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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Yammer integrates with social influence service Klout

Yammer partners with Klout, but how useful will it be?

Jive, Box partner up in the cloud

Jive and Box joined forces this week to offer a one-two cloud punch with Jive providing enterprise social and Box offering online storage and content sharing.

Salesforce updates Chatter

Salesforce takes Chatter to the next level.

Bloomfire launches updated knowledge sharing app

Bloomfire updated its social platform with new features to share content and understand the social network better.

Spotlight: Yammer adds on the fly translation

Yammer has added instant translation capability.

Significant update to Office 365 live

Experts have reacted to the latest release of Office 365.

Marissa Mayer, meet Andrew McAfee

Marissa Mayer turned heads when she instituted a telework ban last week, but she needn't have taken such a radical step. She just needs to have a talk with Andrew McAfee who coined the term Enterprise 2.0.

NewsGator updates Social Sites for SharePoint 2013

NewsGator makes it easier for customers to upgrade from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013 with shared codebase. New features let users work in the context of their job.

Webtrends SharePoint partnership brings analytics to SharePoint social experience

Webtrends has partnered with SharePoint to provide analytical insight into SharePoint social usage.

Telligent partners with Lionbridge on community translation

As Telligent and Lionbridge team up on an integrated translation software solution inside Telligent's Communities product, it provides a means for more individuals to participate and also to expand into new markets.