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With DevOps initiatives, some people will simply not excel

The nirvana that is expected of DevOps may have a little bit of hell wrapped up in it. The ideal is that everyone gets along, but according to programmer Josh Johnson, who recently came out to call DevOps "BS," some IT workers simply don't excel without being able to concentrate solely on what they do best.

LoopUp aims to simplify Web conferencing, collaboration

Audioconferencing solutions have come a long way in the last decade or so. The feature sets of the likes of WebEx and its virtual kin put a lot more into the hands of conferencing users than they ever had. But according to Steve Flavell, CEO of LoopUp, most of those features are wasted on 85 percent of conferencing users.

Cisco's Project Squared becomes Spark

Cisco is commercializing Project Squared, the unified communications and collaboration solution announced back in November, and giving the product an official name. The newly-renamed Spark builds on the free app that was released in the fall and is now aimed at enterprises.

AIIM study reveals SharePoint losing its luster

According to a recent AIIM survey, SharePoint is falling out of favor among IT professionals due to insufficient user training options and the high cost of implementation and use.

Special report offers CIOs and CMOs collaboration tips and tools

The C-suite has become a virtual alphabet soup of new and emerging job titles, but none is more important to the CIO than that of the CMO. We take a look inside a special report at sister publication FierceCMO, which offers advice on how both sides can make this often turbulent relationship be as collaborative and productive as possible.

Spotlight: New collaboration certifications from Cisco

Cisco is beefing up its training and certification portfolio again--this time around collaboration.

Spotlight: Slack acquires Screenhero for collaboration features

Slack, which has been building a reputation as an enterprise communications platform, is leaning more towards collaboration and unified communications with the acquisition of Screenhero.

Federal agencies struggle with digital strategies

The Department of Labor is in the early planning stages of creating an agency-wide platform to consolidate many of its IT components, including tools that provide collaboration and digital asset management.

Microsoft adds new collaboration tool to Office 365

If Pinterest and Evernote had a lovechild, it would look a lot like the new  boards  feature Microsoft just rolled out for the Delve tool in Office 365. Its goal is to organize the content contained in Delve for easier collaboration and accessibility.

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