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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Shufflrr brings content management to PowerPoint presentations

Shufflrr introduced a new cloud service this week that provides a place to manage PowerPoint presentations and reuse slides from existing presentations to build an entirely new one.

Let the frenzy begin: Box files $250 million IPO

Box announced on Monday it was filing its S-1 paperwork, the first step before an intial public offering (IPO).

It's a mobile world after all

Mobile has had a huge impact on content management, proving that it's a mobile world after all.

Content Management is more relevant than ever

Content management isn't dead--far from it. In fact, it's more relevant than ever.

Laserfiche announces bevy of updates

At the Laserfiche Empower Conference last week, the company made a flurry of new announcements.

Spotlight: Tiki Wiki announces version 12

Tiki released version 12 of Tiki Wiki this week. 

Multichannel delivery means it's time to separate content creation from presentation

Marriott's Meghan Walsh thinks it's time to separate content creation from presentation. Content authors create agnostic content and it gets processed, formatted and published across multiple channels. 

Every content marketing plan needs a governance component

With the freedom of content marketing comes the responsiblity of governance to make sure that your company isn't exposed.

Infographic: Is email dying?

Is email dying as this infographic asserts? Probably not.

Let's kick the word 'enterprise' to the curb

The word "enterprise," as in enterprise content management, is jargony and imprecise, and it's time we struck it from the lexicon.