Zoho expands mobile apps products


Zoho announced this week at the Zoholics user conference several new mobile products that expands upon their existing offerings announced last year.

The new mobile versions include Zoho Projects for iPhone, Zoho Docs for Android and Zoho CRM for Android.

Raju Vegesna, long-time Zoho evangelist says mobile is going to be a big focus of the company this year. 

"We launched mobile-optimized versions of many of our web apps last year and also launched iPhone and Blackberry versions of CRM. We are expanding this with the Android version of our CRM and Docs apps as well as an iPhone version of our Projects app. We are expanding our mobile offerings, and you will hear more mobile app announcements from us very soon," he said.

Zoho plans to offer Zoho Projects for iPhone for free, but you need to be a Zoho Projects user for it to work with the web application and you need to pay a $3.00 per month mobile fee. So, while the app itself is free, there are costs associated with using it. Likewise the mobile CRM tool is free to download to Android devices, but you need to pay a $3.00 monthly mobile fee to access your data.

It's not surprising that Zoho is enhancing its mobile presence across platforms as more users will want to access their services from mobile devices moving forward.

For more information, including details on each app's functionality:
- see the Zoho press release

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