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Latest Headlines

Vaultize integrates enterprise DRM into suite of secure mobile file-sharing tools

Data security firm Vaultize offers enterprise file share and sync, mobile file sharing and mobile content management services to customers looking for easy and secure ways to share files across mobile devices in the workplace. The company announced this week that it has integrated enterprise digital rights management into its tools for even greater file security.

Adobe to add new DRM to its PDF Reader to bolster e-signing

A forthcoming addition to Adobe Reader will connect with EchoSign's cloud service to verify digital signatures in contracts and forms, as well as to monitor how documents are accessed.

Apple fixes DRM server behind App Store update glitch

Apple has resolved a server issue blamed for causing dozens of newly updated iOS applications to crash immediately after launch.

Rimage Signal lets you update or destroy mobile content remotely UPDATED

A new product from Rimage gives you the power to delete or update mobile content remotely, giving publishers at least the illusion of control.

Martin: How Ultraviolet's DRM could impact the wireless industry

I'll admit upfront that I am by nature a skeptic. This attitude has served me well in my chosen profession and my presumptions of failure are often prescient. I remember MovieBeam and wondering how

MobiTV debuts cross-platform DRM solution

Mobile broadcast solutions provider MobiTV announced the release of a new Digital Rights Management solution enabling users to store content on their handsets for offline viewing whenever and

Orange Music Store drops DRM

European mobile operator Orange announced its revamped Orange Music Store will offer more than 2 million tracks free of digital rights management restrictions. According to Orange, the refreshed

Hollywood mulls digital content delivery standard

Hollywood studios are closing in on an industry standard for master digital files used to transmit entertainment content to broadcasters, websites and mobile service providers. According to The

Marlin Partner Program targets content interoperability

More than 25 technology solutions providers, system integrators and content management firms announced their commitment to create the Marlin Partner Program, a new association dedicated to digital

Hollywood launches Open Market play-anywhere plan

Hollywood studios including Fox, Paramount, Sony, Universal and Time Warner are reportedly joining retailers including Amazon, Target and WalMart to launch Open Market, an initiative to install the