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Latest Headlines

Homeland Security enhances content on website for international student community

In 2012, The Department of Homeland Security elected to move all its public-facing websites to Drupal in order to  more easily share code among its internal agencies and manage its entire codebase on a single, shared platform. That resource sharing led to DHS's recent announcement of an enhanced Study in the States informational website for the international student community.

PencilBlue takes aim at Drupal, WordPress

Blake Callens, CEO of the newly-released content management system  PencilBlue, makes no bones that he's  set his sights on overtaking WordPress  to become the dominant open source CMS option for content providers. Callens says it's "the first online publishing platform to meet all of the market's current needs." Can the company deliver on such a bold statement?

Drupal briefly extends support for Drupal 6

As  Drupal's developers continue to push out alpha releases of Drupal 8, support for older versions is winding down. Drupal's policy to date has been to only support the current and previous versions, but Drupal founder and lead developer Dries Buytaert says the community has decided to continue to support 6 for a while longer than anticipated.  

Morten Hyde-Birch Jorgensen steps down from Drupal's Board of Directors

The move follows a contentious online conversation about the use of (or lack of) politically correct language during DrupalCon in Austin earlier this month.

AU government to unify sites on Drupal, public cloud

As it heads (slowly) towards general release of Version 8, Drupal is on a roll.

Acquia launches Cloud Site Factory product

Acquia's new Cloud Site Factory aims to let customers have a single place for creating and managing multiple websites in the cloud.

What's the best open-source CMS for your company?

Open-source content management systems are getting fancier, and it's getting harder to know which one might best suit an enterprise's needs. To help you determine whether Drupal, WordPress or Joomla is right for your organization, Robert L. Mitchell takes an in-depth look at how companies are using the three platforms, in a series beginning with Drupal.

Acquia takes web experience management plunge

Acquia's approach to web experience management is to provide a platform onto which you can add various established pieces such as Salesforce.com and Google Analytics.

Badgeville brings gamification to Drupal

Badgeville announced a partnership with Acquia to bring gamification to the Drupal platform.

Acquia acquires Mollom website spam detection tool

Acquia purchased spam-blocker Mollom this week and plans to build it out in to a full-fledge platform.