Zinio chooses MarkLogic for mobile platform delivery project


Zinio, the digital newsstand product delivered on a variety of platforms and MarkLogic, the XML content management and search vendor, announced a deal this week where MarkLogic will help Zinio deliver content to a variety of platforms from a single content store.

Zinio, which claims to be the world's largest online news stand, is challenged by the ever-growing number of devices and operating systems on which it must deliver content. Enter MarkLogic and its XML database approach to managing and delivering large amounts of content on multiple devices. According to a statement, Zinio chose MarkLogic because of its unique ability to scale to deal with extremely large data sets. This includes the ability to index and search across these data sets.

The idea behind the approach is to create content once, then extract it from the common content store and deliver it to any tablet or mobile phone. Keith Nichols, who is Zinio's senior vice president of technology for R&D says traditional relational databases aren't equipped to deal with the complexities of a multi-platform delivery system in the way MarkLogic is. Zinio is dealing with more 80,000 digital products, each of which consists of various types of multimedia content including text, pictures, audio and video and even live links.

In addition, MarkLogic is providing search services for Zinio's mobile products across its vast content store. Although they won't say what, MarkLogic has indicated they are working on other projects with Zinio that they will be announcing in the future.

For more information:
- see the MarkLogic press release

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