Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Silk smoothly adds version for teams

Silk, a company with a unique approach to blogging, introduced a new Teams version this week.

Content Marketing could be supplanting the traditional corporate blog

A UMass Dartmouth study appears to show that corporate blogging is declining, although the data is somewhat inconclusive in this regard. In fact, researcher Nora Barnes who has been following Fortune

WordPress makes subscribing easier with new Follow button

Last week WordPress announced it was placing a new Follow button at the bottom of each WordPress blog page to make it easier for blog readers to subscribe to that blog. When a visitor clicks the

Ford, Byrne on whether content management will eliminate the need for editors

Last week, an opinion piece on content management enjoyed several blog mentions and was the basis of an Atlantic.com article. Well, Paul Ford 's blog post, " Real Editors Ship," was actually about

Socialtext delivers 4.0

Last week, Socialtext, the Enterprise 2.0 company, released version 4.0 of its product, which brings together a number of initiatives they have launched recently, including Socialtext Signals, which

Is WordPress a CMS?

Tony Byrne has a short post on the CMS Watch Blog today about a Twitter debate over whether WordPress is a "true" CMS or not. Byrne says since companies are using it as such, that makes it a CMS. As

WordPress 2.9 loaded with enhancements

WordPress released a new version this week they are calling 2.9 Carmen (after Jazz singer Carmen McRae). It includes the usual bug fixes along with several interesting enhancements including: Better

Novell launches Novell Teaming 2 collaboration platform

Novell announced a new release of their Teaming collaboration platform this week called Teaming 2. The latest version focuses on customization, information access and workflow. New features include

WordPress worm dangerous, but easily fixed

WordPress blog owners, hoping for a quiet Labor Day holiday weekend, were likely not thrilled to wake up on Saturday to learn about a nasty worm infesting WordPress blogs. I first learned about this

RSS Cloud provides instant blog publishing

Wordpress.org announced this week that they were releasing a new product called RSS Cloud, which gives blog publishers instant publishing to RSS Readers like Google Reader. RSS or really simple