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Latest Headlines

What Dell's new ownership means for the enterprise

Dell founder and CEO Michael Dell, working with private investors, is taking his company private and away from the quarterly pressures imposed by Wall Street. Many analysts see the change in ownership model as leading to a redoubling of the company's resources on IT services.

Michael Dell and partners hope to take Dell private

Dell announced today that Michael Dell is leading the $24.4 billion buyout of Dell, the computer giant he founded.

Survey: Enterprises that don't support BYOD are at competitive disadvantage

Around 70 percent of IT decision makers surveyed by Vanson Bourne--for Dell--believe BYOD can improve their work processes and productivity, while 59 percent believe they would be at a competitive disadvantage without BYOD.

Facebook driving standards for big data hardware

It was inevitable that a leading producer of the world's immense data bloom would try to assert its influence on hardware vendors and developers to create standards around the systems that store and process its massive data stores.

Private cloud market to grow 9 percent annually through 2016, says TechNavio

The global private cloud market is predicted to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.98 percent through 2016, according to the latest data from TechNavio.

Dell to launch mobile management appliance in January

In January, Dell plans to offer a mobile management appliance to help IT teams deal with the proliferation of mobile devices in the enterprise.

Spotlight: Dell turned down Autonomy, report says

Autonomy reportedly approached Dell when it was pedaling the company, but was turned away.

Deutsche Telekom takes on U.S. data center outsourcing leaders with major U.S. hospital deal

Germany's Deutsche Telekom is taking on U.S. data center outsourcing market leaders CSC, Dell, HP and IBM with a major 10-year deal with Presbyterian Healthcare Services.

Top 10 Windows 8 Hybrids and Tablets

With just a few more days to go before the general availability of Windows 8 devices, interest in the slew of new tablets and ultrabooks based on Microsoft's latest iteration of the Windows operating system is palpable. To help you navigate the buzz, we've put together a lineup of the top 10 Windows 8 hybrid devices and tablets.

Elusive Trojan used to spy on energy firms

An energy company in Canada and an oil firm in the Philippines are among numerous corporations that have been targeted by hackers in a systematic cyber spying operation over the last few months.