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Latest Headlines

Additional problems found in pre-installed Dell software

Dell PCs are shipping with more than one self-signed root certificate that comes complete with their corresponding private key, according to a new report on Computerworld.

Dell PCs shipped with rogue out certificate that attackers could use for spying

Dell is shipping PCs with a self-signed digital certificate that makes it easy for attackers to impersonate any other HTTPS-protected website in order to spy on users, the company confirmed on Monday.

Dell-EMC deal starts to solidify, faces scrutiny

The honeymoon is over for Dell and EMC as the nitty-gritty details emerge about how the largest tech acquisition ever could unfold. It's been about a month since news of the merger broke, and several aspects are starting to crystallize surrounding the massive undertaking.

Dell wants to make high performance computing more broadly available for enterprises

Dell wants to bring high performance computing (HPC) to businesses that so far haven't had easy access to these pricey and complex industrial-strength systems. Saying it intends to "democratize" HPC by accelerating its "mainstream" adoption, Dell announced Monday a set of new partnerships, reference designs and pre-built systems designed for the enterprise.

Many enterprises have a 'haphazard process' for managing privileged accounts, Dell poll finds

Many enterprises have "haphazard processes" for managing administrative or other privileged accounts, making them vulnerable to security breaches. That's the finding from a survey of 560 IT pros Dimensional Research carried out on behalf of Dell.

EMC reportedly hoping to take Pivotal public soon

EMC and Dell are hoping to take Pivotal public soon, although Dell will ultimately own the bulk of the company, according to a report in Re/Code that cites unnamed sources.

Dell gives free predictive analytics to all US universities

At EDUCAUSE 2015 on Wednesday, Dell announced its free analytics program for U.S. university students and professors. Statistica, as the advanced analytics program is called, goes further than just an analytics giveaway. It also includes support materials, including a free online statistics textbook, how-to-videos and access to a community of collegiate and professional users in STEM.

VMware and EMC spin out Virtustream as joint venture

One of the reasons Dell likely wanted VMware and EMC was for Virtustream, and shortly after the announcement that Dell was acquiring EMC (and thus VMware) for $67 billion, VMware and EMC unveiled plans to spin Virtustream out into its own company.

Dell and Microsoft: Frenemies?

It seems there have been more and more instances this year of leaders of competitive companies appearing on stage together and today's appearance by the CEOs of Dell and Microsoft at Dell World continues that trend. The CEOs sought to show that they're friends, rather than fierce competitors. 

Spotlight: What industry leaders are saying about the Dell-EMC deal

By now you've heard about the biggest tech acquisition in history: The Dell-EMC merger. Tongues are wagging from Wall Street to Silicon Valley. Who knew a private company could outdo...