Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Apple takes cue from Microsoft with updates announced at WWDC 2015

Updates coming to Siri and iPad add some capabilities that Microsoft has introduced in earlier versions of Cortana and Surface tablets.

Hortonworks, Harman collaborate on big-data apps for connected cars

Harman and Hortonworks will collaborate to integrate Hortonworks Data Platform functionality into Harman's cloud-based offerings and rendering big data analytics apps for manufacturers that analyze streaming data from connected cars.

Google tweaks Chrome for improved laptop battery life

Google is working to improve the battery life reputation of its Chrome browser; starts off with a tweak to the Chrome browser so that it defaults to playing Flash selectively.

Google's Soli radar chip uses hand movements to perform tasks on wearables, IoT devices

Google's recently unveiled Soli, a chip that lets users perform tasks on devices using hand gestures, could allow for new kinds of apps that could prove useful in the enterprise. 

News Scan: Jesse Jackson challenges Google on diversity; Governments worldwide reduce IT spending this year; More

The top news stories for June 4, 2015.

Spotlight: Virginia to allow driverless cars on major highways

Google and other firms working on self-driving cars will soon be able to test them out on 70 miles of public highways in northern Virginia, reported the Richmond Times-Dispatch

Google's latest numbers reveal depth of diversity challenges

One of the leading players in the new diversity-first hiring campaign is Google, which this week blogged about its efforts the past year. While the firm has seen some success, it acknowledges it has a long way to go. The same is certainly true for IT and the tech industry overall.

SoundHound takes on Siri, Cortana and Google Now with new voice search app

SoundHound, known for its music recognition app, is going after the big players in the digital assistance market – Apple's Siri, Microsoft's Cortana and Google Now.

Here's Google's vision for how phones, watches and IoT will work together

Google developers offered up some details about how they built some of Android's location-aware apps, like an automatic car finder feature, and said that new products like watches and connected devices promise much more interesting apps in the future. 

Google seeks to reinvent email as Gmail users approach a billion users

Google hopes to change email with Inbox service that exists on top of Gmail.