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Latest Headlines

Dropbox CEO Houston says popularity among consumers is driving growth in enterprises

Dropbox's organic growth in the enterprise has led to 150,000 paying enterprise customers, including 50,000 over the past 10 months, according to CEO Drew Houston.

Microsoft OneDrive users threaten to switch after storage limit decrease

Microsoft announced Monday it plans to decrease the amount of storage it includes with some Office 365 subscriptions.

Spotlight: Here's evidence from DropBox that nobody really needed showing people use the service at work

If you had any doubt that workers are using DropBox, a report issued today from the file storage provider should dispel those doubts. 

Dropbox's app Paper will join crowded collaboration space

Dropbox is ramping up its beta testing invites for its latest project, a collaborative note-taking tool called Paper that has enterprise use cases.

Like Box, Microsoft takes aim at enterprise with OneDrive for Business updates

Microsoft is rolling out a number of updates to OneDrive for Business, including new controls over sharing and better management tools for IT. It's no coincidence that Microsoft made the announcements this week, when Box is holding its annual user conference and playing up its enterprise capabilities. The file share and sync market continues to be incredibly competitive, with new entrants like Box and DropBox vying for the enterprise against traditional vendors like Microsoft. 

Google Drive surpasses 1M paying organizations, adds security features

Google announced today new security features for the enterprise-focused version of its Google Drive service. Those functions will help propel the company in the competitive enterprise file sharing and collaboration space.

Spotlight: Dropbox adds new team feature to basic and pro accounts

Dropbox announced a new feature that lets Basic and Pro account users to create teams so that everyone in the group can share files in a team folder.

Dropbox suffers outage over the weekend

Dropbox suffered an outage on Sunday, according to users posting messages on Twitter and the Dropbox online community.  

Dropbox finds a new use for USB drives (UPDATED)

Cloud storage firm Dropbox is using dedicated USB security keys to beef up its security. The company announced Wednesday that it is using USB keys to implement two-factor authentication.

Dropbox reportedly considers trading storage for security adoption

Dropbox's top security executive told ITPro that the company is considering offering free storage to people who agree to use stronger security settings.