing, the future of sapphire in the touch panels, the expected revenue increase for auto infotainment and how mobile search will facilitate 73 billion calls in 2018.

Google sees dramatic drop in mobile search ad revenue share

Google is seeing a steady decline on mobile search ad revenue as a result of market fragmentation and rise of mobile apps, according to the latest stats from eMarketer.

NSA surveillance revelations prompt shift to encrypted emails

In the aftermath of the revelations about widespread National Security Agency surveillance, more email users are turning to encryption to secure their emails.

Google plans 180 satellite fleet for $1B to provide Internet connectivity to underdeveloped regions

In a move with the potential to revolutionize the way many people access the Internet, sources at Google have revealed plans to launch a fleet of 180 satellites that would provide networking services to areas with low levels of connectivity. The plan would cost $1 billion--or more--and could be the first step in a greater effort to create a far-reaching satellite network.

Humans trusted autonomous car too fast, says Google

While we will all continue to struggle with privacy issues, it is clear that consumers do want and are quickly comfortable with many of the benefits big data can deliver. And like Google, many of us will need to speed development to meet demand.