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Latest Headlines

FTI releases 8.2 version of Ringtail e-Discovery software

Ringtail 8.2 comes in both on-demand and on-premise versions and is designed for use by e-discovery teams that use very large data sets, run sophisticated search queries, and seek to securely automate the review workflow.

Sarbanes-Oxley takes minor hit in Supreme Court ruling

The Supreme Court ruled yesterday on a challenge to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), the 2002 law that defined rules and regulations for financial reporting by publicly traded companies. The ruling,

HP launches updated SharePoint governance tool

HP released Trim 7 this week, the newest update to its SharePoint governance tool. HP acquired Tower Software, the original developers of this software back in 2008. One of the big complaints from

Can e-Discovery control and Web 2.0 coexist?

Matthew Hodgson has a post this week on the {app} gap where he raises an interesting question. Can a company bent on controlling access to information allow users to go onto the open web and interact

You need to be thinking about e-Discovery

As the economic down-turn evolves into a full-scale deep dive, one thing is certain: investors are going to be looking for someone to blame. That means we can look for lawsuits aplenty in the coming

IBM launches new e-Discovery tool

With all that's happening in the financial markets recently, chances are there is going to be some substantial legal fallout. That means having e-Discovery tools at your disposal could be more

Everything is looking up for ECM

As I was thinking about this week's column yesterday, it occurred to me that there has been a lot of good content management news lately. All signs to point to an industry that's on an upward trend.

Virtual machines can be an e-Discovery nightmare

As the use of virtual machines steadily increases, it creates a very real e-Discovery issue. When a company receives an order to locate information in an e-Discovery process, it's easy to forget

Judge rules Oracle failed to produce crucial emails

You've been hearing for years that you have to prepare your records so that in the event of a legal or regulatory discovery, you have your records in order. Well, to drive the point home, CNET News

Interwoven snags e-Discovery vendor Discovery Mining

Enterprise Content Management vendor Interwoven took a leap into e-Discovery this week when it purchased e-Discovery vendor