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Latest Headlines

Let's kick the word 'enterprise' to the curb

The word "enterprise," as in enterprise content management, is jargony and imprecise, and it's time we struck it from the lexicon.

Forget about management, we need to focus on the content

If we believe that content management systems are about management, we have lost sight of the mission.

Box has always been about looking forward, not back

Box made some big announcements last week, but Box was never about pleasing the conventional content management crowd.

Box finally gets workflow tool and metadata's coming

Box finally adds light-weight workflow and announces metadata, two long-sought features.

Mobile security management market to double by 2015

The mobile security management market segment is forecast by ABI Research to reach the $1 billion mark by 2015, almost twice the amount expected this year.

Content Management Systems drive me nuts!

You think a CMS is supposed to make your life easier? Think again.

Happy fifth birthday, FierceContentManagement

It's been a fast five years here at Fierce and I can't begin to anticipate the changes we will see in the industry as we move forward, but if it's anything like what we've experienced so far, it's going to be a wild ride

Content management should have always been about the users

You would think software would be designed for a set of users, and how they do their work, but too often the people who will be using it are an after-thought.

When it comes to content management, good enough just could be good enough

At some point, many companies stopped looking for a system that had all the answers and went looking for specific tools that are simply good enough.

Face it, ECM has always been a false promise

ECM is not the answer to today's complex information management requirements, and actually probably never was.