Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Slack takes on Microsoft's Skype, Google Hangouts with new call features

Slack has added voice calls in beta with video and screen sharing on the way soon. 

Google DLP solution now scans images for sensitive information

Google has added new features to its data loss prevention solution in Gmail for Work. The new features will allow users to make sure that scanned documents comply with company security rules.

Spotlight: Chrome aims for top spot as Microsoft hemorrhages Web browser users

Microsoft's Web browser user share dropped from 57.4 percent in February 2015 to 44.8 percent in February 2016, a massive drop off that could signal the end of the company's dominance in that market.

Google builds out automation capabilities of Cloud Trace, plans for expanded support of Compute Engine and Container Engine

Google Cloud Trace, which collects latency data from App Engine applications and displays it in near real-time for Google Cloud Platform users, received an update this week that should make it easier to track application performance and work to improve it.

IRS' potential loss could be Google's $3.5B gain

Intel isn't the only tech leader likely to benefit if the company wins its tax dispute with the Internal Revenue Service. Google also could be in for a windfall if the IRS loses its international tax dispute with Intel, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

Google adds 'Manage Now' feature to console to simplify management for mobile devices

Google has added a Manage Now feature to its Mobility Management admin console to make it easier for IT admins to detect unmanaged mobile devices, establish a mobile security policy and set up Android for Work.  

IBM aims to bring GitHub to the enterprise

Enterprise adoption of Git has experienced strong growth over the last three years, but a new partnership between GitHub and IBM could see much that adoption accelerate. The partnership deal puts GitHub on IBM's Bluemix platform as a service.

Google continues to push the AI envelope with release of new toolset that lets robots 'see'

Google's beta release of Cloud Vision API, which has been in limited preview since December, is the latest in a recent spate of AI announcements from software giants. With Google's new AI toolkit, developers can use machine learning to help robots recognize image content. 

Google Compute Engine gets Custom Machine Types for greater VM configuration

Google Compute Engine's virtual machines just got a little more flexible – and possibly more cost-effective. With the general availability of Custom Machine Types, Google indicated in a blog post that the flexible configurations could save users up to 50 percent on costs, although 19 percent is closer to reality for most customers.

Spotlight: Google engineers uncover, patch remote code execution bug in glibc

Google engineers discovered a remote code execution vulnerability in the GNU C Library, commonly known as glibc, and were able to patch the hole, explained Google in a blog post.