Telligent updates community product

Provides Enterprise 2.0 capabilities outside firewall

Last week, Telligent held its annual Big Social user conference and announced updates to its external social product.

Telligent Community 7.0 enables companies to build external communities with customers. Much as you would expect to find in an internal social networking product, Telligent's external product provides a way for customers to interact with one another and with internal company resources. It encourages contributions and rewards regular (intelligent) contributors by showcasing their content.

It also provides a way to share ideas and to ask the community for new ideas for the product--regular users most likely have the deepest understanding of your products and where they need improvement. What's more, you can use this platform to float new ideas and see if the community of users and other interested parties find the new ideas compelling.

It also provides a mobile channel so that companies can continue the conversation across devices, and it provides analytics tools to measure what's going on in your customer communities, including dashboards organized by roles such as product manager, customer service and sales and marketing.

Rob Howard, CTO at Telligent, says this type of software is often touted for saving companies money by reducing direct customer service calls, but he says there's much more to it than that. 

"While there is tremendous value in social tools helping businesses scale their support offerings and lower the burden on customer service agents, we have extended this view to achieve so much more. Social customer service...has the power to influence purchasing decisions that drive revenue," Howard explained.

Telligent also announced Telligent Enterprise 4.0, an update to its Enterprise 2.0 offering.

Both products are available immediately.

For more information:
- see the Telligent Community 7.0 announcement

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