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Latest Headlines

Super Wi-Fi gets the green light

Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) calls it "Wi-Fi on Steroids," Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) calls it "White-Fi," and most others are just calling it "Super Wi-Fi." It boils down to the opportunity to use unlicensed

Dell to use tiny Streak to drive deeper into healthcare

Dell is planning to market its tiny Android Streak computer to doctors and hospitals as a way of making greater inroads in the lucrative healthcare vertical, reports ZDNet's Larry Dignan. Healthcare

Avaya expected to release wireless tablet targeted at business users

Avaya is expected to introduce a tablet device specifically aimed at business customers, competing with Cisco Systems' earlier announced Cius tablet, according to a report from Dow Jones. The company

Dell's prospects in the enterprise

Dell's attempt to make further inroads into enterprise IT by purchasing 3PAR didn't work out, and the company still has work to do if it wants to be a big player in the business market. The AP's

Bids from HP, Dell for 3PAR show vendors' need for innovation

The bidding war between Hewlett-Packard (NYSE: HPQ) and Dell for data storage vendor 3PAR reached a dizzying height late last week when HP offered to pay $2 billion in cash for the little-known

Leaked: Images of Windows Phone 7 devices surface

Some images of Windows Phone 7 models have been leaked to the public, despite the fact that handset makers have yet to release official photos or information on upcoming Windows Phone 7 devices.

AT&T launches Dell's first U.S. smartphone

AT&T (NYSE: T) has launched Dell's first smartphone, the Android-powered Aero. Available for $100 with a two-year contract, the device runs on Android 1.5 and includes a custom user interface

Samsung expected to unveil Android tablet next month

Samsung is expected to unveil an Android-based tablet called the P1000 Galaxy Tab next month, according to reports. The tablet reportedly features a 7-inch touchscreen and include live, video chat

Dell touts Mobile Applications Store with Streak tablet

Dell confirmed AT&T (NYSE:T) will introduce its Streak tablet device on Aug. 12, with software optimized for the Android OS-powered unit available for download via the IT giant's fledgling Mobile

AT&T to launch Dell tablet this week

AT&T (NYSE: T) will launch Dell's Android-powered Streak tablet on Aug. 12 that comes with a new application store from Dell that not only sells apps for the Streak but for other mobile phones as