An enterprise content management system allows an organization to capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver content and documents related to organizational processes, according to AIIM. ECM strategies and tools also often facilitate collaboration among those involved in specific business processes.

Some popular ECM platforms and vendors include: SharePoint, Spring CM, Oracle and Nuxeo.


Enterprise Content Management

Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Focus will be on providing "enterprise-class support" for mobile data, apps, says Gartner

Over the next few years, enterprise software providers will focus more on providing "enterprise-class support" for mobile data and applications on top of existing mobile architectures, predicts market research firm Gartner.

Mobility is transforming enterprise content management, says Ovum

Mobility is transforming the enterprise content management market, judges Sue Clarke, senior analyst of information management at research firm Ovum.

10 must-have features for an enterprise content management solution

Your mileage may vary.

Face it, ECM has always been a false promise

ECM is not the answer to today's complex information management requirements, and actually probably never was.

Nuxeo introduces Nuxeo mobile

Nuxeo adds mobile development tools to open source ECM platform.

Content's going mobile: FCM goes to Mobile World Congress

As I visit Mobile World Congress, I ponder the importance of mobile in all aspects of content management today.

Kevin Cochrane, OpenText's CMO, talks about his new job

We spoke to Kevin Cochrane, the new CMO at OpenText, about the challenges he faces moving forward.

ECM could be more a name than a real solution

In an age of increasing amounts of content, when software needs to be tailored more to the needs of business units, perhaps it's time to look at content management beyond the notion of ECM.

Microsoft gets ready to roll out new version of Office web apps

Microsoft is conducting an automatic Office 365 update as part of a SharePoint update later this month, and you should know what it means.

Mobile disruption blows up content management

Mobile devices are causing disruption of IT as they scramble to accomodate the requirements of a mobile workforce, and nowhere is this more pronounced than content management.