Zoho CRM update includes document library

Central repository for sales documents

Zoho announced a major upgrade to its Zoho CRM product this week that includes a document repository.

Zoho is one of the early cloud vendors and CRM was one of the earlier tools, and the latest update adds some much-needed features on top of the ones announced last year, including an interface overhaul and mobile apps.

The document library was created to provide a central place for sales personnel to store, manage and collaborate on sales collateral documents. It's fully integrated with Zoho Office, so users can work on documents from within in Zoho (assuming that's what they want to do).

Zoho also is offering a modest amount of storage, providing 250 GB of storage for Zoho Professional users and 500 MB for Zoho Enterprise customers. This tool has the potential to provide a place where sales people can find the latest documents with the most up-to-date information and collaborate on new documents.

The update also includes location awareness in the mobile app, which lets sales people see, on a map, any customers who are located near them. They can then access their contact information from the CRM database and contact them for a meeting.

Finally, Zoho has added a new tool called MailMagnet, which scans email accounts and puts those from customers and prospects front and center inside the CRM tool. Users can deal with these emails without leaving the CRM tool. What's more, it works in a host of email programs including Zoho Mail, Gmail and Outlook Exchange.

All three modules are available now and are offered free of charge to existing customers using the associated services.

For more information:
- see the Zoho press release

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