WordPress introduces hosted Enterprise WCM platform

Unlimited traffic for $500 per month per site

Automattic, the company behind WordPress, has introduced a new enterprise web content management service at an attractive price point.

For $500 per site per month, customers get unlimited traffic, bandwidth and storage on the WordPress platform. The price also includes support.

That means no matter how much your site scales or how much traffic you generate, WordPress will deal with it and provide the services you need. 

The service has also been designed to get a site up and running quickly by providing an easy template to get started, yet customers can choose from among more than 70 WordPress plugins and 200 premium themes, and they provide a new javascript customization service so sites that want to add their own flare can do that. It's worth noting that you cannot upload your own custom theme. You can only use and modify an existing WordPress theme.

Among the beta customers cited by WordPress were ESPN Digital and Print Products, and The 4-Hour Chef. Author Tim Ferriss, who created the 4-hour Chef site, said the service gave him the flexibility from a design and traffic standpoint that he was looking for.

"When we created The 4-Hour Chef website, we wanted a custom, mobile-ready design that would be able to handle a lot of traffic," Ferriss said in a statement. He said the WordPress service gave him that.

You probably have to generate a fair bit of traffic to justify the $500 monthly fee, but if you have sufficient traffic and you have to deal with intermittent traffic spikes, this is a great deal for your company because it will scale up and back whenever you need it for no additional cost.

You should read the FAQ though because while it provides a great deal for the money, there are some limitations and it might not be for everyone. Automattic also has services for a lower monthly cost, but you have to pay bandwidth, traffic and storage fees. You need to decide which service is best for your situation.

For more information:
- see the WordPress blog post announcement

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