Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

X1 Distributed Discovery turns out e-discovery search results in minutes, not days

X1DD is a scalable, on-demand tool for conducting unstructured content and metadata searches across an entire organization in minutes, no matter where the data are stored.  

Upcoming Viewpoint release includes improved e-discovery reporting, redaction tools

At its heart, Viewpoint helps companies collect, sort and preserve eDiscovery data.

Lawyers (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ over emojis during e-discovery

Emojis and emoticons used to be exclusive BFFs with teens. Now adults are peppering texts and tweets with the expressive little images and it's having a surprising effect on e-discovery.

FTI releases 8.2 version of Ringtail e-Discovery software

Ringtail 8.2 comes in both on-demand and on-premise versions and is designed for use by e-discovery teams that use very large data sets, run sophisticated search queries, and seek to securely automate the review workflow.

Sarbanes-Oxley takes minor hit in Supreme Court ruling

The Supreme Court ruled yesterday on a challenge to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), the 2002 law that defined rules and regulations for financial reporting by publicly traded companies. The ruling,

HP launches updated SharePoint governance tool

HP released Trim 7 this week, the newest update to its SharePoint governance tool. HP acquired Tower Software, the original developers of this software back in 2008. One of the big complaints from

Can e-Discovery control and Web 2.0 coexist?

Matthew Hodgson has a post this week on the {app} gap where he raises an interesting question. Can a company bent on controlling access to information allow users to go onto the open web and interact

You need to be thinking about e-Discovery

As the economic down-turn evolves into a full-scale deep dive, one thing is certain: investors are going to be looking for someone to blame. That means we can look for lawsuits aplenty in the coming

IBM launches new e-Discovery tool

With all that's happening in the financial markets recently, chances are there is going to be some substantial legal fallout. That means having e-Discovery tools at your disposal could be more

Everything is looking up for ECM

As I was thinking about this week's column yesterday, it occurred to me that there has been a lot of good content management news lately. All signs to point to an industry that's on an upward trend.