Will Google's new product spell the end of the 3-ring binder?

Google sets sights on document management in the classroom

Google is giving its new education product, Classroom, a test drive, and teachers and professors can apply for a preview. Classroom brings easy document management tools to teachers and students alike, as well as the expected set of communication and messaging tools.

Many primary and secondary schools are already using assorted combinations of apps to digitize much of the student and teacher paperwork in today's classrooms. It's also becoming increasingly popular for schools to request or require electronic homework submissions over the lined paper version. Google is clearly looking to be the one to bring it all together easily in one spot. If little learners grow up relying on Google services out of familiarity, so much the better.

Classroom creates Drive folders for each student and also for each assignment. Files and documents can be organized by session or class, and assignments can be made right from the app. Uploaded docs can be easily shared, copied and distributed, or worked on collaboratively within the Classroom ecosystem.

Fontbonne Gall Academy teacher Cathy Barton is a participant in the pilot program. She began using Classroom earlier this year and is a fan of the way the product automatically organizes and shares documents. In a case study provided by Google, Barton says, "I'm not sure I ever realized how much time I spent photocopying work for students not to mention the amount of paper."

Other teachers mentioned in the case study are partial to Classroom's collaboration tools and how it has drastically reduced the need to carry around large piles of paper awaiting grades and feedback.

Classroom is slated to be released this September to schools that use Google Apps for Education. Google plans to offer a limited number of previews to teachers ahead of the launch and is also encouraging developers to learn more about how Classroom integrates with other apps and services. 

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