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Latest Headlines

One more Content Management trend: Here comes Big Content

Big Data and Big Content aren't the same. Here's why.

Marketing technologist could act as bridge between CMO, CIO

A speaker at the Gilbane Conference this week suggested it was time for a new marketing technologist role to bridge the gap between IT and marketing.

A modest proposal: Putting consumers in charge of their online data

What if consumers shared data when they were in the market for something, with the understanding that they would be left alone if they weren't?

Strategies for building successful social networks

Rachel Happe from Community Roundtable spoke at the Gilbane Conference last week and she outlined some strategies for building a successful enterprise community.

WCM, ECM have more in common than you think

We have been taught to think of ECM and WCM as distinctly different plays, but the two might have more in common than you think.

Silver bullet CXM solutions are a myth, say Powers, Assad

There is no "mythical, magical CXM suite," Stephen Powers, principal analyst and research director at Forrester Research, told an audience Nov. 30 at the Gilbane Conference in Boston. Despite vendor

CrownPeak releases major interface upgrade

CrownPeak, the software as a service web content management vendor, announced a major new release of their product last week at the Gilbane Conference in Boston. The new interface greatly simplifies

Are we over thinking enterprise social?

I attended a session at last week's Gilbane Conference in Boston called " From Collaboration to Business Transformation: Expanding the role of Enterprise Social Networks." As I listened to the two

The great Big-Data scare of 2012

It's coming and it's big. I mean really, really big. It's so big you should be afraid, very afraid because your database can't handle it. It's the attack of "Big Data" and it's coming soon to an