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Latest Headlines

Google shares its machine learning software, TensorFlow, with the world

Google announced in a blog post today that it has released machine learning software it calls TensorFlow to the open source community.

Spotlight: Google adds usability features to Keep for iOS app

Google updated its Keep for iOS note-taking app and added new features, such as giving users access to Keep from a new Today widget and enabling users to add things to Keep from other apps using a new sharing extension, reported IDG News Service.

Google says 19,000 organizations are trying or using Android for Work, but security questions linger

Google has announced plans to push updates to Android for Work based on the latest iteration of its mobile OS, Android Marshmallow. The move marks further commitment to the Android for Work offering, which Google estimates more than 19,000 organizations are testing, deploying or actively using.

Encryption prevents the FBI from using its legitimate authority, says general counsel

The Federal Bureau of Investigation and other law enforcement agencies are not able to use the existing legal mechanisms in place today, such as search warrants, to conduct investigations because of technical obstacles, James Baker, general counsel at the FBI, told an audience at the Advanced Cyber Security Center annual conference held here in Wednesday.

Spotlight: Google easily finds security flaws in Samsung software used in Galaxy S6 Edge

Google has found 11 security flaws in Samsung's software on its Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone, including a number of "high-severity" problems, after only a week of investigation, reported AppleInsider.

Chrome OS is not going anywhere, Google says

The Chrome operating system isn't going anywhere, despite last week's report from The Wall Street Journal that Chrome OS would disappear into Android, said Google on Monday.

Google plans to begin drone deliveries in 2017

Google expects that Project Wing – its drone delivery service – will be up and running sometime in 2017, according to an article at BBC News.

Smart Reply for Google's Inbox app answers your emails for you

Google is rolling out Smart Reply, a new capability in its Inbox app that determines if an email can be easily answered with a short, standard reply. The feature uses machine learning to comprehend incoming emails and generate responses. 

Spotlight: Apple faces criticism for AI secrecy

While Google, Microsoft and IBM jump at the chance to present their artificial intelligence findings, Apple tells its AI workers to not even put who they work for on LinkedIn.

Google reportedly to combine Chrome, Android to create single OS

The Wall Street Journal cited sources "familiar with the matter" when it reported Thursday that Google will merge its Chrome OS with its Android mobile OS. The company will finalize the combined OS in 2017, according to the Journal's sources, but it will release a sneak peek in 2016.