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Latest Headlines

Accellion announces new cloud content connectors for Box, Dropbox

Mobile file sharing vendor Accellion announced this week the availability of a collection of kiteworks cloud content connectors for Box and Dropbox. The new integration gives IT managers control over content employees are storing in the cloud while allowing users to access content from either side of the firewall.

Government data requests keeping pace with user growth

While the number of data requests by law enforcement is growing proportionately with its user base, the possibility that users may not be informed could be a concern for businesses.

Mobile workers reject enterprise file sync and sharing tools

Workers who use file sync and sharing tools to share corporate documents and access them through mobile devices are continuing to use consumer products in high numbers, despite the availability of enterprise-provided tools.

Unlimited cloud storage and the elephant in the room

Dropbox  announced  last week that Dropbox Pro users are getting a hefty storage upgrade to one terabyte per account. But is it enough to attract enterprise users?

The falling cost of cloud storage, and what they don't tell you about it

Cloud storage may be an excellent way to synchronize data across multiple devices, but it is terrible for large data backups.

Dropbox disabling links to possible PDF malware, reports Cyren

The distribution sources for potentially malicious documents are actively working to disable their distribution. But a Dropbox security alert seems to indicate that's making customers mad.

New Dropbox for Business gets enterprise-friendly features

Dropbox is beefing up the business version of its online cloud storage service with more granular security, new tools and full-text search

Sophos: Most companies permit Dropbox, few companies like it

The practice most commonly associated with the phenomenon called the "consumerization of IT" may be responsible for a low level of confidence among IT professionals.

One on One with Dropbox: We offer freedom from operating systems

In the second part of his interview with FierceEnterpriseCommunications, Ross Piper makes the case that the role of a cloud service is to bridge the gaps between operating systems, and build that bridge into a platform.

Dropbox VP: People's trust comes first, followed by IT security

The former Salesforce strategist argues that a hugely popular product with some security is more secure than a less popular product with IT administrator lockdowns.