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Latest Headlines

Google adds drag and drop file functionality to Google Docs

Last week while we were all getting ready for Thanksgiving Break, Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) introduced a nifty new feature to Google Docs that enables you to drag and drop files from your desktop into

Has WikiLeaks or web censorship gone too far?

This past weekend, WikiLeaks, the organization that publishes whatever government documents it can get its hands on, leaked thousands of pages of private cable correspondence between U.S. embassies

Tablet market expansion could confuse content producers and consumers

As I was perusing the Best Buy circular this past weekend in my local paper, I was struck by the number of tablet choices. As a technology writer, I'm a fairly educated consumer where these devices

Content explosion points to the cloud

Guest post by Tom Jenkins There's little doubt that content is being generated at lightning speed. Casual Internet surfing reveals the number and breadth of websites and blogs, on just about any

Get ready for community content management

Last week at ARMA 2010, I saw a speech by author Geoffrey Moore, who has written several books including " Crossing the Chasm." In his speech Moore discussed a new form of content management that was

Paper is still alive and well at ARMA 2010

As you walk down the hallways of the exhibition hall at ARMA 2010, you will notice that tucked in among the high technology solutions from power house vendors like IBM (NYSE: IBM), EMC, Iron Mountain

Can Enterprise 2.0 save the disconnected knowledge worker?

Today's workers are more disconnected from the company than ever. Spread out by distance, sometimes even without an office, these workers are looking for a way to connect to their fellow workers like

Box.net makes big changes to cloud storage products

Last week Box.net announced big changes to its cloud storage offerings, increasing the amount of storage across all three service tiers--free, business and enterprise. The big news, however, was the

ARMA and E20: A tale of two conferences

Next week I'll be attending two west coast conferences: ARMA 2010 in San Francisco, then Enterprise 2.0 in Santa Clara. I couldn't imagine two more different subjects. ARMA digs into the nitty gritty

New IBM case management tool takes aim at high volume content

It's no secret that the amount of unstructured content is increasing at a rapid rate inside organizations. IBM (NYSE: IBM) announced a solution this week that they hope will help organizations