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Latest Headlines

Dropbox fails to move the needle much in employee diversity, names new global head of diversity

Dropbox released its annual diversity report this week and found that between 2014 and 2015, diversity in its workforce strengthened and weakened in different areas, though not by much, as seems to be the trend. The company used the report to announce Judith Williams as global head of diversity.

Real-time Office Online co-authoring comes to Dropbox, Box

Microsoft extended its real-time collaboration capability via Office Online to more cloud storage providers, including Box, Citrix ShareFile, Dropbox and Egnyte. 

Dropbox enables real-time Office document collaboration

Hot on the heels of last week's Dropbox app for Windows 10 launch, Dropbox is back with the release of new collaboration features that once again ratchet up its integration with Microsoft Office.

Dropbox announces new Windows 10 app optimized for tablets

There's some good news today for Dropbox customers who use Microsoft products. The new Dropbox Windows 10 app will be available for the tablet in the next few days and Dropbox said the Windows 10 Mobile app is coming "soon."

New Dropbox patent hints at possible P2P future

Dropbox won a patent for a method of secure peer-to-peer data synchronization, raising the possibility that the company might add peer-to-peer capabilities into the popular cloud storage service. If it does, it'll compete with BitTorrent, which has been offering a peer-to-peer services for businesses. 

Tech In Memoriam 2015: 5 products that joined the deadpool this year

As the year comes to a close, we bid adieu to a group of products and services. In each, we can see a microcosm of the enterprise space on the whole. Whether too forward thinking, poorly executed, or half-baked from the start, these are some offerings that will not be joining us in 2016.

Microsoft executive reveals more about OneDrive

A new report sheds more light on Microsoft's strategy with its OneDrive online storage service.

Google announces $1M grant for security research into new features and products

Google said it's serious about security and is setting aside $1 million to fund more grants for security research, according to a Google Drive blog post. 

Box gets Salesforce integration

Salesforce and Box today announced that Box files will be available from within Salesforce. In addition, a Box SDK for Salesforce will let developers tap into Box files and tools from within apps built on the Salesforce App Cloud.

Microsoft apologizes, offers an olive branch to OneDrive users

After more than 72,000 people voted for a proposal that Microsoft turn back a recent decision to limit OneDrive storage, the company has apologized for the way it handled the change but said it is sticking with it.