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Latest Headlines

This week's 5 hot new apps: A new Galaxy of Samsung apps; Tap your friend's digital shoulder; more

A roundup of the 5 hottest new apps of the past week.

News Scan: Ford gets musical with mobile; 5.5-inch iPhone 6 could be delayed; more

Check out the hottest mobile IT stories for July 14, including the new mobile ad campaign from Ford, what popular Google app just got an iOS version, the hang-up that could prevent the 5.5-inch iPhone from coming out in 2014, the wireless provider with the best performance in U.S. cities and the disconnect on Cat6 manufacturers and mobile operators.

Google: Unrestricted search is a human right, EU is interfering

Some 70,000 takedown requests are being handled by hand, according to Google's legal chief, who's now faced with the task of owning up to all the data Google owns.

CIOs breathe sigh of relief as likelihood of Google Glass release this year slips

CIOs can breathe a collective sigh of relief--for now--as signs point to Google Glass not being officially launched this year after all.

Spotlight: Google warns Windows users of bogus digital certificates

Windows users need to be on guard for fraudulent digital certificates, warns Adam Langley, security engineer with Google.

Move by Goldman Sachs to 'unsend' email raises important questions about data ownership

An attempt by Goldman Sachs to have Google block access to a sent email raises some serious questions with regards to data access, especially given the widespread cloud deployment and pervasive state-level surveillance that we are seeing today.

U.S. Marshals Service gaffe leads to Bitcoin phishing scam

A rather basic phishing scam, aided by a U.S. Marshals Service gaffe, scored around $60,000 worth of bitcoins from an investor. While the attack relied on social engineering, according to the Wall Street Journal, the transient nature of Bitcoin made the caper possible.

Google, Apple fight for enterprise mobility dominance while Microsoft, BlackBerry lurk in shadows

While the battle over enterprise mobility dominance has been historically unpredictable, the main players are ever-refining their platforms to reach the top. Recent conferences from Apple and Google showed their plans for future iterations to further separate themselves from one another and lurking competitors, namely Microsoft and BlackBerry.

News Scan: Apple bests Samsung for top selling model; Procter & Gamble tops for mobile campaigns; more

Check out the hottest mobile IT stories for July 7, including the top five selling phones of the first quarter, The companies utilizing mobile-social campaigns most effectively, the expected battery boost for the iPhone 6, the group of UK businesses that unilaterally banned Google Glass and the latest on browser adoption.

BBC notified article pulled from Google Search under 'right to be forgotten' ruling

A Slashdot story reports that the BBC has been notified that an article written by Robert Peston on the massive losses at Merrill Lynch has been pulled from Google Search under the mandates of the EU "right to be forgotten" ruling. The author argues that it is public interest and journalism at stake here; I would argue that in this case it's arguably more commercial and investor interest at stake and that stake represents some mighty big money.