Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Drupal plugs critical vulnerabilities with latest updates

Drupal, the popular open-source content management system, has plugged a number of critical vulnerabilities with its latest updates.

Spotlight: AU government's switch to Drupal moves forward

The Australian government has been  moving its entire content management system little by little to Drupal over the past several months.

Spotlight: NASA moves to Drupal, will other agencies follow?

Earlier this year, NASA successfully  migrated 110 websites and applications to the cloud. Is that an indication that the rest of the government will eventually do the same? 

Experts troubled by Drupal's latest security snafu

Drupal's latest cyberattack may have affected as many as 12 million websites, leaving security experts concerned that similar future exploits could create a ripple effect compromising thousands more sites.

Drupal: Consider yourself hacked if you didn't patch within hours of advisory

The security team behind the popular Drupal content management system issued this unusually alarming statement last week.

NASA migrates its CMS to Drupal, citing ease of use

NASA announced it has taken 110 websites and apps out of a commercial data center and moved them to the cloud. The organization also detailed plans to use Drupal as its new content management system. The project is designed to take advantage of more cost-effective storage options, as well as dump a proprietary CMS that was no longer supported.

Homeland Security enhances content on website for international student community

In 2012, The Department of Homeland Security elected to move all its public-facing websites to Drupal in order to  more easily share code among its internal agencies and manage its entire codebase on a single, shared platform. That resource sharing led to DHS's recent announcement of an enhanced Study in the States informational website for the international student community.

PencilBlue takes aim at Drupal, WordPress

Blake Callens, CEO of the newly-released content management system  PencilBlue, makes no bones that he's  set his sights on overtaking WordPress  to become the dominant open source CMS option for content providers. Callens says it's "the first online publishing platform to meet all of the market's current needs." Can the company deliver on such a bold statement?

Drupal briefly extends support for Drupal 6

As  Drupal's developers continue to push out alpha releases of Drupal 8, support for older versions is winding down. Drupal's policy to date has been to only support the current and previous versions, but Drupal founder and lead developer Dries Buytaert says the community has decided to continue to support 6 for a while longer than anticipated.  

Morten Hyde-Birch Jorgensen steps down from Drupal's Board of Directors

The move follows a contentious online conversation about the use of (or lack of) politically correct language during DrupalCon in Austin earlier this month.