Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Mobile collaboration startup Driftt acquires productivity app maker Fetchnotes

Mobile collaboration startup Driftt Monday announced its acquisition of Fetchnotes, an app maker focused on productivity, according to a post on the Fetchnotes blog.

Office Online now works seamlessly with Dropbox

Microsoft has announced that users will now be able to access their Dropbox files from Office Online, or launch into Office Online from Dropbox on the Web.

3 things Dropbox for Business gets right

Two years on, we take a look at how Dropbox for Business is doing it right.

Amazon offers unlimited storage for Cloud Drive for just $60 per year

Amazon has unveiled an "Unlimited Everything" cloud storage plan that offers individuals unlimited online storage for $59.99 per year.  

New Dropbox feature allows users to collaborate in Microsoft Office

File sharing and storage company Dropbox has made badge, it's new Microsoft Office collaboration tool, available to all Dropbox for Business users today, according to its blog.

Dropbox for Business adds new groups functionality

Dropbox already has a strong following among business customers, but in an apparent effort to attract even more, the firm is pushing out one of its most popular new features to a wider audience.

Part way through the race, Microsoft starts to play nice

Microsoft is opening the door to more integration between Office and third-party cloud storage companies. At one time, these moves could have made life a lot easier for mobile workers trying to get a grip on accessing and managing their files. At this point though, it could be a bit too late.

Office for iOS now supports iCloud Drive, other cloud services

Office for iOS now supports iCloud Drive, as well as other cloud services that implement the Document Provider extensions introduced in iOS 8.

Box receives rocky reception from Wall Street

The growing number of enterprise storage options are overwhelming corporate consumers, and also investors--especially when it comes to newly public Box.

Dropbox appeals to more BYOD users with new extension for iOS 8

In its latest version, Dropbox has added a new action extension to iOS 8 that enable users to save files directly to the cloud storage service from any iOS app. With this capability already available on Android devices, Dropbox is appealing to more BYOD users with this move.